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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Julie norton in What's your "weight loss pet peeve?"   
    Ok. Just a small pet peeve. And apologies to the newbies.
    Sometimes I'm reading a thread with advice on diet and exercise and all good WLS guidelines.... Only to look up the poster and find that they are pre- op....I'm glad they have solid advice, but....
    My hope is that people have some experience and a bit of WLS life under their belt before telling other post ops how to correct an issue they are having.
    We are all here to help each other... But not by READING the info a Doc has given you....
    This is a long term solution and I'm not closed minded to new ideas, but perhaps pre op could identify that they have a source of info.... NOT real life experience. Just me⭐️
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to WL WARRIOR in What's your "weight loss pet peeve?"   
    I keep meeting people that are morbidly obese, yet say that they hardly eat anything everyday. What? It really comes down to an overabundance of daily calories and lack of exercise when you are more than 100 pounds overweight. It just seems that some have the hardest time admitting that they are an overeater. Even on this forum, I have read posts from others saying they never over ate and got very obese from psych meds and hypothyroidism alone. Sorry, no. Meds and thyroid problems will not cause more than a 10-25 pound weight gain.
    Such denial will really get in the way of weight loss success after surgery.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to hockeyfan7 in Ramen noodles   
    What does your NUT say? They were not allowed on my pre-op plan. No Pasta like that at all.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from Soonergal91 in Just posing a question, not looking for an argument   
    I chose the band because I wasn't comfortable with my insides being rearranged or removed. I like that it requires upkeep. I like that I will have to meet with my surgeon routinely to check on the band/my progress. I discussed, with my surgeon, the band bashing and how people always say their surgeon doesn't do them anymore. He said in his practice, the band complications have not out numbered the complications of other surgeries.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Joandaly in August Bands   
    Oklahomagirl197 hi I've just sent you a friend request would love to join the private FB group also being banded in August and would love the support.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Rosemary140 in You know you lost weight when   
    When your pants get longer because your butt is smaller
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from Soonergal91 in Just posing a question, not looking for an argument   
    I chose the band because I wasn't comfortable with my insides being rearranged or removed. I like that it requires upkeep. I like that I will have to meet with my surgeon routinely to check on the band/my progress. I discussed, with my surgeon, the band bashing and how people always say their surgeon doesn't do them anymore. He said in his practice, the band complications have not out numbered the complications of other surgeries.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Maddiee in August Bands   
    Guys add me!! I want to join! I was banded August 7th
    Recovery was ok felt in a lot of pain the last week for the first time ever I experienced acid reflux and heartburn lost 18lbs so far
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Ronnie820 in August Bands   
    Yes I am.
    Is there a FB group that I can join?
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from cslove in August Bands   
    Anyone getting banded in August? I have a date of Aug 4. I keep dancing back and forth between excitement and nervousness.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from Oklahomagirl1970 in August Bands   
    @ronnie820- are you on fb?
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Santiago Draco in Alcoholic beverages   
    Not quite sure life is meant to be so... sterile. I don't drink but rarely myself but if I lived my life worrying about whether every thing I ever ate fit an ideal of nutritional value then I don't think it would be much of a life...
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from rosebud_char in The call I've been waiting for!   
    I have a surgery date! I'm scheduled for August 3rd. I have felt like I was standing on the edge of anxiety while I have been waiting. As soon as I got the call it was instant nervous... but like nervous on steroids!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Bandista in Hello   
    Hi there and congratulations on choosing yourself and your healthy future. As Lessofme says, insurance companies have different requirements as do surgeons. My hospital required attendance at an information session that was held every other month. I started my process in June with research and so much info from this forum. Missed the mandatory info session in June of that year and had to wait until August; was banded that November. It turns out the extra time was good for me in terms of getting my head together, upping my exercise and just general preparedness. I love my band and am so happy for the changes in my life. Getting that appetite monster off my back is one of the best things I've ever done. The links below in my signature helped me understand what the band is all about. I must have read the Dr. Simpson pieces five hundred times......
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to nervous nana in Did you do anything special before surgery?   
    We have a boutique right up the rd from my house. She carries the cutest clothes and accessories you have ever seen and she is one of the sweetest souls you have ever met. So when I decided to have the surgery, I went into the boutique one day and asked her if I could.just start a running tab. She looked puzzled so I went on to tell her I didn't want to go into details but there would be some changes in my life soon and when I felt like I was ready I wanted to have a day to just come into her boutique and be able to try on and buy clothes all day. She looked so sinserely happy for me and said absolutely! So ever since that day I have stopped in there periodically and given her 25-50 dollars to just "hold". I can't wait to have my day at the boutique!!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to VSGAnn2014 in Backpacking after WLS- How to prepare?   
