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    BabyNewYear reacted to Tracyringo in VSG to RNY still have GERD   
    I would still get the revision because I had erosive esophagitis D. It has gone down to an A, so I shouldnt have to worry about getting cancer. I take 60mg Dexilant everyday plus carafate
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    BabyNewYear reacted to Sosewsue61 in Long term vsg implications   
    I may be naive but is anyone getting tested for H.pylori? I found this while looking for GERD treatments.
    According to the Textbook of Functional Medicine, low stomach acid predisposes one to the growth of H. pylori and is also linked to SIBO and inadequate Vitamin B12 absorption. It’s also noted that low levels of Vitamin C, and vitamin E in gastric fluids promote the growth of H. pylori. And while there aren’t decisive studies showing that H. pylori is the direct cause of heartburn and acid reflux, there is an implied association there.
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    BabyNewYear reacted to PrayingForWeightLoss in Heavy lifting, blood sugar issues and Reset 3 yrs post VSG   
    As a clinician I would suggest a referral to an endocrinologist if you have a history of hypos during intense workout. Maybe he/she can work out peak times of your insulin levels and possibly have you work out during those times.

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    BabyNewYear reacted to mi75 in Heavy lifting, blood sugar issues and Reset 3 yrs post VSG   
    Hi all, the ONE biggest mistake I made post op was not joining a gym and going hard core into gym life. I have regained a solid portion of my initial weight loss. I am struggling. New surgeon put me on Contrave for a few weeks to kick me in the butt. As part of this process, he also asked me to focus on eating 6-8 times a day, with dinner being the only 'meal' and all others being Protein focused mini-meals such as a shake, a hunk of cheese, and a deviled egg, a Quest bar, a few meatballs, etc.
    At the same time, I joined the local community center and had a trainer set up a program for me to get started. My ultimate goal is to get fiercely strong, buff and hopefully have enough muscle ratio that my metabolic burn will stay consistent and I can eat like a lifter. A little piece of my brain has a HUGE dream that someday, I'll be fit and buff enough to compete in a fitness competition....But for now, this is just a simple program to get my metabolism going.
    I'm a bit nervous that I could potentially drop my blood sugar while lifting and get that horrible hypoglycemic feeling. I've dropped before during times of great stress. I THINK if I eat half a quest before I lift, and half WHILE I lift that would help.
    I don't really have any access to somebody who can guide my process. The trainer at my gym is solely trained in basic exercise science. The NUT at my doc's office is looking at ONLY a bariatric approach. I really would love to find a trainer who could expertly design an eating plan AND a workout plan for me.
    I'd love input from those gym life folks who can recommend to me WHO to see, what to eat pre workout, intra workout and post workout, and any suggestions for getting myself going in the right direction, once and for all.

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    BabyNewYear reacted to mi75 in Gained almost all my weight back   
    When I approached Alex Brecher to ask him to form this Regain/Back on Track forum, it was out of sheer need for me. I am 3 years post op and have struggled with a serious amount of regain and having a heck of a hard time losing it.
    Please keep in mind that whoever we all are, wherever we are in the world etc., we may not have access to support groups, therapists, or even our surgeon. In my case, I moved and had to leave behind my surgeon, family doctor, support group and everything familiar. We all have different stories and cases that make our regain as individual as our original weight-loss-surgery stories.
    Please remember to be kind and gracious to each other as this group is all that some of us HAVE in the form of therapy or support.

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    BabyNewYear reacted to teacupnosaucer in Did anyone do anything crazy being wheeled into the OR?   
    I actually walked into the ER. The orderly bringing me accidentally brought me into the wrong theatre... saw someone out on the table in the middle of a procedure and was like "huh that doesn't seem right..."
    Probably would have terrified the **** out of me but I'd just had a couple ativan so I was juuuuust fiiiiine.
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    BabyNewYear reacted to NuNu2005 in Gained almost all my weight back   
    First of all, it is my opinion you need a dictionary and a high school English course (or at least utilize the spellcheck, but I guess that won't work if you keep saying store instead of story...) ASAP. Reading this post is like deciphering through a foreign language no one speaks but you so its unclear, unfocused and not blunt. Secondly, most women who are under 6' tall and weigh 250 lbs -this could be you as I have no idea of your stats- are obese so its my opinion that you're not in a position to tell anyone to get real with themselves. Especially since you stated above you were happy being potentially obese. Again, it's my opinion you should have some compassion as you've obviously eaten yourself into a hole deep enough for people to worry about your health. Compassion aside yes we should all be doing better but what's that saying about people in glass houses throwing stones.... Thirdly, girl have a snickers, you're not yourself when you're hungry-Oh my God, here I am with my opinion again.
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    BabyNewYear reacted to Sammie1221 in Gained almost all my weight back   
    Again, I've said what I said and that's the end of that! Who don't like it bite it!!! If you choke that is your business. If most of us was half-way honest with ourselves you would be singing another tune. I did not lose all my weight and regained it back. The mindset, attitude and behavior must change for any long-term success there is no excuses. Stop the enabling poor behavior. The stomach is stretched out, so no matter how you diet is not going to be the same because, as soon as she switch back to solid food she may eat the same things again and regain because she still has to eat more to be satisfied...the store is not going to get any closer and she will still will be in grieving mode. Then what?!?! All of us knows how to tell our store to tug on peoples heart strings but the fact remain unchanged...excuses, excuses, excuses! Most of y'all are use to your own pity party anyway and never had a person be blunt with you. If I had change the tone or my words the passage would have slip pass like all the others. I don't need to be like everyone else and/or share the same opinion as others to be supportive. It's an opinion take it or leave no harm done. And I was very please with my weight. I did the surgery for medical reasons. I am very solid so I don't look like I weight 250 before surgery. I did it for my health and husband (he was concern about family health history). And fyi I do not wear panties...Thank you very much!

