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  1. tcrehm

    Messed up

    Here is a site that has information consistent with what my surgeon told me: http://www.obesitycoverage.com/the-big-gastric-sleeve-diet-guide/ Hopefully the information helps someone.
  2. I am one year out today with a total loss since start of journey of 65Lbs. I too am on the slow loser side but am so happy to have lost what I have and looking forward to losing about 30-40 lbs more in the next year! I would like to say it has been easy, but I would be lying. It is a struggle even with the restriction to eat how I should and keep going towards the prize. I keep reminding myself that the sleeve is just a tool and that the other pieces (exercise and eating right) also have to be in place to be successful! I also go to a weekly weight loss program to weigh in and hold myself accountable and that has been so very helpful to me. The meeting at the program discusses exercise, nutrition and emotional aspects of weight loss. I am so happy to have had the surgery and lost the weight and looking forward to keeping those 65 lbs off and have some more weight join those 65 lbs!
  3. tcrehm

    Does anyone regret their surgery?

    @@GinaCampbell - thank you for sharing you and your friends experiences with WLS. When I was contemplating getting the surgery, I did as much research as I could to understand what the worst things that might happen would be so I could figure out if mentally I could handle them. It was a challenge to find very many people that regretted getting the surgery. So I feel you have done a great service to this group by sharing your experience. I was very fortunate in that my surgery went fine with no complications but I am still getting my energy back at 11 months post-op. I will keep you and your friends in my prayers.
  4. Me too although is seems to be getting a bit better for me. My labs have all looked fine since surgery so I'm not sure why my energy level has not been what it was pre-surgery. My surgery was Sep 2015.
  5. I had that too. I needed to increase my calorie intake some and get extra Vitamin B12 and that seemed to help.
  6. tcrehm

    Anorexia treatment :(

    Hugs and prayers going out to you.
  7. tcrehm

    September Sleevers

    @@Desmond Longbottom Wow and Wow!! You have made such great progress in such a short time! Congratulations on such a huge success! You are truly an inspiration! Women have body shaper underclothes that help (but not fix) with the issue you describe regarding body sizes within your body being different. I don't know if men have that same thing or not. If not, then just remember how very different you are now less than a year ago and take pride and happiness in that and enjoy the wedding!
  8. tcrehm

    September Sleevers

    My hair seems to be better after I used a Clarifying shampoo and a Aussie 3 min conditioner on it and a slight trim. I wash my hair almost every day but it used to get more oily (since the surgery not as oily).
  9. tcrehm

    September Sleevers

    @@RILEYSMOM22 I found this posting http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/346853-yes-this-is-a-repeat-topic/?hl=%2Bstraw+%2Band+%2Bhair#entry3903299 and am going to try this ALTERNA DAILY DETOXIFYING SHAMPOO made with red clover and a lot of other Japanese extracts etc. Leave it on 5 minutes. If you normally use a conditioner, then the ALTERNA CAVIAR volume conditioner goes with it.
  10. tcrehm

    September Sleevers

    Well my hair has stopped falling out at such a high rate (started a little over 3 1/2 months and stopped at about 6 months) but now my hair has a straw-like consistency. Any ideas on how best to get my hair not feel like straw?
  11. tcrehm


    Did you check your blood pressure and are you getting enough water?
  12. @@vsgSarah3 Thank you so much for hosting this!
  13. I had sleeve surgery and no drain was used.

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