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  1. FrenchieAndTheSleeve

    5mo post partum HELP!!!

    Hi everyone. Before baby I got down to 175 but I now weigh a whopping 216lbs! I am devastated. I can’t get the weight off. I literally feel like with pregnancy I lost all restriction whatsoever. I can eat a lot. Like... a lot and with breastfeeding I’m always hungry! I am speed walking 4 miles almost everyday and I’m eating relatively healthy. It’s a little difficult with baby to cook all means so I find myself “grabbing and going” more than I’d like, but I try to always make health conscious choices .... Please tell me there is something I can do to shrink my stomach back so I can get this baby weight off. Thanks!!
  2. FrenchieAndTheSleeve

    Absent minded

    Thanks for the advice (and the laugh)
  3. FrenchieAndTheSleeve

    Absent minded

    Thanks for the reply! I've never been on any meds. Luckily I'm pretty healthy (other than the excess weight). I exercise regularly however I will admit I probably don't get enough protein. I suppose that might have something to do with it. I just don't feel as sharp as I was pre-op. I also feel like it's more exhausting to be outgoing (which is very unlike me!). I've become a tad anti-social.
  4. FrenchieAndTheSleeve

    Absent minded

    Hey everyone! I am 3.5 months out and have been doing really well. I'm down 42 pounds since surgery date and feeling great! However.... I find myself often times being a bit "off". I'm usually really quick, and have a great memory, but since surgery I've become very forgetful and slow to the punch. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I've been getting so frustrated! I feel like I need brain food! Any suggestions?
  5. FrenchieAndTheSleeve

    No eating !

    Girlfriend! No no no no! You can NOT allow a man (sounds more like a manchild) to dictate the size of your body. We all did this surgery to 1. Get fit 2. Get healthy 3. Feel more confident 4. As a tool to aid in weightloss 5. To feel better about ourselves And the list goes on and on and on.... I bet if you told your doctor the reason for the surgery he/she wouldn't have agreed to do it. This man clearly doesn't care if you are healthy. Which is concerning. And it seems you aren't too concerned about your health either. Now ask yourself this. When you start losing your hair and teeth is he still going to be there for you? When your breath stinks and you have a rash all over your body is he going to still love you? When you lose your muscle and can't walk/get out of bed is he going to take care of you? When you become infertile because your body is too weak to carry a child will he still be faithful to you? If you answer yes to all of the questions above then by all means continue on. But if there's any doubt in your mind that he won't stick around then do the right thing. I'm 2 months most op and have lost 30 pounds. I eat whenever I was I just make sure to keep it healthy. I even sneak in some wine here and there (shhhhhhh) If you use your sleeve as a tool you will reach your goals in no time! Just be patient, be realistic and don't be too hard on yourself. And for the love of God drop that man like the bad habit he is!
  6. FrenchieAndTheSleeve

    Help! Just had surgery...

    Oh... And walk as much as you possibly my can because that is what's really going to make you feel better (even if it feels like hell between steps)
  7. FrenchieAndTheSleeve

    Help! Just had surgery...

    Hi there! I had my surgery on 7/6 and I had a miserable recovery. I totally thought it was going to be easy peezy walk in the park. Boy was I wrong! I too had awful pain on my left side where they removed the drain, and ALL of my incisions were bothering me. I had horrible gas pains and my entire body was sore. By day 4 I was "Mobil" but it took me about a week to feel ok to really do anything. The 2nd week was waaaaaay better. Still a little sore but nothing like the first week. Now I'm in week 3 and I am pretty much pain free. Still a little bit sore but only if I move wrong or over extend myself. I hope you start to feel better!
  8. FrenchieAndTheSleeve

    Got the phone call!

    You're going to do so great!! I had mine last Monday so you're one week behind me. Just remember take it day by day, sip by sip and walk every chance you get! Good luck girl!
  9. FrenchieAndTheSleeve


    Thank you all so much. It's so wonderful to have so many people supporting each other! I will keep you all posted (and I'll be sure to buy gasx strips
  10. FrenchieAndTheSleeve

    Surgery on Thursday!

    Hey! I'm also in the pre-op stage. My surgery is tomorrow! We have a very similar story. I too am a road warrior for work and I'm also only taking one week off! I'm not sure that it's going to be enough time to heal, but I guess we shall see. As for the shakes, I'm really struggling to find something I like. So far the one i like the most are the EAS pre-made shakes. But they are kind of pricey. My surgeon told me to stay away from whey for the first few weeks which makes it even harder. If you don't mind me asking, what made you decide to have the band removed? I was VERY close to doing the bad but my surgeon talked me out of if.
  11. FrenchieAndTheSleeve


    Hey guys, So I've been on this site everyday for the last two weeks reading what everyone has to say and trying to prepare myself to the best of my ability. My surgery date just came out of nowhere! I felt like it was yesterday I started the liquid pre-op diet. Time is going by so fast! Does anyone have any final words of encouragement, advice, wisdom OR ANYTHING at all they would like to share before my big day? I'm super excited/nervous and I am SO ready to go get it over with.
  12. FrenchieAndTheSleeve

    Looking for June/July buddies

    Hey! I too am being sleeved this month. One week from today to be exact I would LOVE to be your weightloss buddy. I too have been 21 for 8 years! Lol