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  1. bjcarver

    Weight Regain After Gastric Sleeve

    I am also part of the regain club. I have gained 32 pounds over the past 7 months. It’s the most annoying thing but entirely my own problem. It all started when I began grazing throughout the day, which my surgeon told me would cause weight gain. I started eating carbs with no restraint. I began drinking sodas daily after 3 years of drinking them like 1 time a month. I started using straws and starting eating whatever I wanted. I have started the 5 day pouch reset diet and have lost 4 pounds so far due to the liquids only phase. Hoping that after these next few days I will have better restraint and I WILL be watching what I am eating- protein first, veggies second and carbs third. No more sodas daily! Back in the gym at least 3 times a week. I know we can get the weight back off, we know exactly what it takes.
  2. I had my 3 month surgiversary 2 weeks ago and was at a longggg stall! However, so far I've lost 65 pounds including pre-op diet and 45 pounds since surgery. I'm hoping for a great month number 4! Drinking water is still SO hard. I'm really bad at it. I hope everyone else is doing well. This is me getting into size 16 jeans at forever 21. I was so excited!
  3. I am 3 weeks post op and -20 pounds since surgery. Before surgery I lost 14 pounds. I am excited to be able to eat some foods again! And have way more energy now that I am on soft foods. Glad to be getting thru this process successfully! How is everyone else?
  4. I agree with both of you. Sleeved September 16th and it was definitely a very difficult day... Extreme nausea and vomiting. Glad to be home but I can't even imagine eating food. I keep worrying I'm not sipping enough and will end up back in the hospital. Let's hope it gets better!
  5. 2 days post op... Recovery has been difficult to say the least bit I'm doing better now. Glad the nausea is finally subsiding. How are you other this week sleevers doing?
  6. @@MicheleL me too! Good luck to us both. I know you're as excited as I am to be on the post op side of all of this.
  7. Good luck to everyone having surgery today and this week! I'm so excited. Do any of my September buddies have an Instagram? I just started one for my weight loss journey. Username: vsgbjc
  8. bjcarver

    Sleeve buddies!

    @jeffreyc79 thank you! If any of you are on Instagram, I just started one. My username is vsgbjc.
  9. bjcarver

    Sleeve buddies!

    @jeffreyc79 so far so good! Some days I want to just eat a piece of chicken but then I remember how far I've come and how it's just a few more days and it brings me back to earth. It's hard, but worth it. I'm not nervous, just excited. I can't wait to be on the other side of all of this, and grateful that I accepted this challenge and made it thru.
  10. bjcarver

    Sleeve buddies!

    Hey everyone My Name is Brittany and I'm 25 from Charlotte, NC. I get sleeved this Wednesday, the 16th. I appreciate any tips you guys have for me! <3
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  12. @@byebyefat i'm taking comfortable pjs and bedroom shoes to walk around the hospital in, gas ex strips (because literally everyone I know talks about how bad the gas pains are after surgery) books, my heating pad and laptop.
  13. Today is day 8 of my liquid diet. My surgeon requires 14 days of an entirely liquid diet, but I allowed myself cooked veggies on days 4 and 5. So, I guess I technically cheated. I am doing good now, though. I have my pre-op apt in 2 days, hoping to see a good amount of weight lost so far! I have been avoiding the scale so that I won't be obsessive. How's everyone else doing? Any other "cheaters"? haha
  14. Today begins my 2 week liquid diet. I'm extremely nervous! All I want to keep thinking is about the goal I will be achieving and no more yo-yo dieting, but the thought of failure always tries to get in the way. Good luck to everyone else on the liquid diet... We got this!!!
  15. @@maggie409 I copied your words and put it in a note on my phone to remind myself when the going gets tough. I start my liquid diet in two days and I'm constantly afraid of the failure. I feel like your words have given me a bit of peace. Thank you!