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  1. Floey84


    I love unflavored unjury power with milk it is awesome. I'm 8 days post op gastric bypass I'm able to have soft proteins which is great!! But I love the unflavored unjury powder with milk it's how I'm able to get some protein in. It's weird I cannot tolerate sweets of any kind even stevia , Splenda, equal, etc
  2. Floey84


    Hello everyone I just had my surgery aug 18th I'm feeling horrible I have been feeling shaky /sweaty and weak even after I have had water or my protein shake. I'm not takin any pain meds cuz I'm not in pain I feel shaky as hell and weak I feel miserable! I regret this surgery and I'm having so much doubt. I feel like crying, I'm so worried. People say say oh u gotta walk how can u walk if ur weak and shaky/ sweaty?!
  3. Wow I thought that the premier shakes tasted like crap according to my co worker I will definitely try them now
  4. I had the gastric bypass august 18th I'm home now I'm gassy and bloated it hard to sleep and the bloat makes it hard to drink liquids. It hurts to lay on my bed even if I try to lay on my side :/
  5. @@zackly the pain is not bad at all you will be fine. They give u plenty of meds and also I won't have an appetite. I had my surgery yesterday and I feel so much better jus gassy but it's not painful
  6. Floey84

    Any August Sleevers?

    I did it y'all. !!! I made it I'm on the other side
  7. Floey84

    Any August Sleevers?

    Omg everyone it's 6:00am heading to the hospital!!! Bag packed everything ready to jus scared of the pain ahead I hope I dnt chicken out!!! Please pray I dnt feel any pain!!! Wish me luck as I cross over leaving the past behind and move forward into this journey.
  8. Floey84

    Any August Sleevers?

    Tomorrow is the big day! All the waiting has come an end I will finally be going to the other side !!! Wish me luck!!!
  9. Floey84

    Any August Sleevers?

    @@BabyfaceB Have some sugar free Popsicles if u r feeling physical sick eat a small salad with grilled pieces of chicken I had to do that I'm pre diabetic I was literally feelin sick
  10. Floey84

    Any August Sleevers?

    Mine is aug 18th
  11. Floey84

    Any August Sleevers?

    Can u have acrylic on your nail as long it's short? For surgery
  12. Floey84

    Any August Sleevers?

    @@AlphaB you are so nice I really needed to hear that!! Wow so post op you are actually full after a couple of sips of protein shakes? Amazing! So your fullness is it like a type of fullness like u feel after eating a big meal?
  13. Floey84

    Any August Sleevers?

    @@Beckster82 me too my surgery is Tuesday too

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