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  1. This page topic says March Bypass. I think the FB page is for sleeve?
  2. LisaMergs

    PreOp Diet Differences

    That's around the corner! Good luck!
  3. LisaMergs

    PreOp Diet Differences

    Ooh. Good point!!!
  4. LisaMergs

    PreOp Diet Differences

    Ugh. I wonder if BMI has anything to do with it? Mine is around 44. However my good friend was way higher and she had no pre op diet either. I'm ready to eat cardboard at this point. Early bed, cleaning cabinets and driving are keeping me from eating. Since I can have all the fresh veggies I want ( and that was an arm twist!!) I've decided to make grilled fresh veggie lettuce wraps. At least I'll feel like I'm eating something if they are well seasoned and in a nice package!!!
  5. LisaMergs

    Shake Help!

    Cost Plus World Market has the entire SF Torani syrup line- well priced too. Love the SF raspberry and coconut!!! They even have chocolate! Can add these to your water as well!!!
  6. LisaMergs

    Shake Help!

    I live for the Syntrax shakes. Can't tolerate the shakes mixed with milk so these are perfect for me. My trick? Add a sleeve of Crystal Light Orange or Mango Peach to the water before you mix it and add ice. It's heaven in a cup. Also, the Iced Tea with Lemon is wonderful too- I add crystal light lemonade to that one!!!!
  7. LisaMergs

    Blue Cross Blue Shield Ins

    Hi! I love in Illinois and have BCBS PPO as well. They have completely relaxed the pre surgical criterion! 2 visits with the NUT, a psych evaluation, letter from you primary care doc and a support group session. That's it! Took me a month and a half to complete it all. Got approved after 2 days. Surgery scheduled immediately in 3 weeks. So basically a whirlwind!!!
  8. LisaMergs

    Omg! Cheating on 2 week diet

    Wow! I am so with you! Just finished my first full preop diet day and I was fine until 10 pm. Think I'm going to sleep tomorrow at 8 pm!
  9. A friend who did RNY 18 months ago said she used the sugar free syrups they use in coffee. Cost Plus World Market carries the largest selection. I added SF Coconut to mine ????
  10. Oh! It's so hard! I found myself after I got approval doing a good funeral. My insurance company approved me Lickety split! I'm talking days. Wait about 2-3 days after the office submitted- and then call your ins company. Just call and follow up that they received all of the documentation. You may be surprised to find it already approved. Unfortunately they notify the docs office via US Mail. That takes the longest time! Lol. If you were- call the docs insurance coordinator let her know what you found out and have her call to verify. They should then be able to get you scheduled right away. Then go have your own food funeral before your preop diet! That's what I did!! Good luck! Just as an FYI- I began this all the second week of December- got approved by first week of Feb and am having surgery March 2!!!
  11. Hi all! Starting a new support group in the Northwest Chicago area, meetings to be held on the far Northwest side of the city, Niles and Park Ridge. Easily accessible from all highways that pass near O'Hare and the Edens. Once rolling, we will meet weekly, though weekly attendance isn't mandatory. Simply want to offer a lot of options! We plan to eventually branch out into clothing swaps, recipe swaps etc. This is a positive-minded group we are forming to support one another in our on-going journey. Here is the Meet-up link to register. www.meetup.com/All-Things-Bariatric-Surgery- Support-Group Our first meeting will be in March 2015! Join us!!!
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    Did I read that right?? Over 50 lbs in two months? That is possible????
  13. LisaMergs

    Eating & Drinking question

    I personally didn't like myfitnesspal. It was the one my NUT suggested. My nurse uses LOSEIT. Tried that one- much easier for me and more user friendly IMO.
  14. LisaMergs

    Gross Bathroom Question

    Hi! From experience I can tell you that you should be taking pericolace or Miralax. Long before the Opiod Induced Constipation commercials that recently came out, I was a huge sufferer! I'm talking worse than you could possibly imagine. For me at that time it was caused by the pain meds I took for my rheumatoid arthritis. Now that I'm preparing for my RNY my nurse went over the do's and don't -s with me and those two are on the top of her list to use. I believe you need to stay away from a few like Metamucil or some such because they are gelatinous and can plug your stoma. Neither of these will affect your body's ability to go down the road. Believe me- you don't want to deal with the horrid fissures that can occur from chronic constipation. Those do not go away and the best way to describe it is to consider passing razor blades daily. Sorry if it was tmi but really- help yourself now before it is too late!
  15. LisaMergs

    Weight loss

    Hi all! I'm new here. I was just approved for bypass this week and scheduled today for March 2! I couldn't be more excited. I begin my pre-op diet tomorrow. (And yes, I did have a celebratory dinner last night- shrimp!) I'm wondering- I know many of us have co-factors. My biggest one is the fact that I have rheumatoid arthritis, which is indirectly what got me here in the first place. 8 years of high doses of prednisone, lack of activity from pain and general malaise, and I gained over 100 pounds. Now, I have absolutely no metabolism to speak of since the prednisone basically burned out my adrenal glands. There has been wonderful research on bypass and RA. My doctors are hopeful this will jumpstart things for me, and allow me better movement. I'm 5'4- 260 lbs.
  16. "remember my doctor saying to mix a little diet cordial into the water because for some reason it helps the body metabolise it better after having a bypass" May I ask? What is diet cordial?