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  1. vhude

    Protein Favorites

    Vitamin Shoppe or GNC
  2. vhude

    What Staples Are in Your Pantry?

    I am in the Dayton area
  3. I like the Pure Protin Chocolate Powder. Like that there is 35 G protein!
  4. vhude

    Surgery in September

    16 lbs in a week?! WOW! I lost 10 my first week. And I've been stuck on that same 10 since Tuesday, I'm getting frustrated. I know 10lbs is great in 11 days, but the scale hasn't moved in 5 days. Anyhow, congrats! We are planning to do measurements tomorrow. I put on a pair of sandals today that would not Velcro around my ankle before surgery! Amazing what losing 16 pounds will do!
  5. vhude

    Surgery in September

    I had RNY and that's 16 pounds since surgery on September 8. I did not have a required liquid diet pre op.
  6. vhude

    Surgery in September

    One week post op appointment today-down 16 pounds! Everything looks good!
  7. vhude

    Surgery in September

    Woohoo! I finally had a BM! Not much but like others I haven't had much intake so no surprise it was little and took awhile????
  8. vhude

    Surgery in September

    I have not had a bowel movement and it's been six days-I assume I should do a stool softener or has it taken everyone this long?
  9. vhude

    Surgery in September

    Took my first walk outside today! Wasn't too bad-feeling better each day.
  10. vhude

    Dayton Ohio area?

    I got home Thursday afternoon. Still pretty sore on my left side but not bad-it's worse when I am lying down or shifting to my side. The binder has been wonderful.
  11. vhude

    Surgery in September

    I had surgery also Tuesday. Got home this afternoon. Each day has gotten better with the soreness. I find that it is worse at times now that I am moving around more. Trying to drink and get protein in-
  12. vhude

    Surgery in September

    Good luck to you too!! Good luck tomorrow!!! I have surgery at 8am.
  13. vhude

    Dayton Ohio area?

    Thank you for all the words of encouragement and smiles! I am like you in that I am completely confident in my choice of surgery, hospital, surgeon and staff. Last week when my husband and I went to the pre op class sealed the deal for me. The staff was amazing! So attentive and helpful! The unknown of pain level, learning to eat again, and basic hospital things is the nervous part. Dr Brown told me at my last appointment with him that I have a wicked sense of humor. So glad he recognized that because that's how I will get through the next few days! I have a pretty high pain tolerance and had a total hysterectomy about 8 years ago (the big 8 inch scar is still there). I survived that so I am hoping this will be a little easier-a girl can wish anyway. My in laws are coming up later this week from Florida to "take care of me". Mom is a retired nurse so there was no keeping her away! They are wonderful and at least my husband can go to work without worrying I will get into something or do something while he's gone I will be in touch in a couple days. Off to the losers bench I go!!!
  14. vhude

    Dayton Ohio area?

    Nervous wreck! This time tomorrow it will all be over! Surgery scheduled for 8:00am

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