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  1. It’s a special day here at BariatricPal, according to your profile..it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday, Meri!

  2. Happy 46th Birthday Meri!

  3. Happy 45th Birthday Meri!

  4. Never even heard of laser lipo...do you need to go under general anesthesia to have it done?
  5. Meri

    baltimore area?

    Good luck this week!
  6. When I am struggling, I try to have alot of nuts on hand. If I still feel hungry after I've eaten my salad plate of food, I eat some almonds or I make a bean salad. Lately, I feel like I have been able to eat a lot more than I used to. But, I am afraid to have a fill because I've had food get stuck a couple of times. (ate stuff too dry) and do not want that experience again! It sounds like you are doing the right things. Increasing your exercise is great! Just keep moving and focus on what you've already accomplished!
  7. Meri

    Ask Dr. Schulman...

    Hi Dr. Schulman, I was wondering if the non-surgical liposuction was at all effective? I am primarily concerned with my lower abdomen and thigh area. I am very reluctant to have another surgery or go under general anesthesia if there is another option. Thank you.
  8. Interesting how different it is reading thru here. I can definitely eat more than I used to - but doctor is reluctant to fill given consistency of my weight. I am a little nervous about how much I can eat by the end of the day! But, I don't want to overfill and not be able to eat either! My first year I had no food get stuck, but recently have had a couple of episodes of sticking. Yuck! I'm not sure what the sweet spot is for my band - or my brain!
  9. Meri

    baltimore area?

    Hi, do you get many post-op people at your support group? I had surgey with Dr. Von Rueden when he was at GBMC. I'd love to have a support group to be a part of, but it seems like most of the people at GBMC meeting are required to be there for pre-op. I could use a connection with people who are a little farther out as well. Thanks!
  10. Meri

    baltimore area?

    Hi, I was banded at GBMC 1/08. I've had a great experience except that the entire office there has turned over since I started. I'd be happy to help with any support/questions you have in the process. Good luck!
  11. Meri

    Hello Fabulous Fourties!!!

    Miss Meliss, I know what you mean about the clothes. I find myself shopping ALOT! It such an amazing experience to try things on and have them fit and look good. I have become a regular at all the local consignment shops! Keep up the good work, Meri
  12. Meri

    Hello Fabulous Fourties!!!

    Hi Caryn, I think my doctor would like to see my BMI below 25 so even though I hit my goal, my height works against me. Maybe my goal isn't low enough? I am scheduled to go back for the fill the end of February, but I am very nervous about it. I don't want to be so restricted that I can't eat, but I know I am probably enjoying portions that are larger than I should right now. I guess I'll get the fill and see how it goes. If I don't lose anymore weight and can maintain where I am, I will be very happy. I haven't weighed in the 130's since middle school! Did you have your unfill? How are you feeling now? Are you noticing changes with your diet in your second year? It is in the teens today - very hard to get out and walk. Hope it is warmer where you are, Meri
  13. Meri

    Hello Fabulous Fourties!!!

    Happy Anniversary! Your weight loss is fantastic, 80+ pounds in one year. Good for you! I just had my one year anniversary (1/3). Feeling like I was doing great, but when I went for my follow up last week the doctor wanted to do another fill. I was going away for the weekend so I decided to wait until next month. I'm not sure that I am able to maintain much less weight. Keep up the good work! Meri
  14. Meri

    Other Maryland Bandsters?

    Why did you have to be unbanded? Dr VonRueden was actually my surgeon when he was at GBMC - everyone says he is a fantastic surgeon.
  15. Meri

    Other Maryland Bandsters?

    Hi there. I live in Reisterstown. Banded 1/3/08 and doing well. I find this site to be more helpful than my doctor's office. There are hardly ever any post op people at the support group! Meri