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  1. perforce

    Most worried about ...

    I think people will care far less than you're giving them credit for, but if you're really worried just order somethin that has a Protein (fish, meat etc), take a few bites, and move the rest around your plate a bit until everyone else is done. It's not a big deal. Sent from my SM-G900H using the BariatricPal App
  2. perforce

    gastric sleeve advice please

    Most places will operate at a bmi of 40 with no comorbidities, or a bmi of 35 if you have them, so I think you find it difficult as for most places they will consider your bmi too low. Sent from my SM-G900H using the BariatricPal App
  3. perforce

    Sleeve soon!

    The tiredness usually goes away once you start mushy/solid food because your body has more to work with. If you can, focus on getting in Water and Protein Drinks, juice (even diluted) is just simple sugars, your body needs Protein. I order my Protein Powder from the protein works (online, I use their diet whey isolate 97). Even at 6 months I have one in the morning. If you don't love the flavours (though tpw has some if the best tasting imho) you can do what I do and make a kind if iced coffee in the morning? I mix a spoon of decaff coffee with a sachet of Cadbury's options (takes the edge off the coffee taste and only has about 5g of carbs), mix with 100ml hot water and stir to dissolve. Add 200ml alpro soy milk (lower carb than regular milk and the coffee covers the taste), then the mixture won't be hot so you can add the protein powder with it curdling. Add ice and enjoy. I have several sugar free coffee syrups that I add as the mood takes me, I'm loving the sugar free gingerbread syrup at the moment. Sent from my SM-G900H using the BariatricPal App
  4. perforce

    Sleeve soon!

    In terms of having your period, be prepare for it to be weird for a good long while. The shock of the surgery can bring it on early, but the estrogen that gets released from the fat stores as you lose weight can keep messing with it. I'm at 6 months out now and have been averaging a period every 18 days!
  5. Personally I would set a protein/water target and go for it, and since you're doing that take your Vitamins too. I was told my first week (so, immediately post surgery) that the most important thing was Water and not to worry too much about Protein, because dehydration is so dangerous, but that was literally the first week. Protein shakes and vitamins won't hurt you, but they will help. Sent from my SM-G900H using the BariatricPal App
  6. I understand everyone has their own program but I would be very tempted to ignore that and have some Protein shake at the very least. Sent from my SM-G900H using the BariatricPal App
  7. perforce

    Feeling defeated

    It seems quite early for you to be on your stationary bike at two weeks, I wasn't cleared for cardio until 6 weeks.
  8. That seems a little odd, I understand no solid protein of course, but protein helps you heal, and you need vitamins.
  9. Hi and welcome! I am 5'4'' and was 269, good luck with your surgery!
  10. I hear people say 'I don't feel like eating' a lot post surgery, is it super unsympathetic of me to say 'tough?'. You're not supposed to feel like eating, that was the point of the surgery, but we all have to do things we don't feel like doing some of the time. Set an alarm and follow your surgeons instructions, the programme you should be following is a prescription, not advice, and if you don't follow it you're setting yourself for major problems down the road.
  11. Congrats on cracking the 100s! I did myself too in the last week and it felt great! (Surgery 2/2/16, surgery weight 269)
  12. perforce

    Any FEBRUARY sleevers?!

    At the time I couldn't manage much more food and didn't want to raise my calories too quickly. I upped my calories to 900 this week though so we'll see how it goes (can't do protein bars, they send my cravings crazy, but natural sources are fine).
  13. I recently hit my 50% too and have exactly the same problem and no monnnnniiieesss. I've been getting clothing bundles on ebay to get me through it, but I need to stop buying stuff, my size changes too much too frequently.
  14. perforce

    My scale did a thing!

    Yes it did feel wonderful! @@Dashofpixiedust8 I'm 70lbs down now. My next goal is under 185 because that puts me at 50lbs to goal, and I'd like my BMI to be under 30 (currently it's 33.2) so I'm not longer classified as 'obese', just regular old overweight.
  15. I am now officially under 200! Long has the day been coming, I can't actually believe I made it here! Sleeved Feb 2nd.

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