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    im only telling family and two close friends thats it the clients at work im just telling diet and exercise which is the truth to some extent
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    I have chosen not to tell but a few people prior to surgery because I didn't want the negative comments in my head during the first part of this journey to permanent weight loss that some would feel important to share without them being knowledgeable about the topic.
    I think it is a personal decision on how best to handle it, but remember, you can't un-tell them so if you are torn which way to go, I would suggest holding off for now unless they are a part of your support system.
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    I also have told everyone and anyone that might ask.. If they have their comments I do not care for, I really do not care. If you have not been in my place, or our place, having food issues and being overweight for 30 years, then what in the world do they know. So far everyone has been very supportive. It is a very individual decision who you tell.
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    The place between plus and regular size was the worst for me. After my surgery I went from size 22 to size 14 plus. It was easy. I just kept buying the next smallest size of pants - the same kind. I was buying style&eco jeans at Macy's. then I got to the 14s, and I just did not know what to do! I went to Macy's regular women's dept to buy jeans and it was like they totally re-invented buying jeans in the years I was in the plus sizes. I almost had a nervous breakdown right in the store. Rather than embarrass myself, I left. I called a friend, and she told me to go to costco and buy some Gloria Vanderbuilts in a few sizes. they are very cheap And very easy to return. I bought 14 and 12s. the 12s fit - I returned the 14s and bought a second pair of the 12s. since then, I've shrunk into size 10s. since then, somebody gave me a few pairs of size 10 Gap jeans which were perfect. Now I'm ready for the size eights. I think that will be my size.
    Shopping was really hard for me. it is getting better. I did not want to spend a fortune on clothes while I was shrinking. the Costco idea was really helpful. I bought leggings there. And when I was thin enough, I bought shorts. my surgery last October 28,2014. So it was about 11 months ago. I've lost 107 pounds and think I can lose maybe 10 more. what an amazing journey. I'm so grateful.
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    I messaged you on Facebook
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    Hi! I got banded just over a month ago. My tips would be- do what the surgeon/NUT says and don't rely on the scale (in the beginning) stalls are normal in the beginning and if you don't see it, it won't stress you out. Are you on fb? I'm part of a small group of Banders on it.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from CTJohn in Soon to be banded   
    Hi! I got banded just over a month ago. My tips would be- do what the surgeon/NUT says and don't rely on the scale (in the beginning) stalls are normal in the beginning and if you don't see it, it won't stress you out. Are you on fb? I'm part of a small group of Banders on it.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from losing2win in Any teachers out there...returning to work?   
    I banded Aug 4 and went back two weeks later for workdays. I had set my classroom up ahead of time because I knew I wouldn't be able to lift and move furniture. I was fine during the meetings but tired quickly. When the kids came back the next week I was fine, just went to bed a lot earlier than usual!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Bandista in Which diet should I follow?   
    During this stage I really worked on listening to my body and noticing everything I could about my appetite. I was such a fast eater and I had to learn to slow way down so I practiced techniques for that. And chewing. I learned to chew, chew, chew and to listen to the signals for satiety. The links below in my signature are to sources I found very helpful as I was learning about banded life. Maybe they will help you, too. Protein first -- dense protein well chewed. Small bites. Stretching out the time it takes to eat and discovering being satisfied. I didn't know what hunger really was before because I ate at the first twinge of anything -- tamping down emotions, etc. For me I had to learn that hunger is okay, it's a good thing. The idea is to eat when I'm hungry and not eat when I'm not hungry. Some one here calls the latter "sport eating" -- that term resonated for me as I was some one who just ate for fun. I still love food but now only in small amounts at appropriate intervals. You will get this -- it just takes a little while and, for me, it took several fills. I was glad for the time in-between as I had so much behavior modification to address.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to luv2plumb in Relationships, Sex and other Things That Mess Up Your Hair   
    Oh my , that's very nice of you , and thank you for that I'm not used to hearing that , it's a real confidence booster, although I don't see it you made my night !!
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    Deli meat and sliced cheese in a roll up... refried Beans, taco sauce and cheese... pepperoni 'chips'... almonds... cottage cheese... Greek yogurt
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    I use a variety of both. I find the ready made ones are convenient for taking places but the powders are a berltter price and I have some variety with flavors and recipes.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from luv2plumb in Relationships, Sex and other Things That Mess Up Your Hair   
    Hot damn, you're gorgeous! Sorry, I just had to say it
    I haven't noticed an increase in my libido *yet* but I hope I'm not still single when it happens. I met a man right before I had surgery... I was hopeful something would happen there but there's no spark.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to kranky813 in Protein Shake is Stuck?!?!   
    Ugh, thank you everyone. It finally went down. I tried walking around and that helped. I'm not sure if it was too fast or too much but next time I will go a lot slower and only have 4oz instead of the 10oz
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to nesheag101 in Approved! (Offering Help also.)   
    That gives me hope!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to BLERDgirl in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    Once a month or at the doctor's whichever comes first. Otherwise the scale makes me crazy. This way I focus soley on eating well and exercising. I didn't even replace the battery in my home scale until after my 6 mth f/u. I only did it then because I wouldn't see the baritric team again until my 1 year f/u. Even then if I had a medical appointment coming up where I knew I would be weighed, I wouldn't weigh at home.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to AnA92212 in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    I weigh once a day in the morning. I record in my planner my weight for the day. I only record my weight in my fitness pal when there is a loss. I am about 4.5 months out from surgery and it helps me to see what (if any) differences in my diet or exercise routine do. I do sometimes get discouraged. I had a 3 week period when I did not lose one single pound (this was about a month out from surgery). I recently had about a 2 week period where I didn't lose anything. Like others, when I am not losing on the scale I check my measurements. I also post selfies on my FB page at my "goal" weights such as not being morbidly obese, 200 lbs, 195, 190, 185, and 180. My next will be 175 because that is where I am no longer obese (still overweight).
