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  1. Wayward Traveler

    Read BEFORE Gastric Balloon for one persons review

    Every experience really is different. After feeling crummy for a couple of days and feeling hungry for a week or two, I then had great success. I lost weight, never had the balloon adjusted (I didn't even know that was an option with Orbera?), didn't feel sick anymore, didn't feel the restriction reduce, etc.. In fact, I even continued to lose weight after an uneventful removal six months later. It was right for me and I'm glad I did it. Personally, I was just not comfortable with the idea of permanently altering my anatomy. Having said that, I would never say that the balloon right for everyone, but I just knew it was all I needed to get a jump start and to re-establish healthy habits. All I can recommend is that people really do their research, ask a lot of questions, ensure that they have a sufficient support structure and then do what's best for them. Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  2. Wayward Traveler

    Orbera Placed on 5/8

    I don't like most protein drinks since they tend to be thick, sweet and/or mediciny. Blech. If that's why you don't like them, then I'd highly recommend organic fuel by organic valley (they have a different drink too, so make sure you get the FUEL version). Most grocery stores carry it in the dairy section, but some (like wegmans) has them on the shelf in the organic section. I actually order it on Amazon - same day delivery!They come in singles, 4 or 12 packs. 26g of protein for 260 calories - great ratio. I prefer the chocolate flavor. It's thin like milk, and the flavor is relatively light. Orgain (in the green and white package) is another good option (but not their high protein one in the blue package - it tastes like medicine). I've even seen that in drug stores. Similarly, it's thin with light flavors. In that one I prefer the strawberry or vanilla. Broth is also a good choice. If you can stomach it, bone broth is even better. And while regular old Popsicles don't have any protein, there's something satisfying about them. :-) But don't get the sugar free ones - you need all of the calories that you can get right now. Good luck!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  3. Wayward Traveler

    Orbera Balloon Next Week!!!!!

    I did the balloon and had great, non-invasive success. Every person, every experience, every need is different. I would never tell people to run and and get a balloon, nor would I tell them to have have an invasive - and permanent - WLS. People need to research each option carefully, determining which is best for them. Part of that research is understanding the risks and the fact that you may be one of the few who suffers really adverse effects. The worst part about that is that there is no way to know in advance how your body will respond ... and that's true for any surgery. I think chpstick2u did her homework and made an informed decision like the rest of us, but was one of the unfortunate few who had a bad result. That is precisely why I am happy to share my experiences and advice with folks, but I also tell them that they're no guarantees. And, frankly, I've seen more issues with traditional WLS surgery than I have with balloons ... so no procedures should be taken lightly. Regardless, what may be good for one person may not be right for the next (i.e. when it comes to these things, there are no absolutes). Having said that, I personally would never go to Mexico for surgery, but that's a personal choice. To each his own.
  4. Wayward Traveler

    Orbera Balloon Next Week!!!!!

    @chpstick2u: Good grief. I'm so sorry to hear that. It's shocking, really. I did not feel anything immediately after (it was the calm before the storm) and felt fine when I left the hospital. I understand that a lot of people do - they typically don't start having issues until they get home and the drugs wear off. But even then, I didn't feel pain, I just felt crummy and queasy. I did not throw up until the next AM and even that was not much ... after that I felt a lot better. I'm so very sorry that you had such a terrible experience. Everyone reacts differently ... some people don't get sick at all!! Crazy. Have you already had it removed? If so, hope that went well. If that's still coming up, hope it's uneventful. Regardless, best wishes to you on your future endeavors.
  5. Wayward Traveler

    Orbera Balloon Next Week!!!!!

    I think mine cost more than that (maybe $7000?) but I don't recall ... regardless, it was worth it and it was the right choice for me. May not be for everyone, but I'm glad that I did it. :-)
  6. Wayward Traveler

    Orbera Balloon Next Week!!!!!

    Hi chpstick2u: I was worried about post-op, too. Granted, it was no picnic, but it was not as bad as I expected, either. I only threw up a couple of times about 48 hours after, and that was it. I was miserably nauseous for the first few days (to the point of thinking, what have I done?!?), but that passed too, and then I felt a lot better. I would say to be prepared to ease back into soft and the solid foods ... I think some people get into trouble when they transition too quickly. Also, I don't recall if I took pain meds or not, but I definitely needed the nausea medicine (i.e. both the patch and pill). Come to think of it, I had liquid Tylenol 3 but I didn't take it. I also didn't need the anti-spasm/cramping meds and/or the anxiety pills. HOWEVER, I was glad to have them ALL, just in case. One thing that I've learned is that everyone reacts differently. There is no way to predict what you'll need so, in my opinion, better to be safe than sorry ... you sure don't want to be making a pharmacy run if you're feeling miserable. Other than that, if you search for posts from me, I've provided a lot of advice about what to do and eat, so hopefully that will help. Good luck!! :-)
  7. Wayward Traveler

    gastric balloon with RNY

    I could be wrong, but I don't think they allow people who have had previous gastric surgeries to get the balloon. You might want to confirm on the manufacturers website. Best wishes on your continued journey.
  8. Wayward Traveler

    New here, procedure set for Jan. 12, 2017!

