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    Official Halloween Exchange Sign Up

    Hey I know it's a little late but if there is room for one more, please let me know.
  2. I am a big girl and generally don't mind of a man is large too. The only problem I have had dating a large man was that his tummy was large. When we hugged, his belly pushed me away. Sex wasn't even an option, and because of that I decided that I will not date a man that has a very large tummy. What I find most attractive is a tall man that is not thin. I like a manly man, 6'+ and anywhere between 200 and 300lbs is fine. I don't find myself very attracted to men who are skinny, but often I do find myself attracted to men with a gorgeous face. At a cafe I go to there is this man that always comes in. He is probably 5'10, 150lbs, blonde and has a face of a 17 year old. He is so adorable that every time he looks at me I blush and turn away. If he ever said anything to me I would probably pass out on the spot. I guess that it all comes down to the person havign that certain something. Another good example is, I met this man. He is exactly the kind of man I described earlier, tall, meaty, handsome... but when I met him for coffee, I couldn't even force myself to feel the attraction. He was such a loser that I was bothered when he tried to hold my hand. I couldn't wait to get away from him. Funny thing about him is that when I first saw him I said to myself 'YUM!' lol Sigh, I need a b/f.
  3. HunnyBun

    Let's talk about spanx

    I love spanx! The only problem I have is the price. I don't mind paying that much for something that lasts, but the capri length spanx had a run in them after the second time I wore them. That is a big issue for something that costs almost as much as pants! Anyone have any solutions for this?
  4. HunnyBun

    How do i get rid of my sister's boyfriend?!?

    Randi, that article is awesome. My advice is, your sister should be exposed to happy relationships. If she sees other men who treat their girlfriends or wives with respect, love, romance, etc, she will start to compare her boyfriend. This is how I realized my ex was kind of a jerk. I didn't realize that the things he didn't do, other men did. It took a while, but I finally realized that I want more. I want someone who thinks I am worth his efforts.
  5. HunnyBun

    What, if anything, do you collect?

    I collect coffee mugs. I don't like the traditional straight ones you see everywhere, and I don't like writing on them. I like round ones, which also need to be short. Don't like tall ones. I only have a few, and I use them alot. Some day I will really get into my collection, but I first need to live on my own. My mom gets mad at me for filling up the cupboards with useless mugs. I also have many bottles of perfume. I love to buy more and more, even though I don't use them a whole lot. I use perfume every day but usually it's the same one over and over, while the other bottles are mostly just collecting dust. Now that I think about it, I also collect books. I love to buy books and fill up my room with a lot of them, even though I don't read as much as I'd like.
  6. HunnyBun

    Why am I obsessed with Anna Nicole Smith's son?

    Poor Anna Nicole. I hope she gets through this somehow. I have a child and I can't imagine how I could ever pick myself up after such a tragic thing.
  7. HunnyBun

    What's *good* about being fat?

    So I gave this some thought. 1. We understand that being fat does not mean that we are dirty, smelly, lazy, gross, or slobs. Sadly it is how we are judged by some people, but not by fellow plus size floks. 2. We have a lot of compassion for others who are not considered 'cool' or 'beautiful' by society standards. 3. We can show our true beauty through our actions and words, rather than misleading looks. 4. We have a great online board that is full of wonderful, helpful and compassionate people. 5. Most people will not start fights with us in fear of getting their butt kicked. 6. Big girls have smaller chance of getting raped. 7. We are better cooks. 8. We don't gain attention from men by dressing like sluts, well most of us anyway.
  8. HunnyBun

    Where the heck has Delarla gone?

