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  1. I didn't even consider it before surgery (robot assisted bypass) but I'm sure as heck thinking about it my first night home! How am I supposed to sleep comfortably?!? Unfortunately I don't have a nice recliner or anything, just my bed. I have seven incisions and my tailbone is sore beyond beliefe! Any suggestions for how to lay comfortably enough to get a bit of good sleep? All suggestions greatly appreciated!
  2. I love quiche and soft food stage is about a week away for me.....guess what the first thing I'm making is going to be? lol Thanks for posting it! Sounds wonderful!
  3. I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time! If it makes you feel better at all though, now (getting close to 3 weeks post op) I am happy to say that I am sleeping fairly comfortable in bed. I still use LOTS of pillows for support but I have been able to sleep on my back and even on my side for awhile. Just hang in there, (and of course get on here for lots of encouragement! ) it will get better with every passing day. Good luck!
  4. LadyReyven

    What do you drink?

    I am a huge fan of Isopure (grape and punch flavors are my favorite!). I love the taste and knowing I'm getting 40 grams of Protein per bottle doesn't exactly hurt my feelings lol. Other than that, I have Crystal Light lemonade (adding some unflavored Protein Powder too!) once in awhile.
  5. First of all, congrats on getting the "surgery weight" off. :-) As for the other weight, I know how fast it goes depends on things like how much total you have to lose, activity, Fluid and Protein intake. I was losing about a pound per day being very careful to get in at least 80g of protein (thank you Isopure! lol) and about 48oz of Water. I know I am not walking anywhere near what you are as I have an injured foot. The last few days I have pushed my fluids to 64oz and I have consistently dropped 2 pounds everyday since then. I know we are all different but maybe try uping your fluid a bit? How much protein are you getting per day? I hear that's crucial for making the pounds come off. Don't know if any of that helps you but I'll send best wishes and positive energy your way at any rate. Good luck!
  6. Sounds like you're getting close at least! I've tried to forget that I even know what side sleeping is for the time being lol. I think the only thing getting me thru is having all the support from you guys and investing in a lot of new pillows!
  7. I had wondered if a donut might help with my tailbone. I used the footstool idea last night. What a simple but helpful little trick! Thanks!
  8. I was going to mention Isopure. I love the Apple melon, grape and fruit punch and I REALLY love the 40gms of protein and they are not a shake! I actually put mine in the freezer for a couple hours, get that "slushy" thing going. Seems like the colder it is, the better it tastes to me. Good luck!
  9. My diabetes was what influenced my decision for bypass as well. My surgery was this past Tuesday and I have already been able to stop 1 of my 2 insulin medications (Levmir). My novalog is still prescribed but it's on a sliding scale based on my blood sugar at meals. Happy to report that I haven't taken one of those since 4 days before surgery! Needless to say, so far, I am more than happy. Hope it all goes wonderfully for you!
  10. Thanks for the helpful advice! I'm finding that pillows are indeed my new best friends! lol It's so comforting to know that I can get on here and get advice from people that know just what I'm going thru. Thanks again everyone!
  11. I can't believe it's finally going to happen tomorrow! Anyone have any last minute advice/words of wisdom?
  12. LadyReyven

    Weight loss bucket list

    Going on a roller coaster again and for the first time with my 15 year old son! Also, my son an I are planning a white water rafting trip together. He's my biggest cheerleader and almost as excited as I am!
  13. Mine is the 15th. Always happy to have more friends on here. Good luck!
  14. I'm on day 4 of my 14 day liquid diet and having a problem I didn't expect, I don't want to eat! Is anyone else having a problem getting all of their shakes down? I'm getting nauseous when I'm drinking them (5 Bariatric Advantage per day) and in between my stomach burns and my burps taste like stomach acid. The nutritionist had me start taking an antacid but it's really not helping. I would be happy to just not eat anything at this point! Anyone else having similar issues? Advice? I'm getting scared I'm not going to make it for 10 more days!
  15. LadyReyven

    Pre-Op Diet Problems

    Thanks to everyone for the advice and support! Talked to my nutritionist and she suggested that it may be all of the Vitamins in the Bariatric Advantage that was irritating my stomach a bit. She had me start making them with milk instead of Water to see if that would "coat" my tummy a bit. I'm not a big milk person so I was really worried that I would be even more nauseous but much to my happy surprise, I am less nauseous and my stomach is not burning anymore! Here's hoping the rest of this diet is smooth sailing! Thanks again everyone!
  16. The "head" hunger stinks but I have to say, it felt kinda good that I was able to identify that I wasn't physically hungry I was just tired and wanting comfort food. Not too many months ago I wouldn't have been able to identify the difference. I am on day 3 of my 14 days drinking 5 shakes a day plus Water. I have already dropped 14 pounds! This is really rough but I keep reminding myself that it's not forever and all of my efforts will be worth it. Yours will be too! Hang in there and best wishes!
  17. LadyReyven

    I cannot believe it

  18. LadyReyven

    Liquid diet

    I just started mine today (14 days). My surgeon has me on Bariatric Advantage Meal Replacement. The flavors taste pretty good and I'm glad I don't have any carb or Protein counting to do. Just 5 shakes a day and I know I'm good. Hope all goes well for you!
  19. LadyReyven

    The real worry and wait begins!

    Good luck to you! Fingers crossed for a quick approval!
  20. I am so sorry! I totally understand the frustration and how devastating it feels to be denied. About 7 years ago I had went through the whole program just to be denied 3 days before my surgery! Keep trying though and don't give up! I did give up for several years and went back to trying to lose weight on my own. This past January I deceided to try for surgery again (with a different insurance company). I made sure I was meticulous about playing by all of there rules. This past Friday I received final approval for my Sept 15th surgery! So don't give up! Find out exactly what they want from you, what kind of documentation they want, etc. and appeal, appeal, appeal! In the mean time, keep looking for support for your friends on here! We're here for you! Good luck!
  21. LadyReyven

    Surgery in September

    Sept 15th here. I can't wait!
  22. LadyReyven

    Looking for preop friends :)

    Hiya! I just joined today and would love to have a preop friend! My surgery date is in Sept. as well, the 15th. I'm excited but the nervousness is starting to kick in as the date gets closer. How are you feeling at this point? Do you have to do a special preop diet? Mine starts next Tuesday, 2 straight weeks of Protein shakes and nothing else! Everyone tells me you stop being hungry after a couple days. I sure hope so! LOL It would be awesome to have someone to talk to who is going through the same thing as me and I would love to be some moral support for someone too!

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