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  1. Ok, so things have calmed down. I now able to eat more solid food and the acid reflux has gone away at night. I still have my appointment in 3 weeks and will re evaluate everything with her then. Thanks for the posts and advice.
  2. Ok, so 2 weeks ago I went in for my annual check on my Lapband and I was heavier than even I thought I would be. Not by much, but heavier. So, I went ahead and had Stacey, my PA, give me a little bit of a fill. Now I am overfilled. I have never had this much trouble with eating. I am also experiencing acid reflux when I go to bed at night. However, I am also losing weight due to eating mainly Soups and pretty soft foods. Of course, I'm also working out like I was when I first lost the weight which helps. My dilemma is this: Do I wait until I'm supposed to go back and see her on Dec. 3 and tough it out? Or, do I go back in and have a little taken out? I am thinking I will tough it out for the next 4 weeks and take advantage of this fill to get a jump start on losing weight and then have her take some out next month. Of course, it could loosen a little on its own and make it a no decision for me then.
  3. Ceradad

    Please list an average days food

    Breakfast for me since my surgery has consisted mainly of a mixture of ff refried Beans, scrambled eggs (approximately 1), ff sour cream, salsa and a little shredded cheese. All this is mixed together and I eat about 1.5 cups each morning. lunch is normally a buffalo chicken wrap, using canned chicken mixed with some Franks buffalo wing sauce, some ff ranch dressing and some dill pickle relish. I use a spinach wrap and put about 2/3 of a cup of the chicken mixture in it. I also will eat a small spinach salad or about .5 cup of cottage cheese. dinner is more difficult for me with having 3 kids (12 yo daughter, 13 yo stepson and 17 yo stepson). I usually make meals, so I end up making stuff they will eat, but try to be healthy and watch my portion sizes. I try to incorporate ground turkey or use chicken breast meat as much as possible.
  4. I was banded in late August of 2007. I worked my tail off to use it as a kickstart, a reboot. I was up every morning doing about 60 minutes of cardio, went to work, then back to the gym for weight training. I was a gym rat. I was married with one wonderful daughter and working in law enforcement. At my lowest weight, I had lost 135 lbs. I gained about 20 back and I was looking GOOD. I worked my way back onto my departments tactical team and was able to keep my weight regulated for about 4 years. I was literally the poster boy for the clinics bariatric surgery center. Really, they had a couple photoshoots with me and one with my family and did a comercial and had posters made and placed in all of their clinics. Then, things went south. My marriage dissolved (I left her for various reasons I won't go into), she dragged the proceedings out for over a year, and fought me tooth and nail over custody of our daughter. I lost all my momentum, had no drive for the gym anymore. Knew I had to get there, but the old excuses for not getting out of bed came back. Old eating habits slipped back into my daily routine. This past spring, I was waking back up to what I had allowed to happen to me, what I did to myself. I was getting back in the groove hitting the gym 9+ times a week between cardio and weight training. Then, it went south again. On an innocent play at 2B while playing softball, by foot stopped but everything else kept going. Torn ligaments in my ankle. Surgeon decided he would have to not only fix the 2 torn ligaments, but would need to tighten up all the ligaments and tendons around my right ankle. Now, I am fully back in the groove again after 5 months. But, I gained most of the weight I had lost. I have my work cut out for me. But, I know I can do it. I did it before, I can do it again. My weight is not my master, I am the master of my weight. I am still in law enforcement, and am now the Team Leader for our tactical team. I love my job and want to be the best I can be at it. I love my daughter and want to be around for her as long as possible. I will be back in the shape I was in. I will have one little setback on the horizon. After my last check on my ankle, the surgeon is very concerned with the stability of my left ankle as I have had problems with both going back to childhood. He is talking about doing the same surgery on that ankle also. If that is the case, at least I know what to expect and what I can and cannot do. I will have a better gameplan for it. Only dilemma will be to wait for awhile to get my weight down. Or, do I just go back to back and work my way back all at one time. Thanks for letting me share.
  5. I was banded back in 2007. Posted here a lot to get support and give support. I had great success with my band for the first 5 yrs. Then, life interjected. I went through a nasty divorce and still going through custody issues with my ex. Stopped exercising like I was and gained a lot of weight back. After ankle surgery, I am just now getting back into he full swing of things. Even though I slipped, I feel like I have the knowledge and tools to get back to where I was. There are plenty of men that have had great success with the band. Good luck with your journey. If you put in the time and work, you will accomplish all of your goals.
  6. I am 7 years post op. I had great success in the first 5 yrs. Over the past couple, I fell off the wagon and stopped exercising. I put quite a few of the pounds back on. This past spring, I got my arse back in gear and was making strides towards getting back to where I needed to be. Then on May 21, while playing softball, I tore 2 ligaments in my right ankle. Had surgery to repair those, tighten up all the ligaments and clean out all the debris from a lifetime of bad ankles due to sports. I am just now cleared to go back to regular duty in my department. But, I have already started back at working out and exercising more again. I consider my Band to be a success. The failure was me due to a horrible divorce and custody issues that I allowed to get me off track. I will get back to where I was again. The bad news is that it looks like I will have to have same surgery soon on my left ankle to tighten up ligaments and clean out debris. I will have my work cut out for me. But, I know what to expect and what I can and can't do this time.
  7. Happy Birthday Ceradad!

  8. Happy 42nd Birthday Ceradad!

  9. Ceradad

    September Exercise Challenge

    Still here, just haven't been "feeling it" lately. Still working out lifting weights, but took a week off from running. Back at it yesterday. Ran 2 miles yesterday and 3 today.
  10. Ceradad

    September Exercise Challenge

    Felt like 2 miles this morning and only ran 2 miles. Tonight is shoulders and traps.
  11. Ceradad

    September Exercise Challenge

    Chest last night. Felt like only running 2 miles this morning. Decided to run 3 and ended up running 3.6 miles
  12. Ceradad

    September Exercise Challenge

    Ran only 2 miles this morning followed by 15 min. on elliptical. Been sleeping like crap, so a little tired. Last night was HEAVY leg workout. Tonight will be chest.
  13. Ceradad

    September Exercise Challenge

    Damn gym was only open from 0600-1200 yesterday. As I had to work from 0700-1500, that just didn't work.:thumbup: Ran 3.6 miles this morning. Tonight will be legs.
  14. Ceradad

    September Exercise Challenge

    Busy weekend, so nothing doing on the workout front. This morning I was back at running. 3 miles followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical. Tonight will be legs.
  15. Ceradad

    September Exercise Challenge

    Don't know if it the allegies, not enough sleep or just overworked, but I had NO energy last night. Completely wiped out. Barely had enough to get DD to her open house for school. So, no workout last night. My carpool ride overslept today and I didn't get a chance to run this morning, DANGIT!!!!!:blushing: I'll try to hit the gym for lifting tonight.