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  1. MSWDiet

    Skin issues after RNY

    While I know nothing about the skin issues I can comment be on the hair loss. Biotin 5000 daily is still my hair best friend a dozen years post op. Hair loss is common within the first six months post op as others have already explained. For me the hair loss slowed but never completely stopped. I take my vitamins religiously and have no nutritional deficiencies. Nonetheless, biotin is a must or the hair loss starts again. MSW
  2. I rarely check in but I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! I also kept this to myself. There are too many negative uninformed opinions you have no reason to listen to. Embrace this and allow yourself to feel whatever you feel including mourning foods you are giving up. As long as food funerals do not turn into binge eating to say goodbye, it's all okay. I'm a long term veteran with the usual struggles for maintenance. Nothing special here. What I wish I knew twelve years ago is quite a list but these are near the top. *First, everyone does not lose weight quickly or even steadily. Hormones and metabolism may fight your surgery BUT you will still have long term success. *Second, your mind will screw with you in many ways depending on why you are obese and how you see yourself and your body. Anything from body dismorphia, to binge eating disorder, to obsessive compulsive behaviors may emerge. Get your head straight and understand YOUR obesity. Surround yourself with support just as you are doing online and with in person support. Be open to including therapy if you repeatedly fall off your plan. Shut down negative people. Not the supporters who try and keep you on your plan. I'm taking about the fat people haters and the anti surgery crowd. Your feelings are as expected a few days pre-op. I made a desperate post about intense hunger at the start of my pre-op diet. Smaller meals, protein shakes, plenty of hydration and only half a day of no food. LOL! Enjoy the build up to your big day. Take a few before pics and get your home and kitchen set up for recovery. Stick to your plan and remember this is for life. When you've maintain for a decade you'll think back to now with gratitude for having wls. Wishing you the best health and a long and happy life!
  3. MSWDiet

    Anyone from nyc BRONX area

    No more sad faces. Get proactive. Examine why you had past difficulties and why you fear certain aspects of surgery. In short, refocus on how to succeed. What you are not willing to give up struck a chord with me because I find myself engaging in dysfunctional eating patterns as well. Examine this issue as you consider surgery. Determined people learn to "eat around" mal absorption, dumping & restriction forcing their own failure. Cleaning up your head space is crucial in the short & long term. Moreover it is an ongoing process just as is our maintenance diet for life as I call it. Wanting it badly is not enough for many of us to change thinking and behavior. Terms like lifestyle change are trite to my ears. For me it had been accepting this life time daily struggle. It angers me and can make me sad which may lead me to behaviors I regret. So "diet" is in my screen name as a constant reminder. Unpopular on wls sites; but, it reminds me to focus on self examination and awareness even as I may go astray. Empower yourself with an understanding of your fears & mistakes. Take small targeted steps to address what matters to you. Get support where you can find it. When the whole process seems overwhelming and brings that sad face to mind think of the self awareness you've gained and how this will help you to turn things around. You can and you will succeed.
  4. I had a one night hospital stay. Things went very well. Within a week I resumed all of my normal activities. Lots of Protein, Vitamins, and exercise. On my surgery date I was fat yet fit. No pain or complications was a blessing I attribute to my Dr's excellent pre op plan.
  5. MSWDiet

    Anyone from nyc BRONX area

    @sgc324: I dump only when I screw up. Follow the rules to the letter and side effects are minimal to noon existent over time. Only returning to the worst pre op behavior can make me sick. That's the part surgery can't fix. Long entrenched dysfunctional eating patterns come and go. However, I don't find myself wanting what others are having. It's quite the opposite. Obesity related eating disorders strike when I'm alone in my own head. Weight loss it's tough but behavioral change is even tougher. I'll always be obese though I fight the disease in a smaller size. Frequent dumping is much less common than most folks think. Consider yourself lucky if you dump. It's a sign you strayed from your plan but can't be relied upon for control. To dump when following the rules is rare. My caste Iron pouch allows lots of damage before my system rebels. If I dumped more I would stray less.

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