    p.s. If and when I do ask for people advice or opinion on here I hope that they will be blunt and honest no beating around the bush!
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    BabyNewYear reacted to greenlora in FDA investigating balloon after deaths   
    Hey -- Important article here in the LA Times. The FDA is investigating the balloon after reports of deaths soon after the procedure:
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    BabyNewYear reacted to Cari Dickenson in Average weight loss: worth it? Starting to feel discouraged...   
    I want to chime in here I have lost well in excess of what I was told I would Lose. I was 351 pounds. tried to lose the weight before having surgery nine months in the gym on the recumbent bike.. lifting weights eating food I didn't like much. Went to my endocrinologist and was like what am I doing wrong I only lost 30 pounds in nine months... I was insulin resistant... had physical limitations... and bad eating habits.. Weight wasn't going to come off.. no matter what I did on my own. I had the surgery expecting to lose about 80 pounds is what they told me... I was in my head well 80 pounds is better then being 351 pounds. They allow you some carbs... I ate none... on a regular basis... For those who say well I want a mall treat. I always allowed that... kids birthday a single bite of cake... just one and I savored it...Fast food I ordered either the grilled chicken patty.. or the meat with sauces but no bun and I use napkins to wipe the majority of the grease off... I take my small portable scale with me when we eat at a real restaurant and I eat steak. ( and it feeds me 2 or 3 meals depending on the size weight of the steak).. Costs a little more but it is so tasty. There are options you don't have to never eat a treat again. this is about changing it to fit your needs and still enjoying life even more than before because now you can do things that before were a struggle. I till enjoy myself.... But no breads no pastries which were my favorite... But whats wonderful is not being hungry all the time.... and I seem to have lost my taste for sweets...yeah weighing measuring food kinda stinks sometimes it gets old boring but what doesn't is going from a 5 x to a 12.... in women's and a 13 in teens. look at my before pics.... Those " percentages are only what you let them be" I took them and broke their limits and you can to
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    BabyNewYear reacted to IrishGermanRN in 1 year and two months post surgery how's everyone doing?   
    Trying to lose these last 10. I've taken up weight lifting. Seemed to help. Maybe the scale isnt moving but my pant size and body is transforming. I guess when they say dont go by the scale they mean it.

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    BabyNewYear reacted to blizair09 in 1 year and two months post surgery how's everyone doing?   
    I was sleeved on September 28, 2016. I've lost 182 pounds total (99 during my six month pre-op diet program and 83 additional since the surgery). I have 35 more pounds to go until I reach my goal. I am hoping to get there sometime this summer.
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    BabyNewYear got a reaction from chavezmommy in Thread to share ideas to prevent overeating and eating unhealthy   
    Baa! I get it! Still not mentally ready to throw my plus size clothes catalogs away. Also a size 12 now but doesn't seem real.

    Healthy ideas for me are kicking the carbs and sugars. They mess things up! Dessert is the devil, lol I'm trying to eat paleo as much as possible. My workout routine could use a boost, too.
    Stay Strong my friends.
    We got this!

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    BabyNewYear reacted to chavezmommy in Thread to share ideas to prevent overeating and eating unhealthy   
    I can certainly relate to feeling like fraud and doing self sabotage. Tonight I ate a bad snack right before bed and generally ate terrible today. Maybe it's the old baggage where I felt I am destined to be obese.... old habits maybe? Maybe we should look at what others are doing who stay on track...