    I think a bunch of drama a couple months back caused her to lose interest. Not sure of that though. I loved reading her posts too!
  9. HunnyBun

    Adoption Pros and Cons Please

    Some complications I can think of are: The real parents might come into your home and demand to see the child. The other family memebers of that child might butt in ALOT, argue your parenting methods and never accept that child as yours. If you want to move away someday it might be difficult and the child's family might try to stop you. The mom might consider kidnapping. The family of the child will never let you have your space/ etc... Just things I would be concerned with. Having said all that... I think being a parent is the most incredible and rewarding experience a woman can ever have. Being a mom is a blessing like no other. I guess you have to figure out if you can provide the best home for that child given the circumstandces. Maybe this baby would be better off with parents that don't know the biological family. Or, maybe this is exactly what this baby needs. You have to do what is best for ths child.
  10. HunnyBun

    Dangerous E-mail

    Thank you Elisabethsew
  11. HunnyBun

    Black Widow and eggs in my garage

    All this spider talk made me afraid now. I'm terrified of spiders, there is nothing worse....
  12. HunnyBun

    Dangerous E-mail

    I'm 23 and take propranolol daily. What exactly is it for? Can it prevent heart problems related to weight? I started taking it for feeling dizzy and having migraines, but the pharmacists always say its heart or blood medication.
  13. HunnyBun

    Jon Benet Ramsay - over after 10 yrs??

    Maybe once she died she got to be with her daughter and found out who the killer is. Maybe her spirit stayed around to guide in finding the killer. Maybe I just haven't had coffee yet.
  14. HunnyBun

    STUPID f'n band! what is WRONG!!!

    I can't offer advice, but putting myself in your shoes I would be very devestated. All I can offer is compassion. I truly hope you find a way to overcome this. Mags
  15. HunnyBun

    Not band friendly foods

    Some people can't eat anything then have to get unfilled or take the band out. Hey, anyone have hooters wings after banding????
  16. Sounds like a migraine to me. Try Excedrin Migraine for the pain, I hear good things about it. If that doesnt help, go see a doctor and get Imitrex. It's pricey but it works. Also, might look into the cause for the migraines, sometimes they can be prevented with a beta blocker. Good Luck
  17. Having the love of my life cheat on me is my biggest fear. I can't imagine the hurt I'd feel. My world would fall apart. I can't explain how horrified the idea makes me. I would rather be single for ever than to have my love break my heart. If he ever does, I hope to god he will learn his mistake, stop, and never tell me.
  18. HunnyBun

    Needed: Very Hip Night Club Attire!!!!!!!!!

    The girls at torrid usually are very helpful whenever I go in. Maybe it would be easier to have someone who can see you try on the clothing to go help. Have any girlfriends that would be willing to go with you?
  19. HunnyBun

    What will you do with your underwear??

    I will definately celebrate my new body and will destroy or burn my old ugly undies with people I am closest too and they all can bring me new ones as gifts! I also decided that when I reach my goal weight I will throw a huge party to celebrate. Mags
  20. HunnyBun

    colon cleanse?

    Telly what brand did you use? Can you give a little more detail of the process? Thanks!
  21. Ok, so I am going through some big changes regarding taking care of myself as well as my wallet. After removing all my cosmetics and counting up how much it's worth I realized my cosmetics are worth (alot) more than I make in a month. It's scary and it made me cry because I am really broke and am struggling to pay bills. I've been so broke that lately I haven't been going out at all because I couldn't afford $10 to pay my way. I think I've been trying so hard to make my skin and hair look good because I've felt uncomfortable being fat. Now I'm losing weight and feel better about myself than any cosmetics ever made me feel and don't feel the need to use them as much. I made a decision today that I will no longer buy products that I don't need. I'll stick to the basics and will try to switch to (some) pharmacy brands. I have to do this in order to get my financial situation under control and keep it under control. So I will use up what I have, return whatever I can, and from now on only buy one great product instead of 30 so-so ones. What I need is mostly advice on how to get my life in order. Sticking to a diet is SO HARD when my financies are a big mess. Please help. Oh and also, if you know of any great inexpensive beauty must haves, share! Thanks in advance!
  22. HunnyBun

    Celebrity Twins...

    Funny Duddies your hair is so gorgeous, and your face too! you're beautiful Telly, you're HOT girl! You're way prettier than Kimora.
  23. HunnyBun

    Young And Banded

    Am I the only one who thinks 400 kcal, no matter how nutricious, is still not enough?
  24. HunnyBun

    Young And Banded

    What are you doing to get protein?
  25. HunnyBun

    Young And Banded

    12kg in 3 weeks is bad for you and if you're excercising and (hopefully) building muscle mass, I am seriously hoping you will consider eating more. Your body needs proteins and vitamins to keep you healthy.