    @@BlueTuna - I'm so sorry - that sounds awful!! Are you eating regular or diet Popsicles? If the latter, try the former. Also you might also like Isopure - a clear Protein drink. It didn't agree with me but some people love it. Are you at the point yet when you can do eggs? If not, don't rush it, but when I was able to move to soft foods l felt a lot better. I also enjoyed frozen spaghetti w/meat sauce. It's really soft so it was easy to digest and had lots of protein from the meat sauce, which made me feel better. Best wishes!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  9. Wayward Traveler

    New here, procedure set for Jan. 12, 2017!

    Get as many as you can, but I was the same way - about 200 the first couple of days (mostly regular Popsicles). Not optimal but if that's all you can do ... :-/ Don't forget Jello and broth - other sources of clear calories. There are clear Protein drinks, but I was not able to stomach them. Hang in there!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  10. Wayward Traveler

    New here, procedure set for Jan. 12, 2017!

    Hang in there ... it will get easier. Well, after it gets harder. You won't want to eat much so you probably won't feel hungry, but you will likely feel pretty crummy for a few days. Have Popsicles on hand, Jello and clear Protein drinks (if you can stomach them and they're readily a available). broth is also a good option - especially bone broth (given the high protein), if you can stomach it. Just remember - it will get better. Cheers!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  11. Wayward Traveler

    New here, procedure set for Jan. 12, 2017!

    Good luck!! :-)
  12. Wayward Traveler

    New here, procedure set for Jan. 12, 2017!

    I was pretty miserable the first few days, although not as bad as I had expected (based on what I had read in advance). After ~ 3 days I started to feel a lot better - hope you do too. :-) Popsicles and Jello helped me a lot. Miso soup sounds like a good option, too. Just take your time easing in to soft/solid foods. Hope all goes well - good luck!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  13. Wayward Traveler

    New here, procedure set for Jan. 12, 2017!

    I didn't even know that was an option - good tip! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  14. Wayward Traveler

    New here, procedure set for Jan. 12, 2017!

    Hi everyone! Just a few thoughts now and I will write more later ... My favorite Protein (by far) is chocolate Organic Fuel. It's not a full Meal Replacement but if it's only a few days and you're taking Vitamins, it should be sufficient. It's not super thick (I can't stand the weird texture of some protein drinks) - it's more like the consistency of milk. It's also not sickeningly sweet and it does not have an overwhelming Vitamin flavor. It just has a subtle chocolate flavor. And at only 260 calories for 26 grams of protein, you can't beat it. I love it so much that months after having the balloon removed, I still have it almost every day for Breakfast. If you want more of a full meal replacement, Orgain is another good option. Similar texture, just a little more flavor and no aftertaste (unless you get their high protein version - blech!). In that one I actually prefer strawberry or vanilla. Orgain has more vitamins and minerals than Organic Fuel, but not as much protein, so it's a give and take. But both are organic/natural, which I like. FWIW I only had to fast for 3 days before insertion - 2 days of full fluids and 1 of clear. I actually fasted a little longer before the removal (it can be more of an issue at that time since food can get stuck on/around the balloon). But I would do whatever your doctor advises. Other fasting options - (bone) broth, Jello, popsicles, Bariatric Choice liquid (smells like medicine but tastes like Kool-Aid - not bad!), unjury (various drinks and Soups, including an unflavored option, but I have not tried them) and Isopure (a clear protein that I got for post-op, but I couldn't stomach it ... not sure if that's because it was too thick/sweet or if it was because I was queasy ... but some people swear by it). Ensure even has a clear Protein Drink (I have not tried that one, either, but Ensure is pretty popular). I even just drank the broth from my favorite canned Soup - Progresso Chickarina ... it was very soothing. :-) BTW, if you're fasting, you might want to consider going crazy and getting the regular popsicles and jello (not the lo-cal versions). They are only like 15-40 calories to begin with ... you'll be at such a tremendous calorie deficit that your body will thank you for the extra "nutrition". Also, ask your doctor if you're allowed to chew while fasting. If not, you may just need to let these options dissolve in your mouth. (Sounds crazy, I know, but chewing activates saliva and digestive juices, which they may not like ... that's why you're not allowed to chew gum the day of the procedure.) I hope that helps. Best wishes to you all!! :-)
  15. Wayward Traveler

    Telling friends & family

    The weight loss with the balloon is not as dramatic with traditional WLS, so it is not quite as obvious, and the balloon does not require the same down time. In other words, you don't "have" to tell anyone. I only told a few people - family and friends who were closest to me (I didn't even tell my boss). The rest I just told that I was doubling down, being very structured about and committed to my weight loss efforts ... which was true! The reality is that the balloon will not work unless you are really committed to the process, and the plan that you follow with the balloon can be just as effective without the balloon, if you follow it as diligently (I have continued to lose weight post-balloon, following the same plan ... so my journey has been seamless to those around me). In other words, tell who you want, what you want, and nothing more. If you choose to tell everyone - great! If you choose to tell no one, that is completely fine too. It's totally up to you. :-) Best wishes!