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  1. Thanks, again, Ellie. I almost hate to admit this as it definitely shows my negative thinking, but I really thought a Fitbit would depress me to see how few steps I take in a day. I'm 63 and recently retired from being a high school counselor, and pretty sedentary. But maybe I need to give it a try with the new more empowered and hopeful me!
  2. Ellie, I loved your positive post! I am only 12 days out and have only lost 8 pounds, but I am already feeling the empowerment and hope of my decision. I am, however, having difficulty motivating myself to walk. After my two week postop appt. I will return to my water aerobics 3 mornings a week, but I know I need to add walking. 56 pounds in three months is blowing my mind! Congrats to you and thanks for the inspiration.
  3. Wow! There are some really great replies to your question. I can relate to many. I am much older, 63, so I didn't have parents to object. I did, however, have many close friends and family members who shared horror stories of others who had had bariatric surgery, stories of people they knew who regained all their weight, and recommendations to just exercise more and cut carbs. So I just stopped talking about it. It was still a very difficult decision. I don't like invasive medical procedures unless absolutely necessary. Was my surgery absolutely necessary? Hard to know, but I knew my mobility was being affected and I feared growing old and fatter and ending up wheel chair bound. So even though not I was not totally sure, I went with having surgery. I told no one but my husband, one son, and two friends who also had sleeves. My surgery was only 12 days ago. What I didn't anticipate was how empowered and hopeful I now feel about myself and my future. It has been much easier than I anticipated, also. Food no longer controls me. I keep wondering if I'm going to wake up one day and feel differently, but right now I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to change my life and health for the better. Good luck with your decision.
  4. Oma letting go

    Liquid diet

    Today is one week from my surgery. Yesterday I thought I was feeling and doing great! Today I tried to shop a little. Michael's, Ross, then Walmart. I pooped out before getting to Walmart. I had had a lot of tea earlier in the day, but I became really thirsty and almost like a wave of exhaustion came over me. And this bad breath is driving me crazy! I brush my teeth and tongue several times a day but still have this awful taste in my mouth! Let's see; what else can I complain about? I've still only lost 4 pounds! And like everyone else, I am just sick of liquids. Sorry for complaining. We've been blessed to have this opportunity to change ourselves and our lives for the better. This will get better!
  5. Oma letting go

    Liquid diet

    Hi, recent sleever friends. Tomorrow will be my one week since surgery. I am feeling so much better! And like some of you, forgetting to pace/time my drinking. It doesn't hurt to swallow and I'm not feeling sick afterwards so I am assuming I'm ok. Very tired of liquids, especially artificially sweetened ones, but drinking them because I want to follow the program. Still not really hungry which I think is a good thing. I still have a week and two days of this full liquid stage! I think I can; I think I can! Actually, I'm feeling very empowered right now that I have chosen to take this step for my health and my future except for the fact that I've only lost 4 pounds after ten days of liquid diet. I know my total calorie count is less than 500 daily. So what is going on? I know I need to walk and I did a mile on Saturday, but it really wore me out. Need to get in my head that I'm going to do it everyday and then do it. No excuses! But really I love this feeling of empowerment and hope! We can do this!
  6. Oma letting go

    January 25th sleeves?!

    I think I felt that, too, once or twice. It seems to come in waves. For a while I can drink with no discomfort, then wham, pressure, gurgling, discomfort. This, too, will pass! We will see the light at the end of the tunnel!
  7. Oma letting go

    Liquid diet

    It's a pain in the rear, but I really do feel better if I set my phone alarm every 15 minutes and drink 2 ounces of shake followed by two ounces of cinnamon apple herbal tea or hot water. Probably part of it is then I don't worry about drinking too much or two quickly, but I hate the constant attention to what I'm drinking.
  8. Oma letting go

    January 25th sleeves?!

