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  1. RNYDawn

    Fredericksburg, Va

    How are you doing? Did you get a private room? Thank you for checking in! Yes! I requested one during the pre-op work and was told "we'll see...I don't know how many they have..." but you were right that there seemed to be a ton! I only saw one or two shared rooms and they were so small...I would have lost my mind!
  2. RNYDawn

    Hi. I'm Dawn

    My surgeon told me it is because that incision was where he did the most manipulation. None of my other incisions hurt at ALL. Just that one! You could use a walking stick or cane to help you ease yourself to sitting or kneeling to help your dog or you may even find that you can bend just fine. I'd definitely have a backup plan just in case
  3. Thank you! Yes, Fairlife milk is saving me too! I put 1/2c in my decaf tea, 1/2c in my decaf coffee...[emoji51]
  4. RNYDawn

    Approved BCBS FEP

    Congrats!!! Wooooohoooo!
  5. Thank you so much everyone! The support on here is amazing. I had some Fairlife skim milk with SF chocolate syrup - kind of hot chocolate- and it was great.
  6. RNYDawn

    Hi. I'm Dawn

    Yes, I had bypass pain is manageable! Left side hurts the most & especially after standing or sitting up for more than 10 minutes or so. I take a small walk every day and have to use the bathroom frequently so I'm up & down stairs a lot too. Bending over is the worst so I try very hard to limit it! ️ @@NewLife1985 thank you so much!
  7. I am most excited for refried beans with a little low fat cheese (allowed by my NUT)!! Maybe a drizzle of enchilada sauce also can't wait for chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad....one more week!
  8. First let me say that I'm not *really* hungry. I know it's in my head. But another week of liquids may cause me to lose my mind. I've been eating approved organic low fat cream Soups to help. My RNY was 2-17 and I am following my surgeon's plan to the letter so please know I have no plans to cheat...I know the risks and they are obviously not worth it. I guess my questions are - what got you through this first of many mental battles? What were your go-to liquids post-op? Thank you!
  9. RNYDawn

    Hi. I'm Dawn

    Hi guys, thanks for checking on me! I had surgery in 2/17! I was in the hospital for 2 nights and have been home now for 2.5 days. Biggest hurdle in hospital was the transition from IV pain meds to oral pain meds. Way less potent and tasted gross but definitely still needed. I haven't had too much trouble at home...gas moved out after a night of cramps, I'm moving around better each day, and even took a little walk outside today. I'm able to get my water & protein in with no problems so I'm very thankful for that.
  10. RNYDawn

    Helps with PCOS?

    Thank you for the hope! Did anyone else regularly take PPIs (medium, Prilosec etc)-I just read that they can cause magnesium deficiency which can cause PCOS. I started taking PPIs and my PCOS symptoms started after that. Could be coincidence but something to watch. Hopefully no more PPIs after surgery & just overall better health I'm in the same boat. ❤️ Glad you're doing well!
  11. RNYDawn

    Vitamins and supplements

    My NUT said not to start until after my 2 week visit. I was surprised too.
  12. Yessssssss girl!!!! All that stress and worry and finally it's relieved!!! My surgery is on Wednesday! Thank you!
  13. RNYDawn

    Vitamins and supplements

    What do you have to take? I have a chewable multi & calcium chew - I have to take both throughout the day but only those two types.
  14. Yes definitely try again! My insurance company told me they work over the weekend on these approvals so maybe yours does too! <3
  15. Two days to go. I can't believe it! So happy so many of you are on the loser's bench and doing well!