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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to glitterpockets in Outside of being healthy, what are you looking forward to most...   
    My main concern is living a long happy life with my kids. my grandfather adopted me when i was younger because i had an absolutely horrible childhood. i ended up pregnant with my first son and my grandpa absolutely adored his great grandson. they were BEST friends, he always talked about Lhanden's first day of school and watching him play football. well, my grandpa passed away 5 months before his first day of preschool. It took a rough toll on me and my son. He already lost his best friend when he was 4 (he's 6 now), and he remembers him to a T. I dont need him losing his mother too. I couldn't care about anything else. There's other perks like getting cute clothes, wearing a bathing suit, feeling comfortable physically and emotionally but in all honesty I'd still do this if being healthier was the only perk on the table because that means the most.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to kmt1973 in Woman question!   
    I'm the same way. Boobs never grew. I'm very small chested for my size. Which I'm ok with. They also haven't shrunk any with my weightloss, but I haven't los much.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to purplegirl20073 in UTI   
    Ok update: my PCP consulted with my surgeon. I have to go tomorrow morning to give another urine sample, then start antibiotics immediately. All is good for surgery. They are all ok proceeding as is. If it comes down to it they will give an antibiotic shot before the procedure. Hooray I'm good to go.
    BTW thanks for all of the responses. My anxiety has now settled.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to glitterpockets in impulse buying? sorta?   
    @@Cdominguez ill have to look into it! ????
    @@LessOfMe0503 ill have to google and see if there's one close to me. That'd be perfect!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Elode in Stop it!   
    @@mommyfrog3 No I didn't, I ate whatever I wanted (up until the two week pre-op diet) my situation was a bit different that I COULDN'T lose any weight during my 3 month diet program, I would have been disqualified if I had due to my BMI being below 40, I don't have any other health issues so keeping a 40 was vital for me to get approved, I actually had to gain 8 lbs. I know crazy but I did whatever it took. After going on the two week liquid diet (which I'm proud to say I never, ever cheated on!) and having the surgery itself it made changing easy for me after surgery. I didn't have a choice and on top of that I didn't have any hunger for a good 4 months and sometimes not even now. Take for instance that breakfast I ate the one piece of turkey bacon (that was one cut in half) and barely half of that pancake and I'm stuffed! I normally don't eat in the mornings I usually have a shake because my sleeve is so tight in the morning. We're all different, I think my sleeve is pretty small though. I love it!!!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to mommyfrog3 in Stop it!   
    @Elode...thanks for the pancake recipe. I haven't been sleeved yet but I'm making a recipe book for myself afterwards. They look so yummy! Did I read somewhere in this thread that you didn't change your habits until after the surgery? If so how did that work for you? I'm thinking of doing this. It would probably be the best choice for me.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to leag78 in Stop it!   
    You know what's funny??? Chick's with so much mouth. Probably couldn't bust a grape in a food fight. And it's sad that it's coming from another black female. Sorry, but I'll call it what it is. We are all going through this journey, and some may need more attention than others, but if you don't need or want the support here, then "bye Felicia." Some people are so ignorant and I don't know what so called good paying job she got...hiring guetto a$$ people...I'm done!!!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Babbs in Stop it!   
    This thread is magical.
    Are we sure that isn't Donald Trump trolling a WLS site?
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Sharon1964 in Stop it!   
    I probably won't get a straight answer to this question either...
    What job do you have that requires a masters degree, pays a six figure salary, but you don't get off work until 11pm??
    Do you at least get lots of perquisites?
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to SleeveandRNYchica in Stop it!   
    You are comical and ridiculous. You come of negative and confused. Your initial post was written poorly. When clarification was asked for your went to the left. No need to talk about your credentials and your salary oh and your Christian belief. News flash, that does not shine through in your speak. Attacking people. You come across comical hence the popcorn remark. This entire thread reads like a bad joke. I wish you well in your journey. It does take a positive attitude, as one never know what lies before them. buena suerte. Go ahead: ATTACK..
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to elrios1 in Stop it!   
    I think the real question is why are you being so hateful. Obviously you do not understand her demeanor and she didn't understand your's. She did not mean to offend you I am sure but you Did intend to be rude to her. Every single person who has responded you have had something rude or tacky to say. You need to check your character if you believe that bringing others down will make you feel better. If you need to talk to someone about the hatred you are carrying around with you, I don't mind listening, but seriously enough of the bs you will never find friends to support you on here with attitude like that.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to elrios1 in Stop it!   
