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  1. Hi Does anyone know how to access tonight’s online support group?
  2. Nomorepasta

    Discouraged and need advice

    I’m seven weeks out this Wednesday and I’m having the exact same issue. I know how frustrating this is! I look at it as our bodies resetting themselves. Hang in there and keep the faith. It has to turn around sooner or later.
  3. Nomorepasta

    Tracking apps

    Hi everyone! Looking for good suggestions for a easy to use food/water tracker app.
  4. Thank u so much. Have a speedy recovery!!!😊
  5. Thank u everyone for all of ur comments and support! Very much appreciated 😉
  6. Great point. I do realize that, , however from what I understand, the reflux can just develop, even if u follow the program meticulously. The dumping I think can somewhat b controlled by what and how I eat ( too much sugar & carbs,) If so I’m more in favor of RNY so I am I. Control......
  7. Hi! Im concerned that RNY is a more complicated surgery. Also the “potential for dumping”. I am 58 and have had 7 prior orthopedic surgeries with 6 of them having complications, as have a lot of fear.
  8. Nomorepasta

    Gastric bypass

    My sleeve is scheduled for this coming Wednesday, so no advice to give.... however I want to express how sorry I am for all that u have gone thru. My thoughts and prayers r with u😉
  9. Thank u so much. Did u have any complications, or major pain/ nausea issues. Also if u eat carbs/ sugar did u ever experience the “ dumping syndrome?
  10. Hi all!! (SLEEVE OR BYPASS).... running out of time! I am scheduled to go in for my sleeve this Weds. I have been learning and reading so much and now I feel that perhaps a bypass might be a better choice for me. My fear is that I might develop bad reflux in the future and would need a revision to a gastric bypass. I don’t have any symptoms of that now, however I have read so many posts from people that have had this happen. My Dr is basically saying it’s my decision. I have fears that I will make the wrong choice..... Any advice would b much appreciated!!!
  11. Nomorepasta

    Protein powders

    Thanks very much for ur reply. I pray ur doing well! If u don’t mind the questions, May I ask how many surgeries have you had? Why do u feel that the bypass was better than the sleeve?
  12. Nomorepasta

    December Surgery dates???

    Hi! December 4th is my date if I don’t bail out at the last minute 🙄
  13. Nomorepasta

    Protein powders

    Hi nomorefattypatty! (Love the name) Hoping u r doing well .... Im scheduled to have the sleeve on Dec 4th. I have some reservations and when I read ur post I was wondering if I could ask how soon after ur sleeve surgery did ur reflux start and if you have had any prior to surgery. I’m concerned about having to have a revision which I’m definitely not on board for. Regards, Thanks!
  14. Nomorepasta

    Partner/ spouse support

    Hi!! Thanks so much for ur post!! I need to do some very deep soul searching before my next Dr.’s visit because as much as I want and need to lose the weight I am still conflicted. I am truly afraid of certain risk factors and long /short term side effects of the surgery. ( I think more than most because I have been through 7 surgeries and have had post op issues with all except one). I realize that staying at my current weight is also a health risk. I do nothing but think, research, and complicate about this 24/7.
  15. Hi! My surgery is scheduled for Dec 4th. I’m ready to go, finished with Dr’s and pretty much on protein shakes a day and a sensible dinner. My husband is trying to discourage the surgery feeling that I can do it naturally and that it’s not safe, even though I have battled with my weight all my life. I have had 7 prior surgeries and haven’t had the best track record regarding complications. I think I probably could lose some of my weight naturally, however as most of u know it’s maintaining it that’s the real issue. I need to stay positive but it’s difficult when my husband is praising me for the 12 pounds I have lost since starting this new journey and thinking “he” can support me through my “ binges” and food addition. Any advice asI am really conflicted. Every time I see my nutritionist or come from a support group meeting I’m on board, but when my husband sounds so sensible in that the surgery carries many risk factors/ side effects I feel like I should not have the surgery.