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  1. Happy 56th Birthday MacMadame!

  2. Happy 55th Birthday MacMadame!

  3. MacMadame

    The Triathlon Thread

    Yeah, that's the place. You have to be careful with bikedirect.com. You can get some good deals, but you have to know what you are doing.
  4. Hi, I have read loads of your posts and looked at your blog. I think it is so exciting that someone can travel such a journey. I have always had a competetive nature and even used to love running and exercising. At what point in your journey did you start such intense training? What type of exercise did you do early on?

  5. MacMadame

    The Triathlon Thread

    Where are you seeing these deals? There is a place online that sells fake Motobecane's so be careful.
  6. MacMadame

    The Triathlon Thread

    It's hard to find a good road bike for under $1000 unfortunately. I also think it's important not to cheap out on this purchase or you'll be buying another bike in a year or so. I spent $1200 and I outgrew my bike in 6 months! (Luckily someone gave me a better bike so I didn't have to spend $2000 after spending $1200. That would have hurt.) Therefore, if you can borrow one for the first tri or get one used, you can save a lot of money and get an idea of what you want in a bike. Any bike by Specialized, Trek, Giant, Cannondale, or Fuji should be good. There are other brands but they don't have anything entry level. Or what I consider entry level. My first bike was a Specialized Dolce Elite and it's a decent bike for a beginner. I just progressed faster than I expected to and so wanted something faster sooner than I anticipated.
  7. MacMadame

    The Triathlon Thread

    Have fun? One thing I didn't realize when I was training is that you don't have to be doing the distances you will race at in your training. It's not bad to do them (or even more) but it's not necessary. I was thinking that, since I was going to bike 13 miles, swim 1/2 a mile and run 4 that I needed to be swimming 960 meters, biking 15-16 miles and running about 6. But it turns out that you only need to train about 90% of the distance, not 110-120% like I was thinking. I'm not sure why that is, but I did my first Olympic (.9 mi swim, 26 mi bike, 6.2 mi run) when I'd never run more than 5.5 miles and that was with breaks (it was a track workout) and had only biked 23 miles tops and only one time and I was fine. I think it's because my total mileage for the week was over what I raced and, to your body, it's not *that* much different if you are doing it over a week or over a day. The other thing is: watch some transition videos on YouTube and PRACTICE! You'll feel so much better on race day if you aren't fumbling around in transition trying to figure things out. Oh and don't be one of those people who brings an entire suitcase into transition. :svengo: It's going to be tight in there so, even if you bring a lot, just lay out what you need and put the rest back in your bag or your car.
  8. MacMadame

    CA Sleevesters

    I'm on OH but not so much the VSG board. I just started hanging out on the Bariatric TV boards.
  9. MacMadame

    CA Sleevesters

    Hi Chrissy- I don't post here much any more, but you can read all about my experiences in my blog. I started out wanting a band but switched to the sleeve at the last minute.
  10. Dr. Guillermo Alvarez law suits. please tell me more. I had a sleeve in 2008 and now have nerve issues.

  11. MacMadame

    CA Sleevesters

    Hi there! :laugh:
  12. I paid $16890 using their "ala carte" plan. I had already gotten the NUT consult and pysch eval that are included in the 17,500 price. If you have to get everything done, then the "all inclusive" price is better. I'm going to assume that it will cost you more to get a revision though. Only because that's what other surgeons do.
  13. I'm still on prilosec but, from what I've seen, that's pretty unusual to still be on it at over a year out. I did miss two days in a row and was okay, but I think I'll stay on them for a while more.
  14. All carbs do it for me. So I limit them.
  15. MacMadame


    It will be hard to keep to your Protein and carb guidelines if you eat a lot of cereal. It's very important to get enough protein while on a very low calorie diet and filling up on cereal when you can't eat a lot will make it harder. You may also find that cereal isn't appealing in the early days... it can expand in your sleeve and make you uncomfortable. (Later on, the sleeve isn't as swollen, so it's less of an issue.) Finally, you may develop lactose intolerance, making drinking milk difficult. I used to live on cereal and milk -- sometimes I'd have it 3x a day (usually on weekends). But after I had my sleeve, I lost my taste for it. I can't drink more than 2 oz of milk at a time and, when I have cereal, I often can't get my protein in. Plus, it just doesn't taste the same. Whatever it has that used to sooth me, no longer appeals.