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  1. HeatherGurl

    Thanksgiving Joke

    I know... I just couldn't resist...
  2. HeatherGurl

    Just for getting to know each other...

    1. What does your handle mean? My DH loves JohnDeere and I am from the South, what can I say? 2. What book are you currently reading, or did you last read? An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott 3. What do you do for a living? Structural Designer for an Engineering Firm 4. For what in your life are you most grateful? Hubby and daughter 5. What's one thing about you that you think would surprise other people? My Road Rage (LOL) 6. One word to describe yourself? Loving 7. One word others use to describe you? Fun 8. Would you rather play a game with someone better or worse at it than you?Worse 9. Favorite movie? Favorite show?Braveheart The Amazing Race, Survivor and ALL CSI's 10. Something unusual about yourself? VERY FLEXIBLE
  3. HeatherGurl

    November 2005 Check-in

    terri_b That sounds like the pain I have gotten if I take too big of a bite or eat the wrong thing... Does it happen right after you eat? If not, it might just be a really bad gas pain?
  4. You look amazing!!! Way to go on the 100+ pound loss... You are an inspiration to me! Your son is adorable.
  5. HeatherGurl

    Your Reason

    For ME! I don't want to be the fat girl anymore. I want to be able to take my baby girl where ever she wants to go without embarrassing her or myself.
  6. HeatherGurl

    November 2005 Check-in

    Day 12 and I feel like a million bucks!!! I have lost 18 pounds and I can fit into one size smaller black pants! I am really excited about that. I just can't wait to see where I am a year from now. My hubby says that it is going to be real hard to not get me pregnant... hehehe He can already tell a big difference. (He wasn't banded, but he is losing weight also, just because I am not stopping for junk every evening)
  7. HeatherGurl

    How long until the steril strips fall off?

    My Dr. said that I could remove them after 10 days if they had not come off yet... call your Dr.'s office to be sure.
  8. I have been hanging on to a size 16 pair of jeans from high school... I can not wait to put them on. They aren't in style, but just to be able to button those will be awesome!!! Keep up the great work everyone! That is a great idea to buy jeans at a garage sale. I haven't even thought of that.
  9. HeatherGurl

    Ten days till surgery/Do I need anything else?

    I am not sure what a diabetic may eat or not... but my favorite is the Suger Free Fudgescicles. They are really good. They come in a yellow box. Who will be doing your surgery?
  10. I can definitely see a difference also! Way to GO!!! (your boobs do look smaller)
  11. HeatherGurl

    Birth Control...

    My Dr. said that I should continue taking my pill so I will not get pregnant... I am curious to see what others say also.
  12. HeatherGurl

    Sore Breasts

    The only time I have had sore boobs is when I found out I was pregnant...
  13. HeatherGurl

    Your help is appreciated

    Low Carbs... No Sugar.
  14. HeatherGurl


    Where were you banded? It seems so strange to me how some Dr.'s are not helpful at all??? I don't know as much as some here, but still in pain after surgery in April??? Is this right Fellow Bandsters???
  15. HeatherGurl

    6 month bandiversary!

    The pictures definitely show a noticeable difference... Way to go and keep up the good work!!
  16. HeatherGurl

    I am a Newbie

    What kind of a diet does Dr. Spiegel tell you to go on? My Dr. in Houston (Spivak) allowed us on mushies after 48 hours? Mushies aren't bad... just chew, chew chew, and take it slow. Good Luck!
  17. HeatherGurl

    Dec. 5th surgery date

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend... All I can say is that I knew someone that died of the same complications and I still went thru with my band. Today is exactly one week since my surgery and I feel great. The Dr. said no lifting for 30 days... but I have been holding my 20 pound baby and doing just fine. I would not tell anybody about it if you are worried about them saying stuff. Only my husband, mom and mother in law know about me and that is only because I needed a little help with the baby. Well, I take it back... some folks at work know about it, but they have had it done. If you want to be healthy and YOU are ready for surgery I think you should do it. That is great that your husband is supportive. Gastric bypass is a completely different story from banding, just as you said. Good Luck and let us know. By the way from what I have read all Dr.'s are different with diets. I was on a low carb (that I didn't follow) before surgery. After surgery I had 48 hours of liquids and now I am on mushies for 4 weeks. No PROBLEM. I am doing EXACTLY as my Dr. says. I have already lost 17 pounds!!! (yep, in 1 week)
  18. My Dr. told me to take Flintstones chewables with Iron... HEB brand is cheaper and has more Iron. (Don't know if there is HEB near you)
  19. HeatherGurl

    New Bandster has some questions?

    Talked to a gal that was banded in September and she had this horrible gas pain also! She said to walk around and take your Gas X... so far, no pains today. Thanks for all the help!
  20. 1. After I eat I have a tight pain in my chest right below my left breast. It just feels really tight and I don't know how to make it go away? Is this restriction or did I eat too much? 2. I was banded on the 9th, when can me and hubby "get back to business"? I asked the pre-op nurse, but she never got back with me... Thanks!
  21. HeatherGurl

    New Bandster has some questions?

    I am on the mushie stage. I had mashed potatoes for lunch. About 1/2 to 1 cup of them. Maybe they weren't mushie/runny enough? I think I am going to try and stay away from them... this happened yesterday also when I had mashed potatoes... THANKS!!!
  22. HeatherGurl

    I'm back...

    I am back at work after my banding on the 9th! WOW!!! What a week it has been. Just reading over some of the recent posts, I am glad to find out why I have been crying over everything I see on TV. Oprah had me crying all week. I feel like a million bucks! I have already in one week lost 17 pounds!!!!!!!!! I am doing the BIGGEST happy dance in the world. We are going out for Mexican food on Sunday for my dad's bday... I am on the mushie stage... what do you guys suggest I eat? Thanks!!!
  23. HeatherGurl


    Have any of you joined Curves? I would like some info on pricing and how it works, but their website isn't very helpful. Thanks!!!
  24. HeatherGurl

    Band Erosion???

    The recent postings I have read about this are seriously starting to worry me. What causes band erosion? Is it the person's misuse of the band? Or is it the Dr.'s fault? I am really concerned about having a foreign object in my body for the next 50 years, since I am only 24... Someone please ease my mind...
  25. HeatherGurl

    Anyone from South Texas?

    Congrats to you! I have my surgery tomorrow by Dr. Spivak... who is your Dr.?

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