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  1. Mind you I haven't had surgery yet so if these go against post-op rules or anything, I'm here to learn about it. My store was out of Premier Protein vanilla, but these were right next door on the shelf so I decided, heck, why not see if they suck or not. These shakes are VERY VERY tasty, folks. Equally as tasty as Premier (if you like Premier). By themselves and in my coffee, holy cow Both the vanilla and the chocolate. They claim to have 30g of protein in 11oz....now, the TYPE of protein might be the kicker. It's not whey protein isolate. **FYI** Fellow Keto Peeps (if there are any here): If you're eating strict ketogenic (i.e. Ketovangelist style), these shakes are NOT "keto legal" Dirty Ketonians, should be fine LCHF/Atkins - obviously
  2. Kimmie K

    Random Midnight Vomiting?

    Electrolyte imbalance? It's very easy to get that way especially if you're in ketosis. Nausea, weakness, shakes, muscle spams etc. anywhere can be caused by low sodium, magnesium or other electrolytes.
  3. That's awesome!!! Poop forever?! No thanks! My biggest "fear" about surgery is possibly having to poop at work LOLOL Right now I can control my sugar and carbs with no problem. Adjusting my fats should be do-able too considering most of it currently comes from high fat meat and dairy.
  4. Ohhhh, I didn't know fat did it too
  5. Say wuhhh?! Piña colada shake??? <drool>
  6. Eating LCHF for so long I'm down with ALL the fat. It's NOT scary unless you pair it with a crap ton of bad carbs. Fat content in these particular shakes is 5g. Eating LCHF is how I dropped 55lbs in the past 15mo...fat is not the enemy. Bad carbs and sugar are
  7. I’m part of an bypass FB group and someone recently posted about their oral health and the overall state of their teeth is awful since getting surgery. How can this be avoided? I really love my teefs. They’re purdy.
  8. Kimmie K

    Your Teeth After Surgery

    Interesting! Probably not a bad idea after protein shakes...
  9. In my surgeon consult yesterday he told me that once I have surgery, I must avoid NSAIDS at any and all costs because the potential to cause ulcers. Pardon the pun, but this was a tough pill to swallow LOL What in the world do you do when you have a headache or period cramps? Tylenol has always been 100% ineffective for me especially with period cramps. Headaches are rare for me, but cramps...those are a definite once a month occurrence and they show no mercy except when I toss back about 4 Advil
  10. Last week at my first surgeon appointment, they had me get on this nifty scale with no socks or shoes on. Afterward, the girl said 86lbs of me is fat...the remaining 159lbs makes up the rest of my tissues, bones and other internals. I sat there like... "Really?!" I'm 5'4", 245lbs, but kind of naturally built like one of those Clydesdale horses LOL I've never worked out a day in my life, but have quite a bit of muscle tone. Has anyone else had any experience with one of these scales? How accurate are they? Doctor wants me to do RNY, but if all I have to lose is 86lbs then that shouldn't take too much time, right? (possibly? maybe?)
  11. I'm curious what steps everyone had to take from their first surgeon visit to approval/surgery date. Did you do certain testing, if so, when was it determined you had to do it? No need for major detail unless you feel like it. I'm thinking something like an easy to read timeline... Example: [date] 1st Surgeon Visit> [date] blood work , stress test, psych test, etc.> [date] insurance approval> [date] start pre-op/liver shrink diet> [date] Surgery date The reason I'm asking this is because #1 I'm marginally impatient, hate surprises and I'm trying to manage it. #2 My insurance policy that covers bariatric won't begin until 01/01/19 and I go to my first surgeon appointment this coming Monday 12/03. I'm just wondering what all I can squeeze in and get done before that 01/01/19 date. Thanks, folks! EDIT: My nutritionist person just emailed me and said the only thing I can do prior to my new insurance plan is stress test, EKG and nutrition. Everything else will have to be done closer to surgery date which is TBD.
  12. Kimmie K

    100 lbs in under a year?

