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Gastric Bypass Patients
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  1. I have regained a ton of weight back after Covid. I would like to find a great doctor, Nutrionist to help me evaluate my diet and get back on track. It would be nice if they did hormone evaluation too, but not required. Any referrals in Dallas, Richardaon, Plano, Frisco, Allen, or DFW metroplex is appreciated!!!! I want an accountability physician or Nutrionist or dietician. I want to hear your stories. Thanks everyone! Melanie Kirk
  2. You might have a hernia
  3. This is so hard. I have to tell you sometimes when you are fat you don't know how fat you are. Denial, I had it!
  4. melps

    So depressed

    Oh no they did EGD. He thinks I either have an duodenal ulcer or it is too much ketones. I think Carafate is working!
  5. melps

    So depressed

    Yes. He gave me Carafate.
  6. Yep. I am thinking she feels threatened. Like you don't love her for her.
  7. melps

    So depressed

    Mark I will order some right away!
  8. So I am in a stall. I cannot get my life in order due to nausea. Makes me afraid to eat. I am trying to determine clothes sizes and my measurements are aweful. If my stomach would go down it would help but it will not cooperate. I just cannot get balance to my life.
  9. You might have had a stricture for a long time now and it just keeps getting worse!
  10. How many did you have to have?
  11. Thanks. Did you have one/many? Are you better?
  12. melps

    Pickle joy no more?

    I love them!! I often suck out the soft part! I love Best Made Pickles! Also to get my fix I eat a hamburger slice.
  13. Maybe stricture- I have been having an incredibly difficult time. RNY surgery date was 9-28. It was a breeze at first. I got 60 oz water in right away. Then 80-100 oz of water daily. Then at about three weeks I had extreme me nausea. Then diarrhea and dry heaves. Then dehydrated. Then a fecal impaction. I am on Zofran which helps. Having an EGD tomorrow. They think I have a stricture. Anyone else have this? It does get better right?
  14. What is a mini gastric bypass?

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