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Miss Mac in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    I can easily gain 5 pounds in a week if I don't weigh every day. For example, I gained 1 1/2 pounds overnight last night and now it will probably take me a week to lose it, even if it is just Water. It's not fair, but a while back I actually stayed off the scale for a month and gained ten pounds. Unfortunately, I need my scale to keep me in line. It is easier to compensate daily than to have to undo a month's worth of backsliding.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Folly in Perception and Shooting Our Own Wounded   
    I posted a thread a few days ago about grocery shopping but things other than food are on my mind. I had a response to a couple in the store that surprised me and made me feel bad about myself for a moment.
    I saw a couple shopping. She was in a motorized cart while he was pushing a regular grocery cart. Both were sweating profusely. The woman looked like she might be close to 400lbs and the man was much larger. (Keep in mind I used to weigh almost 450lbs myself.) He was the one I reacted to. I passed him in the aisle, he was struggling to walk. He was clearly in pain and he smelled bad. The smell took over that whole section of the store. I noted people recoiling and walking in the opposite direction when they got close enough to smell - which wasn't very close. Most showed no outward reaction but a few were muttering. One shopper called him an "Obeast".
    I found myself agreeing with the people who were acting a little rude. I mean, their carts were FULL of every high fat, high calorie, high carb, deep fried or frosted thing you can think of. I started to recoil and thought to take another route through the store before I realized this was hypocritical and just ugly of me.
    I don't think I ever let myself smell bad but other than that, I WAS one of them for a long time and it wasn't very long ago. I understand this addiction. I understand having given up on yourself. I understand being taken over by something you need help taking yourself back from.
    I believe this is what happens to pain that can't be processed in some people (it's too big maybe, or it doesn't stop). Addiction always looks to me like pain filling the place where love was meant to go. It hurts, can't be tolerated and whatever we're using hurts less or becomes so necessary that we're just lost and can't find our way out. (Not everyone who needs WLS is going to relate to this but I hope many will.)
    Coming from where I started and also having a degree that should sensitize me to human behavior, prejudices, etc. didn't help. Most people in my life describe me as the consummate mommy. I don't treat people in ways that make them feel bad about themselves, ever. With my history, with my education, my usual treatment of everyone I cross paths with; my first reaction was still disgust and judgment. It didn't last and I most certainly didn't act on it but I'm still a little upset with myself - not even sure why. Maybe they scared me. I know I can return to that path any time I start letting myself think the wrong thoughts or lose sight of how powerfully I was held in the grip of an addiction that called the shots in my life for many years.
    I feel bad because my reasoned response was understanding, compassion, well-wishing, kind thoughts. My initial reaction was the same ugliness as everyone else around them.
    I suppose I'm starting this thread because I hope we can just talk about it. I'm curious how other people who've had struggles with weight feel and react to such things.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to luv2plumb in Relationships, Sex and other Things That Mess Up Your Hair   
    So I haven't read much of the comments , I'm going strictly from the title , I had said this before in a one of the other forums , but sex is at its best for me ! When I can get it lol ! I have lost around 125lbs and as you may or may not know but a man gets "larger" when he losses a lot of weight and that's a real confidence booster ! Plus you become a little more flexible and limber
    Being heavy most of my life I was always the last guy to get any action. Lol. I haven't had any of the hair loss that I see people talk about , it's been about a year and a half since I have had my sleeve ,
    And I've been working out almost everyday so lose skin hasn't been to bad I will attach a photo that I took last weekend when I was in Bermuda. There's some flab but it's only about an inch or two . I'll give it another six months and if it's still there I'll look in to having it removed I heard it's only like $20,000.00 for this procedure does anyone know ?

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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from Radar in Protein Shake is Stuck?!?!   
    I use a variety of both. I find the ready made ones are convenient for taking places but the powders are a berltter price and I have some variety with flavors and recipes.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Djmohr in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    I have always weighed daily and have done very well even through stalls. My longest stall was 28 days.
    As I am now within 25lbs of my goal I have to say I am ready to smash my pretty glass scale as it has become very frustrating. I knew these days would come but now that I am here it sucks.
    I have been stalled again now for 11 days and decided this morning not to weigh daily any longer mostly because I am reacting stupidly. Meaning I am adjusting my eating drastically from one day to the next and it is not making any difference anyway.
    So the moral of the story is, I need to stay the hell off my scale and just focus on sticking to my eating plan. Otherwise my pretty scales will be in teeny tiny glass pieces. LOL!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to tryinagain2day in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    I weigh every Saturday morning and that's it. I would like to do everyday but know I would drive myself crazy.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to pink dahlia in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    I weigh myself every morning, but use the number as a guideline only. A number on the scale doesn't always know about fat, muscle, Water intake, etc. If my weight has gone up a bit, I think back to what I ate the day before. If I see a need to cut back something, fine. But if not, then I assume my body is doing its balancing act around 143 lbs. Im okay with this weight, as my final goal was to about 140 lbs, happy and healthy. Mission Accomplished !!!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to jane13 in What is your "scale" strategy?   
    First thing in the morning after trip to bathroom. I wait about twenty minutes and step back on. That's my weight for the day. I mentally track what I see twice, so if it's 206 on the first weigh in and 205.5 on the second I consider 206 the weight for the day. I am doing the Labor Day Challenge and I am going to maintain the Monday weigh-ins as my weight if asked.

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