    That's an awesome Xmas gift!!!
  13. Kimmie K

    Teenage to Adult Issues

    One mistake I remember making back in the day is not getting the cotton part up in the right spot. It needs to go up in there behind the pubic bone. If it's the in the right spot, the cotton part should just be sucked right up in there. If it's stuck under the pubic bone, that sucker will start sliding out and won't do its job. Best way to make sure you have it in the right place is hike your leg up on the side of the tub or the toilet, hold onto the ribbed part hit the plunger slowly once you can feel the tube part is past the pubic bone. Use your internal muscles to contract and pull it up in there. I've been using Tampax Pearl Ultra (the big ones) since they came out years ago. Any size smaller or any other brand and I'll leak because I have a heavy flow. Good luck! ** Side-note- Make sure the plunger stick is NOT stuck up in you by accident. 2 pieces should come out...the plunger and the main tube part. Sometimes the suction will get it stuck in there and you won't know it until you go to wipe the next time you pee. I've been a victim of this in the middle of night...half asleep and putting one in LOL and also, invest in some pantiliners until you figure out which ones work for you
  14. Sweeeeet!!! Metabolic Age?! What app is that? Is it specifically for the scale itself?
  15. What scale do you have at home? I have one of those Fitbit Aria scales, but its been in the box over 2 years because I could never EVER get an accurate reading from it for my weight alone. It ended up pissing me off so I boxed it LOL I'm very interested in knowing my muscle mass without having to go get a DEXA scan.
  16. I was doing my morning obsessive reading and came upon this interesting PubMed article that gives a nice, comprehensive list outlining the effects of macronutrient/micronutrient deficiencies on your skin. Linky to the article..."Skin changes after bariatric surgery" https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4371663/ A screenshot of the chart for quick reference is below. Direct linky to the chart image https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4371663/table/t01/?report=objectonly
  17. Kimmie K

    Life without NSAIDS?

    Right, but Tylenol doesn't do jack crap for me...my uterus just laughs and keeps on cramping LOL
  18. Kimmie K


    Fellow Ketonian here...get some of this https://amzn.to/2zR69aF It's liquid electrolytes. Put it in whatever you're drinking. Also, if you can stomach it, see if you can take a sip of pickle juice. That's FULL of electrolytes.
  19. Kimmie K

    Sleeve or Bypass... help!

    My surgeon said even with my occasional heartburn he wouldn't recommend a sleeve. Almost all his patients have come back complaining of reflux that they never had before...choice was easy...RNY...eventually
  20. Kimmie K

    Sliders and triggers

    ^^THIS And...popcorn is corn...a crap vegetable that's bad carb heavy...if she's stuffing nothing but corn in her mouth all day, well, yeah...she's going to gain.
  21. Kimmie K

    Interpreting men

    I wouldn't limit your interaction with the opposite sex due to 2 weird eggs. Like someone else mentioned, this could totally just be an ego thing with the guys. Women do the same thing. Men are just as weird and complex when it comes to feeling inferior, they'll do anything to make themselves feel/seem less inferior even at the expense of others' comfort. There ARE decent people out there who would be excited to meet an awesome person like you for plain ol' harmless, decent adult conversation. Finding them is the tougher part. I'd just say stick to your comfort zone and don't feel bad about bailing when you don't feel comfortable. Be picky about who you decide to keep company and vice versa especially in public. There's nothing wrong with that 💓
  22. Kimmie K

    Interpreting men

  23. Good questions that I'd love to hear the answers to as well
  24. Sorry for the nOOb questions I know is probably explained well somewhere on here, but I want up to date feedback... #1 Why exactly can't you drink while eating? Not even a sip to wash something down? What if something gets stuck in your throat and you need to drink? What's the thing with straws? #2 If you no longer have your pyloric sphincter in place to keep food in your stomach/pouch, how in the world do you ever feel full? How does everything not just immediately go from esophagus to pouch to small intestine? How long does solid food stay in the pouch? Same with Liquids? EDIT: #3 How is food kept from backing up into the part of the intestine marked by #3 in this picture and moving back towards the old stomach?