    Everything I'm going to say you already know as an experienced backpacker, but I'll remind you anyway.
    I've backpacked and trekked in North America, Europe and the Himalayas. As we know, slow and steady is the way to go -- stepping, drinking, eating.
    First, know that in a few months you'll be drinking a LOT easier, bigger and faster than you are now. By six months, if you're like me, you'll be drinking almost as easily as you did pre-op. So don't worry about getting enough Water down.
    And you know how we're told not to drink our calories? On the trail that's actually a great way to keep our furnaces stoked.
    Also, it's not just calories we need on the trail, but electrolytes, as in Gatorade and other good sports drinks.
    Trail mix, chewed well throughout the day, has about everything you need -- some Protein to support muscles you're breaking down and building, natural sugars you need for energy, and Fiber for keeping your gastrointestinal system moving internally.
    I don't think backpacking post-WLS would be tough at all. Your back, hips and knees will think you're a teenager again.
    I'm nearly 70 years old. Two years ago I was ready for a double knee replacement. Last month my PCP told me not to plan on having the surgery anytime soon. I walk and hike again, and I'm mostly pain free. I don't take Aleve anymore.
    My new goals for the next few years include hiking the Milford Track and the English Lake District. My life is new again.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to jane13 in Tummy bump help?!   
    @@lucky1gg33 @@LessOfMe0503 - I agree with LessOfMe (sit-ups?) maybe crunches??? same concept I know. the other thing may be lying on the floor and touching right knee to left elbow and vice-versa...
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from lucky1gg33 in Tummy bump help?!   
    Sit ups maybe? I'm not sure. I've read that you can't target that kind of thing but I've also read that you can. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will answer but sit ups are my first guess.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to jjmama in Does anyone stock up on smaller clothing?   
    I just bought a black pencil skirt that is 3 sizes too small! I've always wanted to be able to wear a pencil skirt. I'm almost 3 months out so it should be able to fit me relatively soon!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to dhrguru in Does anyone stock up on smaller clothing?   
    When I buy I generally buy one item at my current size and anther item one size smaller.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to ByeByeAdipose in Does anyone stock up on smaller clothing?   
    I did! I couldn't resist a super cute dress that was on clearance for $12. It's 2 or 3 sizes too small right now. My surgery should be in November, so I'm trying not to shop.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to 4MRB4PHOTO in You know you lost weight when   
    "You know you lost weight when"
    ...People from Green Peace do not throw buckets of Water on you when you are laying down on the sand.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to pondqueen46 in Say one nice thing about lap bands   
    Cathy Picture.docxI am one of those who have sat by and have read other peoples posts. I have been banded now for 2 years. It has been an amazing journey and I would do it again in a heart beat. My decision was easy with this surgery for I did my research and understood from the beginning that the lapband is becoming a distant memory. I just did not want my insides taken out or rearranged. I am saddened how so many people put this choice of lapband down. If this lapband had to come out I would just go with out and I would understand that the weight would come back. Just remember in a few years there will probably be something new. For me I have lost 45 pounds and my biggest accomplishment is I have been off of my diabetes medicine since the day out of surgery. I would read how people would wonder if they have reached the sweet spot including myself. It has taken me 2 years to find that sweet spot and you will know. I do not get hungry as much and the thought of food has dimmed. This lapband has made it so I can not overeat if I tried. I always liked seeing how much Fluid we have in our bands for some reason and for me I have a 10cc band and I received a fill last week and now have 8cc. Wow, what a diffence it has made, I have lost another 4 pounds this week. My weight loss has been slow but I am fine with that for it took me many years to put it on. I wish everyone the best on no matter what surgery you choose for we all have one goal and that is to be healthier.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from mngreeneyes in Fat Related Routines You Won't Miss   
    Best thread ever!
    I'm not going to miss
    -the exhaustion of carrying around over 100 lbs of excess fat
    -being afraid I'll break a chair or a bench
    -lifting parts of my body to wash/dry/powder underneath
    I'm looking forward toy son and students being able to wrap their arms around me when they hug me
    -I'm a teacher and my son goes to my school. As both a parent and a teacher, my biggest fear is having a situation at school and not being able to get my kids out safely. Earlier this year, I realized if we had a fire and had to go out the window instead of the door, I'm not sure I would get through the window. I'm NOT going to miss that fear!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Cdominguez in What food do you miss after your weight loss surgery?   
    I'm only 2 days post op not sure what I will miss but I am so in love with these Popsicles right now ????????

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