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  1. HeatherGurl

    I am soooo pumped!!!

    Way To Go!!! I Can't Wait To Be There!!!
  2. HeatherGurl

    Anyone from South Texas?

    Thank you for your thoughts! I am ready to see 299 on that scale!!! That is my first goal!!!
  3. No proof of dieting for me. I have UHC also. Went in for consult on Oct. 14 and I am having surgery tomorrow!
  4. HeatherGurl

    Medicine Questions

    Gas X does come in a liquid form.
  5. HeatherGurl

    And the count is on...

    I just got off of the phone with my pre-op nurse... Surgery is Wednesday morning. DH is a lot more nervous about it than I am. I do not know how to calm him down...
  6. HeatherGurl

    How about beans?

    Pamela How are you feeling? I just got off of the phone with my pre-op nurse. Dr. Spivak will be banding me on Wednesday morning. Just wondering how hard/easy it has been to adjust?
  7. HeatherGurl

    Anyone else experience this???

    I would think that the best thing to do would be CALL YOUR DR. and ask him!!! Good luck, let us know what they say.
  8. HeatherGurl

    Hi I am Rebecca from Charlotte

    My Dr. said I will be back at work in 4 days. I have a 6 month old, and don't think it will be any trouble keeping up with her.
  9. HeatherGurl

    What did you today?

    I will be banded next week, but I have been wanting to report what I eat also... I am trying to stay away from Sugar and carbs. Breakfast packet of oatmeal lunch Shredded beef bol from Chipoltes I have really been drinking a lot of Water today. So far 77 ounces!!!
  10. HeatherGurl

    Looking for November 2005 Banders!

    FINALLY!!! I haven't been trying as long as some of you, but I can't believe it is really going to happen... I will be banded on the 9th at 7:30AM by Dr. Spivak in Houston! Yipppeeee for all of us!!!
  11. HeatherGurl

    I'm really scared

    I am having some of the same thoughts as you. I will be banded Nov 9. I think I have just realized that I am a lot more aftraid of what is going to happen to me if I don't have it done. You should really tell your Dr. and his/her staff all of your concerns. I am sure they will be able to help you. Also, if you are so worried, why not wait a little longer... Sorry, I am not too much help, but you will get through this.
  12. HeatherGurl

    My Daughter and Me....

    Beautiful little girl!!! Way to go on your loss!!!
  13. HeatherGurl

    United Health Care..Is this standard??

    I just got off the phone with my insurance company! They thought I had my surgery on the 26th, apparently that is the date the Dr's office put in when they submitted the forms. Anyways, I had vocal confirmation that I am covered, so as soon as the Dr.'s office opens I am going to call them and schedule my Banding!!! Doing a happy dance right now!!!! Heather
  14. HeatherGurl

    United Health Care..Is this standard??

    I called back and the person I talked to this time said that they couldn't tell what was in the letter, just that it had been mailed. They don't have the letter in front of them! HAHA!!! Yeah right. Just waiting on the mail I guess...
  15. HeatherGurl

    Breakfast PB

    Thanks! I haven't seen that anywhere and I thought I had been to all ends of LBT!
  16. HeatherGurl

    Drum Roll please!

    Way to go!!! Isn't the word Morbid an ugly word? Congrats on your success!!!
  17. HeatherGurl

    FINALLY, its happen to me...

    Awesome... I dream of the day I will be 199.5!!! WAY TO GO!!!
  18. HeatherGurl

    Breakfast PB

    OK, still getting used to all the terms here... What is Slime? I am going to take the littlest bites and chew everything 100 times... ya'll have put the fear of God in me about PBing!!!
  19. This is an awesome thread... I have done everything that you guys have mentioned and then some. 1. I know every fast food place on the way to work and on the way home. 2. Eat fast food for Breakfast, lunch, early supper, late supper... 3. Stayed home from weddings because I don't want people to see me... 4. Ate nothing at all just because I didn't want skinny people to have to see the fat girl eat (like that wasn't drawing even more attention) 5. Don't go shopping with friend. 6. Always have something in my lap hiding the rolls... Funny how I thought that I was the only person doing all this silly stuff. That is why I love this site... everyone here is so much alike!!! Heather
  20. HeatherGurl

    Anyone from South Texas?

    That is definitely why I am overweight... always eating as much as I can... About a year ago I got down to 299 and I was flippin out... I was so excited!!! I couldn't remeber the last time I was "2-something". Then I gained about 25 back and then I got pregnant. That is when I went form 325 to 365. I lost all the weight I gained from having Madison, but I am ready to get down to 199!!! Just to feel the feel of weighing one hundred and something and not three hundred and something. Heather
  21. HeatherGurl

    Anyone from South Texas?

    I am having it done at Park Plaza Hospital down at the Medical Center as far as I know. Not sure on a date yet. Need to change this ticker... I have gained some back... Trying to be honest about this thing... I am closer to 330 right now. I haven't been doing so great with the dieting, guess i am trying to get in as much as I can before it's time! (I know that sounds horrible, but I LOVE food)
  22. HeatherGurl

    United Health Care..Is this standard??

    Something similar happened to me yesterday with UHC... I called to make sure they had my paper work and the customer service rep said they didn't. So, I called the Dr.'s office back and they said that I have to talk to a Care Coordination person. FINALLY, I got a hold of them and the lady said they received my info on the 19th and mailed out a letter on the 25th. They said they couldn't tell me what it said, that I should just wait for the letter!!! (Must be a skinny person who doesn't know what this means) Nothing in the mailbox yet and I am just DYING to know!!! I really shouldn't be too worried since over 5 people here at work have had this done, but there still is a chance that insurance is going to screw me isn't there?
  23. HeatherGurl

    Cream Cheese

    In talking with my Dr. it seems like he wants me to stay away from the "bad" carbs. (white sugar, flour, etc.) That diet sounds like it would be delicious and do a lot of good. What have your Dr.'s told you about eating? I am a FIRM believer in staying away from sugar once I am banded, just to help with the weight loss process. Actually my Dr. put me on a low carb diet until I have surgery. (Supposed to shrink your liver?) I don't even worry about the fat as long as it is "Good" fats...
  24. HeatherGurl

    First Weigh in!!! OMG!

    Hey banded_for_life... just noticed your weightloss too!!! "Weigh to go"!!!
  25. HeatherGurl

    First Weigh in!!! OMG!

    WOW!!! That is so encouraging!!! Keep up the great work.

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