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  1. catwoman7

    Are my expectations too high?

    that's what I do. I have a range and if I get up over my limit, it's all hands on deck until I get back under it again.
  2. catwoman7

    Are my expectations too high?

    some people would say that people who are really tied into the bariatric community - like participating on these boards and/or active in support groups - tend to do better than average, so that might be part of it. I'm still active in the community at five years out because it keeps my head in the game and keeps me (mostly) on track, and I'm sure that's the case with a lot of people who are regulars on here. That kind of thing can make a difference.
  3. catwoman7

    How soon do you feel full?

    don't chase the full feeling. A couple of things going on 1) you had some nerves cut during surgery, and it takes them awhile for them to regenerate 2) most of us don't start feeling the restrictions until we start eating solids - like meats. Once you eat something like chicken breast, you'll notice it 3) your full "cues" may be different than they were before surgery. It takes awhile for some of us to recognize them. Until then, just measure out what you're supposed to eat and just eat that...
  4. catwoman7

    Exercise after surgery

    I was allowed to walk right away. I was cleared for everything else except for weights at four weeks out. At eight weeks out, I was cleared for weights.
  5. catwoman7

    Food Before and After Photos

    I love the tangines with meat, dried fruit, and rice - and I made pastilla (also spelled bastilla) once - it's sort of a sweet chicken pie with cinnamon. OMG....
  6. catwoman7

    Food Before and After Photos

    I LOVE Moroccan food! We used to have a couple of Moroccan restaurants in town, but no more. I used to make it once in awhile years ago - I should start doing it again!
  7. catwoman7

    Worried about Surgery Failure

    it seems like most people who fail (provided it's not some mechanical failure with the surgery, which is rare) do so because they aren't consistently following the plan. So just be hyper-committed, and you should be fine. the headache, fatigue, etc is probably due to carb withdrawal. Mine got a lot better by about day 4. if you're doing what you're supposed to be doing, just smile and nod when the dietitian tells you that you should have lost double the weight. I was a slow loser throughout my whole weight loss journey, which was pointed out to me by one of the medical residents ("you should have lost a lot more by now"). I ended up losing 100% of my excess weight and blowing most of their patients out of the water. If you're following the program to a "T", you're good.
  8. catwoman7

    Are my expectations too high?

    I had issues with that at about two years out and they did a complete work-up. Everything normal. It was a head-scratcher for sure. But then it got really bad one afternoon about an hour or two after I had a piece of cake at some retirement party at work. My PCP suspects it may have been reactive hypoglycemia - and that my glucose level just happened to be normal at the time of the work-up. Although I'm sure you've been tested for that. I now eat something every three hours or so and always pair a carb (when I eat them) with a protein. It seems to have worked... But again, not sure what your issue is. I hope they can figure it out!
  9. catwoman7

    Are my expectations too high?

    this is cool! Although this is definitely based on averages. It predicted at year 2 I'd weigh 232. Actually, I weighed 138 then - so almost 100 lbs less (I gained a few lbs in year 3, which is unfortunately, very common). As others have said, that 50-70% they always quote is an average - and as with any average, there will be people who fall on either side of that. Just stay as committed as you can to your program. I almost never went off mine that first year.
  10. I've gotten them occasionally - it's always been when I overeat.
  11. catwoman7

    Brand new sleeve

    I'm guessing you may have had a morphine pump in the hospital (or some other narcotic), so that's probably why it felt worse when you got home. It's most likely gas pain - it should work its way out in a few days. The getting in and out of bed thing is common. To be honest, I didn't have any pain at all other than when I was getting in and out of bed. It felt like I'd done 1000 crunches - but that'll go away soon, too.
  12. catwoman7


    the above posters are right - you're going to blowing through sizes pretty quickly, so don't get anything really form-fitting - at least not now. And get things second hand if you can. I got most of my clothes at places like Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul. If I could only wear something for a month, it wasn't the end of the world if I only paid like $3 for it...
  13. you're right in that it could be the sodium in the broth - or it could be the artificial sweeteners in some of the other things. Some people do get G/I issues from those...or from some of those, anyway. However, if you've eaten these sweeteners before without incident, and you're still pre-op, then that's probably not it.
  14. catwoman7

    Drive to Eat vs. Actual Hunger

    I still feel like that sometimes at five years out...
  15. catwoman7

    help i think im overeating

    don't chase the full feeling. You likely won't feel it at all this early out because a) you had some nerves cut during surgery, and it takes awhile from them to regenerate and b) most people don't start feeling any restriction until they start on solid foods. Even after everything is back to "normal" ( whatever "normal" is after WLS), for most of us, "full" is different than it was pre-surgery, and it takes awhile to recognize what your new "full" cues are. in the mean time, measure out what your clinic says you should be eating and only eat that. Don't wait for the "full" feeling, because it's not going to come for awhile, and when it eventually does, it's going to be different than it was pre-surgery. P.S. unfortunately, the surgery fixes our stomachs, not our brains. If you're having trouble with binge eating, therapy may help with that (a LOT of WLS patients go through therapy - at least for awhile - to help with food addictions)