    For me the first 7 months I was religious about what ate. After a week of cheating I kept cheating... then my taste buds got used to unhealthy food once again... I know we can do this. We must choose to be healthy and Accept that WE ARE NOT IMPOSTERS. We deserve a healthier life, full of energy and feeling good on the outside and in. Let's think this everytime we walk to the kitchen and let it drive us to plan healthy meals.

    Let's all get back on track this week!
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    BabyNewYear got a reaction from goplay94123 in It's a Labor of Love: Labor Day Weight Loss Challenge   
    195 lbs
    Didn't lose any weight actually gained some
    May be Water weight though as long as it's within 5lbs of where I was I don't get too concerned just know I need to get back to work
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    BabyNewYear reacted to ajg91342 in OMG the acid! Not sure how much reflux I can take...   
    @ How are you weaning off the PPI? I will be starting that process too.
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    BabyNewYear reacted to FabFemale in 50 pounds! What?! I'm so excited.   
    I am down 50 pounds!! I still don't believe it! I look in the mirror and still see the "Fat" girl. I look at pictures and say "that's not me".
    I do feel much healthier. Still have about 50 pounds to go. But I'll let my body determine that.
    Dr says I'm right on track and doing great! I continue to focus on my Protein and Water.
    I am so happy I decided to have the Gastric Sleeve surgery. No regrets. Best decision ever.

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    BabyNewYear got a reaction from goplay94123 in It's a Labor of Love: Labor Day Weight Loss Challenge   
    Better late than never
    Current weight: 190
    Goal weight: 185
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    BabyNewYear got a reaction from goplay94123 in It's a Labor of Love: Labor Day Weight Loss Challenge   
    Definitely interested. I've been in a stall for a while and this may help my resolve- think I need to shift my set point
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    BabyNewYear reacted to KattattaK in Suggestions for midnight movie munchies   
    Beef chicken turkey or pork Jerky, greek yogurt oikos triple zero, cheese stick, veggie sticks with hummus or almond/peanut butter, boiled egg, grilled veggies, etc.
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    BabyNewYear reacted to Valentina in Are sleeved folks able to eat popcorn at any point?   
    Seriously, Ladies, try sprinkling some Nutritional Yeast on your popcorn.
    Take a bag of it with you to the movies.
    Try it----you'll like it!!
    Report back, please after you've tried it.
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    BabyNewYear got a reaction from Valentina in Are sleeved folks able to eat popcorn at any point?   
    t This is a favorite of mine, too. Love that Protein filled nutritional yeast! Great stuff! the extra Fiber is a good thing,too
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    BabyNewYear reacted to katladee in HELLO JANUARY SLEEVERS!   
    How many, and how long, are these "stalls" lasting for everyone? I'm on my second one since my surgery in January, and this one is lasting 3 weeks already! I'm exercising and watching my calories, but feeling very frustrated! Arrrrrrgh!
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    BabyNewYear reacted to Wayward Traveler in Plateau and Diet Fatigue   
    @@MarciaN - yes, I get changing the mindset, and the journey towards maintenance, but it's still hard. :-) I've actually lost close to 100 pounds at this point (total - since my all time high 10 years ago, not just since I got the balloon). I maintained a 100+ pound weight loss for 6-7 years until I suffered a major injury and started re-gaining. I did the balloon to help me get back on track, to lose what I gained and to then lose some more. So I know it's a process - and a marathon, not a sprint - but plateaus still frustrate the heck out of me. Hence my plea for management strategies. I love all of the info, ideas and support from this forum. I knew I would get some great insight, and that I have. And, FWIW, I finally passed the 26 pound mark this morning. Maybe I just needed to exercise my demons by putting it in writing - lol!! Thanks again - to you and everyone else - for the responses. I really appreciate it!
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    BabyNewYear reacted to jaxmom in Facelifts, Botox, Injectables, Fillers, Lasers -- Plans, Stories, Prices, Problems, Results   
    I found it!!!!!! Hooray!!! I'm 44 and I love my Botox. I had a very deep crease on my forehead and my doctor told me overall I have face muscles like a man (gasp!) they are strong and I pull a lot in my forehead. I get the minimum done- I hate the vacant or overdone look. I just look well rested. My husband also said now I don't "make faces" when I listen to people- it's something I can't help!!! When I get shocked surprised or angry my face says it all without me opening my mouth. Botox has enabled me to sit with my mother in law and listen to her. . I get my forehead done and my crows feet. Notice a huge difference. My mom is 73 and uses retin a religiously. We are from the Florida keys (pre sunscreen years ) and the retin a has kept her face smooth and helps with dark spots. I use it on my upper lip - my doctor does not like fillers in or around lips so this is his recommendation and it's a huge noticeable difference. I look at it this way... We have done surgery. Come so far. Don't we deserve this???? :)
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