    She was confused by what you were saying because you didn't explain as well as you think you did. She literally thought you wrote a drunk post or you were having other issues going on because it seemed as if you were rambling and she didn't see how your story tied together. You in turn were very disrespectful and did not have to talk to any of these people the way you did. Grow up honey, while you are over here getting defensive and being rude to everyone, we are all just trying to translate what the heck we just read.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to sonyahhead in You know you lost weight when   
    Love! It!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to 4MRB4PHOTO in You know you lost weight when   
    When you go to a restaurant, they hand you a menu and ask "What would you like to order?".
    You now say "I'll have (the name of a single entree) please" instead of pointing to the cover of the menu and saying "Yes, I'll have all of that, please".
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to laurenella82 in You know you lost weight when   
    This might sound weird but it worked for me
    When a friend you see twice a month says "have you lost weight, your booty is sticking out more!" Now I have always had a fairly big booty but the fat in all the places around it made it look smaller. Lol!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Shorty5 in You know you lost weight when   
    The wrapping the bath towel all the way around me with no gap and some to spare is the best. It's a great reminder every morning.
    Oh, and... uhm ... intimacy is sooo much better, too. (someone had to say it!!)
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to KeeWee in You know you lost weight when   
    When you can finally get pregnant after trying for 17 years and all it took was a major weight loss. My doc always said it was possible but it seems losing 20-30 lbs never did it but losing 100 lbs was the remedy!! Going on 11 weeks and super excited!!! What a great reason to gain weight...I just have to tell myself, I am not getting fat, I'm just pregnant!!
    I did what it takes to get down 100 lbs and I wasn't even stopping so I know after the baby, Imma be on the road again....EASY as 123!!! GOOOOOOO VSG!!! LOL
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Susanfnp13 in You know you lost weight when   
    When your driving with your 16 year old son and he looks over at you and says "you look tiny compared to me!"
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Susanfnp13 in You know you lost weight when   
    When you can just plop down in a movie theater seat instead of trying to wedge your ass into the seat and hope you don't need to get up later to use the bathroom.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to JustWatchMe in You know you lost weight when   
    Makes sense to me. I like this. Thanks for the insight.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Elode in What's your "weight loss pet peeve?"   
    First let me start off by saying I'm am a pretty happy and content girl these days. I'm thrilled with my progress thus far. I wouldn't change not even one thing! Not the good, the bad or the ugly (barium swallow test still ranks pretty ugly, I know simple yet traumatizing all the same) but I've noticed there are a few things that just really drive me crazy. Like, my Aunt who has also had WLS (gastric bypass almost 10 yrs ago). She has gained most all of her weight back. She insist that I send her update pictures via FB messenger and raves about how happy she is for me but then turns around and sends me a picture of a fruit pizza she made with the caption "yummy I bet you wish you had some". What the crap is that?! Is it suppose to be funny? Being as I'm a southern Christian woman and she's my aunt I don't elaborate on where she could fit that pie in her nether regions. I just say oh looks good. Puke. Also my lovely family (kids and husband) always make little remarks like "she's not going to be able to eat more that 5 bites" when ever I talk about cooking something or they make bets on how much I'm going to actually eat. Now, when it comes to them I know they aren't doing it in a mean spirited way they are just a bunch of smart a**'s which unfortunately I can't get too mad over because they got it from me. In fact the other night I had a small piece of tiramisu cake left and I heard them whispering about how they would end up with it because " mom won't be able to eat it all" so after a few bites they were right I couldn't so before they could say anything about wanting it I tossed it on the floor for the dog (see where the a** part comes in?) anyway those things are a few of my pet peeves I've acquired over the last 9 months. Anyone else care to elaborate on some of your own?
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to skinnygirlwithin in You know you lost weight when   
    Took my son to FL to see the EX & family... one day it was raining, so X-mother in law wanted to go shopping... we all went.
    She picked out 2 form fitting dresses - SIZE 10!!
    I go into the dressing room with just her waiting for me, to coming out of dressing room to everyone waiting...
    Ex-Husband says "HOT DAMN ummm.. REMIND ME WHY WE ARENT TOGETHER?"... my reply "cause you were an idiot" and his mother & Sister laugh agreeing with me...
    how does the saying go....
    Flight to FL $400
    New Dresses $150
    Expression on Ex's Face... PRICELESS!!!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to LipstickLady in My Pre Op Diet Was All I Needed   
    Good for you! Any weight loss achievement is to be applauded, no matter the method and no one way is better than any other as long as the end result of better health and fitness is achieved.
    I've got to ask, @@Chuckster . You just recently joined this forum (a weight loss surgery support forum), you lost a whole lot of weight non surgically, and both posts you've made since joining have been about losing weight non-surgically. What's your agenda in being here?
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to dkrause in Sex   
    That doesn't include oral right? Isn't the goal to get Protein anyway possible.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from enjoythetime in Some times it's the "small" things.......   
    That's awesome! Good job!

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