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  1. RetroGirl

    Halloween Challenge!

    Yes, I did it! I'm 211. Thank you for the challenge.
  2. RetroGirl

    Halloween Challenge!

    Sorry I'm late. My Monday weight was 215. Sorry I'm late. My Monday weight was 215.
  3. RetroGirl

    Halloween Challenge!

    217 this week. Not that great, but I did reach the 35 BMI, which is kinda cool.
  4. RetroGirl

    Halloween Challenge!

    Well this wasn't a great week. I'm 219, meaning I only lost 1 pound.
  5. RetroGirl

    They seemed sane...Dating horror stories

    No, the guy was actually Polish. I suppose he might have even grown in to a decent man... Never date a guy in his early twenties, I guess. I'm from Warsaw, for some reason we're not experiencing the British plague here. I guess vomiting and pissing in public is only fun in Cracow.
  6. RetroGirl

    They seemed sane...Dating horror stories

    When I was 22 I went on a date with a pretty cool guy whom I met at a party. We had a coffee that turned to be wine and after that we went for a walk for about an hour. It was freezing and started snowing, so I invited him over to my place – nothing more intended. The date was actually going well, he seemed interested and I was enjoying the night. Until… We got to my place and after 10 minutes my flatmate (male) came home. It turned out they were good friends in middle school and they immediately started to act like they were still 12 or 13… Suddenly it seemed I was no longer in the room –the guys were just having their bro-get-together, laughing like pigs/ wild donkeys. I sat there for about 30-40 minutes (I spent the first 5 minutes kicking my clueless friend under the table) and got bored to death, so I actually laid down on the couch and fell asleep from the winter wine combination.The guys got drunk and judging by the sounds they both threw up all the beer they had plus some internal organs and a few pieces of soul. Disgusting. I almost tripped over one of them in the dark when I woke up in the middle of the night to get some Water. Anyway, I met the guy couple of days later and he said something like ‘Oh I had a great time’. I laughed.
  7. RetroGirl

    Halloween Challenge!

    220 this morning.
  8. RetroGirl

    Naturally Thin People ... omgosh!

    I'm not an expert, but it seems to me that although there are people with faster and with slower metabolism, and although it's harder to maintain the weight if you used to be overweight, most people who are thin just don't eat as much and/or they exercise. Of course when someone slim tells me 'I've just eaten two donuts' my first thought is exactly the same as your. But I must honestly and unwillingly admit that I didn't get obese by eating one donut per day - I overate in terms of calories and portions every single day, and I could easily stuff myself with 3-4 donuts a time. I know not everyone works out and watches the food intake, but still... I'm pretty sure they don't binge like I use to.
  9. RetroGirl

    Halloween Treat Recipes

    I'm glad I live in a country where Halloween is not a thing. My first challenge will be Christmas. Good luck with the recipes!
  10. RetroGirl

    Loose tummy skin

    It's only as important as you make it. I can relate since I'm worried about how my skin will look in a couple months, but seriously... Being overweight/obese used to stop me from doing so many things I wanted, I'm not letting myself think like that anymore, and I'm certainly not going to wait until my body is 'perfect', because that won't happen. Ever.
  11. RetroGirl

    Halloween Challenge!

    227 this morning. It seems like my scale knows that I log my weight on Monday. During the week there is barely any loss, and than there's usually 2 pounds Sunday-Monday.
  12. I think it really depends on the person... Some people are more nosy than others. In my case eating out wasn't an option because I was very early on and my diet plan didn't give me many options, not to say almost any. You are right though, in the restaurant everyone is pretty much busy with their own meal. But once they invite you to their place, they usually pay more attention and it's harder to hide.
  13. RetroGirl

    The last supper...

    I had one binging session 3 months prior to the surgery, when I was on my NUT eating plan. Next day I felt horrible about it and decided there is no way I would do that again, because I didn't want to feel bad about anything related to what I hoped to be the best decision in my life. From that point I sticked to my pre-op diet and now I feel the same about the post-op one.
  14. RetroGirl

    Halloween Challenge!

    My weight this morning 230 lbs.
  15. RetroGirl

    All these clothes

    Oh I did the exact same thing. And it wasn't easy, because apparently no two items that have a label suggesting they are the same size are ACTUALLY the same size. It's also a little confusing since it's not my usual organizational system for the closet. One thing I'm a bit worried about tough is I'm pretty sure I will throw out a lot of the clothes I have. My style has changed so much since I was able to wear them couple years ago. Maybe I'll alter some of them - suddenly learning how to saw seems like the best financial decision I made in my life!