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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Samara1974

    Wrinkled bag stomach

    Rolling or fascia blasting, it helps break the fascia where it adheres to the fat making it appear smoother and helps break it down. They have special tools you can buy but I just massage my trouble areas. You can feel them when they release. The area by my iliac crest is an area tummy tucks can't touch and breaking the adherence has helped tighten that area.
  2. Samara1974

    Wrinkled bag stomach

    At 44 and two plus years out my stomach IS getting better. I did the 100 situps per day challenge last month and that help speed things along. I also make sure I am hydrated with water and apply lotion to the area and massage my fat at least every other day to break the fascia that adheres it. Like another poster already said it really depends on age, genetics, how you carried your weight and self-care, so many variables to consider.
  3. Paleo PB&J= Crunchy almond butter and fresh blueberries
  4. I put my starting weight to the date of when I decided to schedule surgery. I did mine out of country so for folks using insurance your first appointment with your doctor.
  5. Samara1974

    Post-op care

    My general doctor took over my post up care. I discussed it with him pre-surgery to make sure it was ok. It has been a learning curve for both of us but he is amazing and works with me.
  6. Samara1974

    Sleeve vs bypass

    This is really a personal decision & you need to do a lot of research. I would make a list of pros and cons for each type of surgery, to include lifestyle changes, expected weight loss percentage and possible complications. Your doctor could also help council you on what type of surgery is best for you as well. I chose my surgery (VSG) because I ate mass quantities at a time but I didn't want to deal with dumping syndrome, mal-absorption or miss the hormones that are produced in your intestines. To pick your surgery you need to be brutally hones with yourself about what you expect out of each surgery and whether you want to live that lifestyle forever.
  7. Samara1974

    The Good The Bad & The Nasty

    So two things I like, Cookie cravings = Lenny & Larry's protein cookies. Pro: The cookie is delicious my favorite flavors lemon poppy seed and oatmeal, then peanut butter and then chocolate chip. Con: the cookie is HUGE so cut your protein count in quarters or half. if you have a craving this is a good go to but a cookie is a cookie. GNC Lean bar Strawberry Yogurt is really good. The blueberry and chocolate chip are horrible
  8. Samara1974

    The Good The Bad & The Nasty

    I actually love the Roadside Lemonade, the caribbean cooler they can keep. I also like the Twisted cherry by them.
  9. Samara1974

    What about the grapes??

    I agree with Rick, plus you probably won't be able to eat the whole cup. For cravings, I usually wait a few weeks before I indulge to see if it is a fleeting whim. If it is still there after that time has passed I have a a tiny bit of whatever it was I was craving to get rid of it. I wish I could have grapes but even eating just one hurts, so no grapes for me.
  10. Samara1974

    Dumping sleevers

    It may be due to carbs, if I eat a lot of carbs I get flushed. I have a friend who got heart palpitations from eating too many carbs while she was doing ketogenics. I still limit my carbs (1 year 8 months post surgery) I rarely eat bread and/or breading. I agree with Outside I would change your eating habits. Weight loss is easy the first year but after that it is all about what you eat not how much you eat. Go back to your surgeons plan and start there. Protein first then veggies then carbs. I would eliminate chicken tenders and make baked chicken, no more grilled cheese, no soups (no protein in them.)

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