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  1. HeatherGurl

    Dr. Spivak's patients .....

    Nope, I do not work for Spivak!!! After reading back on some of my posts, it sure sounds like I do. Spivak couldn't pay me what I make at my current job, and he sure couldn't pay me to drive to his office daily. :Banane43:
  2. HeatherGurl

    Now I Just Feel Like a Failure

    Excellent post giveyouthemoon. That is everything I wanted to say.
  3. HeatherGurl

    Now I Just Feel Like a Failure

    It is very sad to hear how unhappy you are. It doesn't sound like your Dr. told you before hand that the band was a tool and you would have to do your part. I really hope that you can find some support and get on track and put your band to work. I seriously do not believe that anyone can magically lose weight. It takes hard work and LOTS of exercise. Best of luck to you Andrea.
  4. HeatherGurl

    Dr. Spivak's patients .....

    Thanks for the compliments everyone. I love reading all the positive posts about Spivak. He deserves them!
  5. HeatherGurl

    Hello from a new patient

    Hi AuntDot! I can't say enough about how GREAT Spivak is! Good Luck!!!
  6. HeatherGurl

    Update on band dilation

    I didn't get a message from you cherg, but if you need to talk, try and PM me again. I hope all is still going better for you!
  7. HeatherGurl

    Goal Met

    I told you once already, but I can certainly say it again!!! YOU ROCK!!! Congratulations again Neal for all of your hard work!
  8. HeatherGurl

    Dr.'s near Western TX?

    I do not know of any Dr.'s in your area, but my Dr. is in Houston. I don't know if that is too far for you, but Dr. Hadar Spivak is the best surgeon in the world :mad: I think he is great. Best of luck to you in your journey.
  9. HeatherGurl

    Update on band dilation

    I am VERY glad to hear that cherg!!!
  10. HeatherGurl

    Almost 2 years post op & pain?

    How did you come out Chickie?
  11. HeatherGurl

    Fill Doctor in Houston

    Dr. Spivak is my Dr. and I wouldn't recommend any other in Houston. He is an excellent surgeon. The best in Houston in my opinion. Spivak has done all of my fills. If you want your Dr. to do your fills, you simply request it. Good luck to you all considering the lap band. It was and is my life saver.
  12. HeatherGurl

    Dr. Spivak's patients .....

    confusedgirl~ I had surgery on Wednesday and went back to work on a Monday. I sit at a computer all day if that helps you any. Best of luck to you in your desicion.
  13. HeatherGurl

    Dr. Spivak's patients .....

    I haven't been on LBT in a while and I am glad I stumbled across this thread! I was banded by Spivak on 11/09/05. I have nothing but awesome things to say about him and his staff. I went into surgery weighing 329 lbs. and I am currently 184 lbs. I am enjoying life and living it to the fullest. It will be nice to have a place to talk to other Spivak patients. I am attaching a before and after pic. The biggest pic of me was at 350 lbs. and the other 2 were taken this past weekend at 184 lbs.
  14. HeatherGurl

    My Goal to wear a formal gown

    That is a great goal!! You will get there!
  15. If 2 women were running for president, I would choose the Republican, hands down. I can not think of a woman that would be qualified to be president at the moment. I have to admit that I am not much into politics. I just know that most of my beliefs and morals coincide with Republicans. I honestly don't know if there is a woman or man interested in running right now that I would vote for. I haven't been keeping up too terribly much.
  16. Yes, I would vote for Laura Bush over Hilary Clinton in a heartbeat.
  17. Gender would not matter for my vote. I would not vote for Hilary though. Unless she was the lesser of 2 evils, but I seriously doubt I would choose her over a Republican.
  18. HeatherGurl

    Does anyone get fills from a nurse?

    What? You did your own fill? Please elaborate. What did I miss? :rose:
  19. I have only seen Spivak for my aftercare. When you call for a fill, tell them that you want to see Dr. Spivak and you will.
  20. HeatherGurl

    Who's on your "what if" list?

    1. Matthew McConnaughey 2. Jesse James 3. Toby Keith
  21. HeatherGurl

    Hi from Houston!

    Best of luck to you! I used Dr. Spivak in Houston. I would seriously research whatever Dr. you choose. This is a very important decision and the wrong Dr. can make for not so great results. I wish you all the best in your journey.
  22. HeatherGurl

    Just beginning the research

    If I were you I would do a search on Spiegel's name here on LBT. I have a friend that used him and does not care for his professional ways or value him as a surgeon. He really did a number on her. I would NEVER recommend him to a friend or family or stranger. There are MANY qualified surgeons in the Houston area. Best of luck to finding what is best for you!
  23. HeatherGurl

    Moral Dilemma

    I just finished reading every post in this thread and I now know why there are so many failed marriages. People get married and don't take their vows seriously. Carlene, I had a similiar situation... We used to hang out with a few couples a few times a month. I found out that some of the couples were Swingers. That is not right in my book, and I felt VERY uncomfortable around them. They had some other moral issues that really bothered me. We don't hang out with them anymore. I never confronted them about why, because that is their business. It just made me uncomfortable being around them. I completely agree with you on this one. If you feel uncomfortable, then I would not associate with L.
  24. HeatherGurl

    New here

    How do I feel now about the surgery? It is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. If I wouldn't have had it done I would be close to 400 lbs, no doubt! There isn't much I wish I knew before I had it done... I researched fairly well, and Spivak's office is wonderful if you have questions. Spivak just put me on a low carb diet until surgery. To shrink the liver in case it was fatty.
  25. HeatherGurl

    New here

    I am just now seeing this thread. Dr. Spivak is my surgeon. I couldn't recommend anyone else for you but him. If I were you, I would attend both Spiegel's and Spivak's seminar's and decide from there what you want to do. I am not pleased at all with the way Spiegel treats his patients and I wouldn't let him come near me with a 12 foot pole. That is my opinion though. I can speak from personal experience as to how he has treated a dear friend of mine. I just do not care for him at all.

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