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  1. Cervidae

    It takes more than a day...

    Don't we all! Truer statement never uttered.
  2. Cervidae

    Anyone tried stomach taping or bandaging?

    oh wowwwww, that dress. SO beautiful. You have amazing taste! Congratulations on your health and success, your wedding, your gorgeous dress, and everything else!
  3. Cervidae

    Saying.... Thanks

    Totally and 100% agree. <3 I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon, either.
  4. Something I always try to remember and remind other wls patients of: this process is about health, not weight loss. Weight loss is the result of the changes you are making to get healthy. If you do the things that lead to health (eating enough protein, drinking enough water, sleeping enough, keeping your body active, etc) the weight loss naturally follows, no matter what, and it will happen exactly the way and exactly as fast/slow as your body needs it to. Just keep making healthy choices and your weight loss will happen. You've got this.
  5. Cervidae

    Face To Face Friday!

    oh my gosh, you are SO pretty! you were before and you are now. Congratulations on your success and health!
  6. Cervidae

    Body Measurements

    Hello! I use myfitnesspal to keep track of my measurements, though I do have a record of more in-depth measurements that I update once a year on my surgery date. MFP keeps track of the basics, like waist, hips, neck, and give you an option to see graphs of your records and so on. When I am asked how many inches I lost, I say "x inches around the waist, x inches around the hips" and so on.
  7. Cervidae

    Peace, Love, and Protein Shakes

    bookmarked to read when I've got some time this weekend.
  8. Cervidae


    It can also greatly reduce your body's ability to heal and permanently damage your immune system. It goes far beyond just being "an unhealthy lifestyle", unfortunately. My program required a blood test before surgery to prove that you have been smoke free for at least 6 weeks. Some programs even require you to sign a contract promising you will not smoke for at least a year following surgery, as it takes that long for your body to heal. It's a gamble with your life, plain and simple.
  9. I truly never, even in my wildest dreams, believed I could get to my goal weight. I truly never even had a glimmer of hope that I could one day have a healthy relationship with food, a healthy self-image, hope for my future. But here I am. How in the world did I get so incredibly, unbelievably lucky?

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    2. _Kate_


      Wonderful news!! Well done you :-)

    3. blizair09



    4. axlr8n


      Congrats - that's awesome! I'm so happy for you!!!

  10. Cervidae

    Water causing stomach pain

    I had the same pain from drinking water for the first 10 months or so, then I realized one day it was just gone and I never noticed it leaving. It's just part of the healing process.
  11. Now that the holidays are over, I may actually have a chance to eat, sleep, and shower. Maybe I'll even have a few moments to surf the internet and see how you BPers are doing. :) In the meantime, I made a side by side by side comparison of 2.5 years ago vs. last year this time vs. tonight, for anyone who would like to see what 450 pounds--->300 pounds--->180 pounds looks like. :) Here it is! http://imgur.com/a/dKzJG I am now 16.5 months post RNY. Who knows what 2017 will bring?!

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    2. ProudGrammy


      amazing, wonderful, not enough synonyms to describe your success - congrats - please start a new thread and talk about your travels - kathy

    3. Montana Gal

      Montana Gal

      Amazing job, congratulations!

    4. highfunctioningfatman


      Awesome! One thing I really found interesting is that the spread of the wings on your tattoo is obviously narrowed. Congrats on your journey!

  12. Cervidae


    @@ejsisman - don't panic! Your surgery still happened. Your stomach is still surgically altered. The ability to fix this is still there. Just go back to basics. protein first, cut out white bread/pasta, drink more water, etc. And maybe use something like myfitnesspal to record your intake for a while, it's a great tool to help you get back on track. I know many people think you can stretch the pouch, but multiple Bariatric surgeons have told me that it's not. All that happens is we get better at pushing certain foods (usually slider/unhealthy foods) through our stomachs faster. Go back to eating what you should be and viola! You'll be losing weight again. You're still in control here. Don't give up that control just because you gained some weight back. The tool will always be there, now it's up to you to utilize that tool. I believe in you! Don't give up.
  13. Cervidae


    As with so many things after surgery, it depends on the person. It can give some people HORRIBLE munchies, which is a slippery slope after we've had surgery to shrink our stomachs. I smoke regularly, though not very much of it, to actually stimulate my appetite and help me sleep, which are both issues I've had since surgery. However, I know for a fact that for some people, the side effects (munchies, sleepiness/laziness, etc) can be detrimental. It's just been a positive habit for me, personally. So I would say just be aware of how it affects you and keep close tabs on your habits, and if it's more negative than positive of an effect, re-evaluate your priorities. If it starts being a problem rather than a solution for me at any time, I have no qualms about quitting. Hope my perspective and experience helps.
  14. I missed it yesterday, but yesterday was my 15 months post-op date. :) I've lost 200 pounds since surgery and 263 overall. Still baffles me!

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    2. LipstickLady


      You rock, sister.


    3. ShelterDog64


      You're one of my role models for this whole WLS thing, for sure! Congratulations to you for all that hard work and determination...you blow me away with what you've been able to do for yourself and it lets me know that I can do it, too!! Thank you <3


    4. WLSResources/ClothingExch


      It's funny that you're baffled, seeing how you're the one who's been doing the work from the first day. Anyway, you're terrific.

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