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  1. a stall of a couple of weeks is normal. Months is not. To start losing again, you'll need to cut calories or increase exercise - or both - because you're probably eating/exercising at a maintenance level right now.
  2. catwoman7

    Surgery pain

    just let them know about your allergy so they can give you something that you'll be able to tolerate. You may not even need them, but let them know just in case.
  3. catwoman7

    Nicotine test

  4. catwoman7

    4 days post op

    it takes a lot of us a week or so to "go", so that's normal. You're "eating" mostly liquid, so there's not much in there. Plus like someone else said, some kinds of pain meds can influence that as well. Most of us lose our hunger for several months, so that's not unusual, either (I was hoping mine would never come back, but alas, it did - at about five months out) bruising around the incision sites is also normal.
  5. catwoman7

    Pre-OP diet ugh!

    stick to your program (and be glad you can eat cottage cheese - I would have killed for anything like that!! Mine was just liquid and sugar free Jello!). It's tough, a lot of us have been through it and can vouch for that. You just have to white knuckle and keep in mind it'll all be over soon. re: bathroom - I'm guessing it's because you're not taking in solid food or fiber
  6. catwoman7

    No restriction

    two things going on: 1) nerves were cut during surgery - it takes them awhile to start regenerating 2) I assume you're still on purees. You'll feel more once you move to solid food
  7. catwoman7

    Struggling with preop diet

    yep - a lot of us have been through it. I thought it was the most difficult part of the process. You'll just have to white knuckle it - it'll soon all be over!
  8. catwoman7

    Nicotine test

    depends on the surgeon. I had mine a few weeks before. Some do the test a few weeks before AND right before the surgery.
  9. catwoman7

    Surgery pain

    pain is all across the board. Some people have a lot, some people have none at all. I've been hanging out on bariatric internet boards for over five years, and it seems like a majority of us have little to no pain, however. They'll send you home with something for the pain. I never opened mine because I had no pain. But if you're one of the unfortunate ones who do, the meds will help - just take the meds to keep on top of it.
  10. hmmm....I wonder if there are sugars or something in there? Simple carbs make you hungrier faster.
  11. catwoman7

    Shoulder pain

    sounds like gas pains. They'll go away after a few days.
  12. catwoman7

    Drinking wine

    yes. I had my first glass at least two years out of surgery - and I have a glass maybe three or four times a year. I can feel it pretty strongly after just one glass. Alcoholism runs in my family, so I've always been very careful with alcohol - but now I'm even more so since I know that's a risk of WLS.
  13. thanks, btw!!! (I thought I'd responded to this, but evidently not. Whoops!)