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  1. I've had my band since Nov. 2005. i've lost 40 pounds, SLOWLY, and tonight after a shower I noticed red bumps on my belly, not under it. Right about where the band is. Has anyone had this happen to them before? Am I just NOW reacting negatively? ANY ideas?<br /> <br /> <img src="http://www.LapBandTalk.com/images/smilies/frown.gif" border="0" alt="" title="Frown" smilieid="2" class="inlineimg" />
  2. godley_gal

    Looking for November 2005 Banders!

    Hi all! I am finally getting my band this Monday at 8 AM! I am now on the liquid phase, pre-surgery. SO FAR (fingers crossed) I am doing ok. I AM SO HUNGRY of course, but no pain no gain, right? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. My doctors office allowed me to have Thanksgiving and start my liquid diet today, the day after. Can I only have broth and popsicles? Or can I eat some Tomato Soup or something? Also, WHY do you have to do a liquid diet BEFORE anyway? What's the purpose? I am scared about getting nasceus after the surgery! I have THE most sensitive stomach! ANY suggestions about how to prevent that? HELP!
  4. godley_gal

    C-Section Flab after Band?

    WOW! I have to pay for this Lapband yet it looks like I can actually get insurance to pay for COSMETIC! How bass-ackards is that?!?! Thanks gals for all your "knowledge"! Ya'll r awesome!
  5. godley_gal

    C-Section Flab after Band?

    At least I know Im not alone in this! We'll just "hang" togther. huh?
  7. godley_gal

    Surgery in six hours!!!!

    Girl, I am SO going to be in ur shoes in about a month! I know JUST how you feel! I can't sleep for NUTTIN when I'm going to have surgery! And that makes it even worse the next day! Ill be praying for you to get some RnR! You can IM me on yahoo if you'd like to talk to someone... feistytxgin yahoo ID Good Luck and I am SO happy for ya!:Bunny
  8. Do you have the infamous "smiley face"? I know I have a great big smile and I wonder if he'll go away when I start to lose weight or if he has to stick around! I know I'd probably have to have a tummy tuck to make him go away all together, but I want so badly to TUCK MY SHIRT IN a pair of button close jeans! Is that asking too much or is it at least possible???
  9. I understand RIGHT where u are! I also have not been banded but am planning on it. A few months ago the 60% deal even made me put off the consideration aspect! Since then I have gained another 15 pounds! I can hardly wipe my own rear, go bike riding, sit comfotably at church or just feel like going out shopping! I was scared of the liquid diet and the pain of it all! I have also become even MORE insulin resistant! I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, PCOS, in short terms, get ready for diabetes! I have 2 boys + my husband who is extremely active, and I decided I want to LIVE! I am so VERY depressed, have high blood pressure + the PCOS wgich is a variety of symptoms. At 34 NOW IS THE TIME! I decided I wasn't living now, so anything that it took to lose the weight was sorth the short term "pain" or if it was only 60%, I know that it would help me tremendously with my health no matter what! PERSONALLY I intend to blow that statistic away when I get my band! PERIOD! I VOW TO MEET MY 100% goal for me and my family! I WANT to grow old with my sexy husband, and I WANT to hike with my kids! YOUR MIND is your strongest allie. I am a Christian so I have peace that God will see me through this and has shown me this TOOL to help me along! Y O U C A N D O I T ! ! ! Make your appointment and lets do it together!
  10. godley_gal

    Does anyone CHAT?

    I was wondering if there is a place where everyone goes to chat? When I get on I'd love to be able to chat with some of yall and discuss whatever! If you YAHOO I m feistytxgin. Thanks!
  11. Thanks everyone for the detailed help! I need ALLL the input I can get for sure!:Bunny
  12. I am having to self pay for my lap band. I live south of Fort Worth and have been investigating doctors in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Who would you recommend and if so, how much did you have to pay? I have looked as far as Mesquite, but prefer someone in Fort Worth. I am just not hearing of any doctors in the Fort Worth area to even check out! I have checked out Dr. Snow and he is my favorite, but also the most expensive. ANY INPUT would be VERY much appreciated!!! Im getting exhausted and a little obsessed staying on the computer all the time! Is there a chat room yall go to? Ginger:tired
  13. Dr. Michel K. Stephan Specialties General Surgery Location -2540 North Galloway Avenue Suite 101 Mesquite, Texas (TX) 75150 I STILL haven't heard anything really on this man! It's kind of making me look elsewhere. I am currenlty looking at Dr. Barker though I dont know what his casj price is as of yet. Hope this helps!
  14. Hey! Thanks for the advice! I've been pointed to Dr. Barker also. If he's close to the same price, I think I may go with him. I have 2 appontments to inquire, one is with Dr. Snow and th eother Dr. Barker. I think I may cancel the one I made with Dr. Stephan. Again, thanks for caring enough to reply! Ginger
  15. godley_gal

    Dr. Phil Test.. Try it..

    I'm a 42! I liked this lil' test! Thanks!

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