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  1. MissKit

    Is this normal?

    Ahh yes I have the same thing! Nexium takes the edge off better than the prilocect I was originally given however it doesn't take it totally my a way. I have yet to find something to help totally. Even eating slow and small amounts tracking what types of food I eat yada yada isn't helping. I'm hoping it gets to a point where it tapers off or stops
  2. MissKit

    Swimming incision question!?

    I was allowed to swim at 4 weeks. Some redness is normal just be sure it is not excessive, do a good check of all the incisions.
  3. P.S. The liquid diet is not as bad as it sounds. Try a couple of flavos of Protein powder and drink plenty of Water. If you are allowed one meal under 300 calories that is also a help make sure you check with your Dr. about the one meal, some allow it and some don't .
  4. Congrats Bill!! I believe this surgery is one of the best things that I have done. This support group has been a HUGE tool for me, we have an amazing group of people here!! As far as getting the Water in, it is really important but I can tell you there is a good chance like me and so many others, you will have to work yourself up to the needed amount. Each day will get better and soon you will be able to drink with ease. Your going to do great! Stay positive! Good Luck!!!!
  5. MissKit

    i think i have bulimia

    Hey Mama, Just as Marce had said you should head to phycologist asap. The fact that you are realizing this is huge and takes a lot to admit the issue. Also like Marce's doctor, my doctor has also said that most of what people say about stretching your stomach is not totally accurate, but that we should eat a healthy diet. You will get back on track be positive!
  6. Hey Hunny, Like the other posts said, sip sip, and you guessed it sip! I remember thinking I was going to be like this forever and felt upset and frustrated! I know it sounds cliché but each day really does get better! Do what you can, don't force yourself, trust what your body is saying.
  7. MissKit

    Transformation Tuesday!

    You are beautiful!!!!
  8. MissKit


    I know I'm repeating everything you know but make sure you take your vitamins & extra calcium. I also started taking biotin and using Nixon shampoo and conditioner to help. http://www.nioxin.com/en-EN/
  9. I am looking forward to... Being healthier shopping a a wider variety of stores Feeling more confident anywhere I go
  10. Hey Tina! Congrats on being post op! I am also post op 7 days! How are you feeling?
  11. These people should undergo some sort of job training since it seems that so many people in hospital/doctor settings have NO idea how to work with patients, especially when your talking about a huge decision like WLS. Stay Strong!!
  12. You guys are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration!
  13. MissKit

    June Post Ops!

    You to Kristi!! Thank you so much!!!!

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