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  1. d258


    This is what I may have to do. I got lucky- there was a cancellation at the therapists office, so I got an appointment for tomorrow. Surgery is on Monday. I’m so afraid I’ll just gain it all back because I want cupcakes more than good health.
  2. I want to take a Brazilian dance class without too much hang over.
  3. d258


    Keep this in mind: A delay in your plans is not a denial. It’s just a redirect. Things will work out when they’re supposed to. Keep at it with the insurance. Xoxo
  4. d258

    July surgery buddy

    I’m scheduled for conversation on July 15. I’ll be your buddy. We can be a group of buddies :)
  5. d258

    July Surgery

    I don’t have a pre op diet either- I was JUST about to post my concern then I saw you say the same. I, too have had VSG. I’ve gained weight since my consult for conversion at the end of April and the doctor didn’t even flinch. We are proceeding as planned. Because I don’t have a pre op diet, i am having a problem with a 10 day long food funeral though... I don’t know how to stop and I am so worried my head won’t be in the right place come time to recover...
  6. d258


    I have a terrible addiction to sugar. I binge and binge. I don’t know how to get it under control. I’m working with an eating disorder specialist but I have only seen her once and won’t see her until next month after I have surgery. Anyone else go through this? Going through this?
  7. Love the fan idea! I also want to bring my laptop in case I’m up and feel like watching Netflix. I don’t imagine I’ll wast to shower in the hospital but a clean pair of underwear sounds good too.
  8. If you have the option of Kaiser, they have a fantastic bariatric team.
  9. What was in your hospital bag? What do you wish you had?
  10. d258

    July 2019

    Me too!!! this will be a revision for me- VSG to RNY because of GERD and because I'm fat again...
  11. I hope it goes well for you tomorrow!
  12. Hi Y'all, I had VSG in April 2016. Lost 53 pounds since day of surgery weight bur regained 30 pounds. I've had terrible reflux and was diagnosed with Gerd, and I have a revision scheduled for July 15. Anyone else in this situation? Do you feel as excited about this time around as last time? I don't, and that's really bothering me...
  13. my revision is July 15 also! revision is due to horrific Gerd.
  14. I was sleeved 4/1 and am just coming off an 8 week stall. My scale moved within a 9-10 ounce range (up or down) for 8 stinking weeks! I'm finally down 2 pounds in a week. It was very discouraging and made me so mad, but what could I do but plow through!? My bariatrician said to keep on plan and make sure to get my Protein and Vitamins. So I did. She also noticed that I had been using cream in my coffee instead of non fat milk, and that could have been adding extra fat calories a day despite my perfect eating otherwise. Check your intake and you may see a few things sneaking in that you are t even thinking twice about. I know this is difficult and you may feel like you will never get over it and you won't lose anymore weight but hang in there. The time will pass anyway so you may as well have a good attitude about it. Just be patient!
  15. OMG mine offers the same solution! Lol