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  1. I have juggled around 42-40 bmi for about 8 months now. I have felt so ashamed that I preferred not to help myself, but I had so many felled diet that I just didn't want to take the risk to do it on my own again. I do have a co mobility hbp but it has been controlled for a while now. I would think after my pre opt diet I will be around 199 ,so if that's ok then you should be fine.

  2. I told my immediate family and friends and they are very supportive, but I only told about 2 people at work that I really trust. The only thing that really worries me is having to tell my gossipy human research department because even though things are to be confidential I know it's not cause we have all seen rumor spread , I need to find a nice way to say keep your big mouths shut ????lol

  3. I'm so nervous , I got approved for my surgery and then a week later my insurgence agency is bought out by Molina health care. Even though Molina say the will honor everything from before I still can't feel confident about having the surgery into the day of surgery, I'm so upset that I can't just be happy that I got approved, have anyone else out there been through this?

  4. I assumed I wouldn't get a approval because my last month into my diet my insurance agency was bought out by Molina health. I was Really unaware of how this would affect me but my Bariatric office wasn't very positive about it and told me I would have to start a year diet because that's what Molina required. I was Beyond upset and started to give up but then thought what would it hurt to continue into the end and Boom, a week before the change I got a Approval, just hope all is well after the change on the 1 of September.

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