    I need to chime in here, too. Sleeved 1/26. I feel pressure?, gas like pains from around my sternum accompanied by gurgling noises. Not sure if I ever really feel hungry. Not sure if I know what full feels like either. I just keep forcing myself to sip water, Premier protein shakes, or broth two ounces at a time. I've never thrown up but get waves of feeling like I can't possibly put another thing into my mouth. (Full?) I also had a hiatal hernia repaired; not sure if that matters. Once or twice my husband cooked something and it smelled good, but usually I have no interest. I think the hardest part is just wondering if everything I am feeling is "normal". I love this site and the support, but if you read the complication stories it can scare you. My incision sites are still tender, especially when I walk. I guess I'm doing ok. Certainly could be much worse! Really and truly, everything I have experienced so far has been way better than I anticipated. Thanks for letting me ramble.
  9. Oma letting go

    12 Days Post Op

    I was sleeved on 1/26. Yesterday I celebrated my first b.m. Can't believe I'm sharing this! It did help remove much (not all) of that bloated feeling. Also went to the park and walked a mile for the first time! While the weather was beautiful, walking was tough. My stomach feels uncomfortable, especially at incision sites. It really wore me out. Ditto everyone with artificial sweeteners. So sick of the sweet. Broth has seemed to help. This morning I tried cream of wheat made with double milk. I made this pre-op and loved it but just couldn't handle it right now. Strange! Sipping on hot water right now. Then I guess it's on to a delicious chocolate premier shake. Ugh! I'm on full liquids until Feb. 10, my first appointment post op. This is just temporary! I can get through this! Glad to know I'm not alone!
  10. This is only my third day post-op. Gas pains, especially in my shoulders have been my worst complaint. Today, my first full day at home I have been alternating 30 cc's of premier protein shake and herbal tea. I have an alarm in my phone set to go off every 15 minutes. That's all I do is drink little cups of fluid! Know I need to walk, but except to the bathroom, etc., really have not tried. Decided to try today without pain or nausea meds. So far do good. I may do pain meds if I have trouble sleeping. I don't feel great, but I'm surviving. No vitamins until after two week post op appointment. I feel blessed to be retired so that I can totally focus on drinking water and protein. Certainly not fun, but hopefully will be worth it!
  11. Oma letting go

    pre-op diet

    Hi, everyone! It's great to read your comments and see so many of us having the same feelings and fears. Today I wasn't as hungry on the liquid diet, but my energy level was zero! And I never thought I would get tired of chocolate flavored shakes and puddings, but I am. Cream of wheat made with milk was listed as a choice on my liquid diet. I made some, added a little Splenda, and felt like I was eating real food. Haven't eaten it in years, but it tasted great. Still a little worried. I still can't believe sometimes that I am choosing to have elective surgery. My mother was a nurse and one of her pieces of wisdom was to never let them put you under the knife unless it is absolutely necessary! In a way it is necessary for a healthy future. Just two more days!
  12. Oma letting go

    pre-op diet

    My timetable is exactly the same as yours. I found out yesterday I was approved for Jan. 26, 2016. I have four days of liquid diet. My weight doctor told me that some bariatric surgeons do not require any pre-op diet. Those that require the liquid diet are hoping you can find protein drinks you like and continue with after surgery and also hoping that the weight loss will shrink your liver so that surgery is easier. And yes, I can gave any decaf tea or coffee.
  13. Oma letting go

    Scared and ????

    This is my first time to post. I just found out I was approved yesterday and did my pre op admissions stuff today. My surgery date is also Jan. 26. Like others I am both nervous and excited. I am 63 and just retired from being a high school counselor a year ago. I am usually pretty open with friends and family, but I am really tired of hearing horror stories and stories about people gaining their weight back, so I'm only telling two friends who have been sleeved and are loving life and my immediate family. I just keep telling myself that I need to do this for myself and my future. Sure don't like this liquid diet. It tastes ok, but it doesn't stay with me long and I often feel hungry. But that's ok; it will be worth feeling hungry for a few days!