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  1. Hi all, Had surgery 24/6 and have found that after I shower the main incision above my belly button gets quite weapy. I have popped fresh dressings on them after each shower. Has anyone else had this? TIA Sent from my CPH1831 using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. kseton01

    June 2020 surgeries

    My surgery was yesterday, I had bad nausea overnight but little pain and actually didn't get pain meds last night... But man, that nausea was aweful! Up and about today and starting to feel better [emoji4] Sent from my CPH1831 using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. I am being revised Band to Bypass and have been dreading the pre-op diet. I was 3 days out when all elective surgeries got cancelled due to Covid. I had followed the diet well and was rescheduled. Date of the reschedule was coming up, was on the shakes and doing ok, only slipped once... again 3-4 days out was re-reschudled due to Covid. I am due to go in tomorrow. I really struggled this time, Firstly I missed the start day for the shakes (I work in government and between drought, fires and Covid I barely know what day it is), then I got in my head and have only successfully managed to do 4-5 days VLCD. The VLCD I was given was: Brekky: shake, Lunch: shake or bar + Salad, Dinner: Shake + Veg. My diet has been Brekky: Shake or bar (if I remember), Dinner: Salad. Im just super worried about starting late. I was 123kg a week ago, 117kg ealier in the week and 120kg this morning (that time of the month due tomorrow for my op - Yay for me) ... I just needed to get that off my chest as it's really been stressing me out
  4. Hi all, Just wondering if there are any aussie bandsters here. I'm due to be banded on 29/9/15 and just wanting to connect to any 'strayans who have recently had or are shortly having the surgery. Please drop me a line
  5. kseton01

    September Banders!

    Good luck tomorrow @@butterfly40
  6. kseton01

    No Pre Op Advice

    My doctor didn't recommend anything for me either, that said when i spoke to a few people they recommended i call, doctor was is surgery but the receptionist gave me the number for the nut who i see on Monday about pre diet, might be worth calling the doctors rooms and just confirming
  7. kseton01

    People's expectations of you...

    Horrible! Puts stock in the old adage you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family
  8. kseton01

    September Banders!

    The time has come around so quickly
  9. Hi all, How long after your surgery was it before you got into the gym? I currently do 4-5 1hr sessions a week and don't know how I'll cope not being active (more than just a 10minute walk) during recovery, i love my les mills classes... Tia
  10. After past surgeries I have had constipation that was brought on due to the pain medication (sensitive to codine -which is apparently common) my doctor recommended that laxatives be taken post surgery to help with movements
  11. kseton01

    September Banders!

    Mines on the 29th