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  1. I went to Disney last week and did not get tired walking around the park. Bonus: I didn't need an extender on the plane! In fact I had extra space
  2. So I'm leaving my 1 week post op appointment and feeling pretty darn good! Down 11 lbs since surgery and surgeon said she's happy with my progress. She wants me to up my protein intake which is going to be tough because the shakes are making me gag. Waiting on the unjury chicken soup mix to be delivered hoping that can help. Hope all of you are having a great day too!
  3. TyTy120

    African American RNY Sisters

    Hey! I'm Tyra,26, from Brooklyn NY. I just had RNY on Tuesday. Although I still have some pain, I feel like it's the best decision I've made in a long time
  4. I also got Tylenol and codeine for home, just took a dose
  5. TyTy120

    Post op 2 days

    I'm 3 days post op and I feel you on these gas pains. My stomach makes these weird gurgling noises as well....all the time!
  6. Ditto I overpacked! What I did use was Chapstick, dry mouth spray, hospital provided me with toiletries and a comb(which was so needed) extension cord is a great idea. The pillow for the ride home was definitely a must have. I did have a robe because no matter how many blankets I asked for I was still cold and it helped when walking around the hospital
  7. TyTy120

    Thank you God! Approved

    Awesome news, congrats!!
  8. TyTy120

    Post-op Gas Pain

    I'm with you, had surgery Tuesday and these gas pains are killing me. Gas X did seem to help. I'm burping although I thought I would be passing it the other way. As long as it's coming out right?! Hoping your pains stop soon
  9. TyTy120

    Down 111lbs ☺️

    That's amazing! Congrats
  10. TyTy120

    October List of Surgery's

    Hello all! Surgery was Tuesday, had a rough 2 days but woke up today with hardly any pain! Getting discharged today (yay) can't wait to recover in my bed without nurses poking me every 5 mins lol. My surgeon has been by to see me she said surgery went great. Can't believe I actually went thru with it!
  11. TyTy120

    October List of Surgery's

    Thank you so much! Successful surgeries to all of my Oct 27th peeps
  12. TyTy120


    Thank you! Your surgery is coming up soon too right? Thanks!!! Thank you! Can't believe it's official Thank you!!
  13. TyTy120


    Yes I am! Thank you!!

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