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  1. actually, yes - it can. But so can rapid weight loss. So when you combine the two... https://www.aocd.org/page/telogeneffluviumha
  2. catwoman7

    When to take vitamins?

    yes. Some iron tablets do include vitamin C, but many do not - it'll say on the bottle if it does. If it doesn't include it, then yes - you should take vitamin C with it to improve absorption.
  3. catwoman7

    1400 calories for maintenance

    it's going to be different for everyone. I can maintain on 1700. Some people can only eat 1200. Try eating 1400 a day and see what happens. If you start gaining, then you'll need to cut back.
  4. catwoman7

    When to take vitamins?

    I agree with the above posters. What a lot of people do is take their iron right before going to bed so nothing else interferes with it.
  5. catwoman7

    Carbonated drinks

    I have it occasionally now that I'm four years out, but it does bother my stomach. I have to drink it VERY SLOWLY. Sometimes I let it sit open for awhile to flatten a bit. It seems some people drink it, some don't - but those who do usually wait quite awhile after surgery before attempting it.
  6. catwoman7

    Overate and feeling it

    I suppose many of us have had those days. Just don't make it a habit.
  7. not me. Although supposedly it can happen after any surgery - but you probably see it more in bariatric patients since you're taking in so few calories those first few weeks and months post-WLS. But that won't be the case after plastics, so your chances are probably not as great. My plastic surgeon did recommend really increasing my protein for the first few weeks after plastic surgery, though. I usually average around 100 grams/day (I have to because I malabsorb it), but after plastic surgery there were some days I was up to around 150. But anyway, no - no hair loss.
  8. yes. All that extra weight is horrible on your health - just as bad as smoking. I should have done it *years* ago. One piece of advice - if you have reflux, I'd suggest considering the bypass instead. The sleeve can often (not always - but often) make that worse. Some sleeve people end up revising to bypass because of it. Bypass can often (again, not always, but often) improve or even cure reflux.
  9. catwoman7


    I would do the weights. Yes, you might have a slight gain when you start (because muscle weighs more than fat, and also, muscle holds onto water), but in the long run, you'll benefit because being muscular means your metabolic rate will be higher.
  10. I didn't have any medical issues (fortunately I might add, given my weight and age). I just needed a tool to lose weight since I was super morbidly obese and every weight loss effort I made had failed. And if I had not taken off the weight, serious medical issues were most likely right around the corner.
  11. we were told 1500 mg a day - but since your body can only absorb about 500 mg at one time, you have to split it up into three doses - taken at minimum two hours apart. I have osteoporosis, though, so I have to take 2000 mg a day - split into four doses.
  12. catwoman7

    Peanut Butter Has Ruined My Life

    it's hard to say what foods are going to be intolerable. I can handle peanut butter just fine - but I can't handle really fatty meals (like fish fries), really acidic things, a lot of sugar at one sitting (something like one cookie or a few bites of cake is fine - beyond that, no), sauerkraut. I forget what else. But we're all different...
  13. catwoman7

    Bile dumping

    hmmmm....I've never heard of this. But you're right - it may be due to having no gall bladder.
  14. catwoman7

    Feel like I'm taking 10 steps back

    oh wow - sorry you had such a rough time with it. USUALLY strictures are pretty minor and the fix is easy. I didn't have any further problems after the two dilations.
  15. catwoman7

    Feel like I'm taking 10 steps back

    sounds like a stricture. I had two of them - one at four weeks out and one at eight weeks out. And yes - they dilate them - it's an easy fix. You should feel better right away.