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  1. Mine was done at the same time. My sleeve is a little larger than typical because of scar tissue. He only removed about 75% instead of the typically 80 to 85% so he could line up the sleeve with the esophagus where the scar tissue was. I have slower weight loss but it's still working. I don't experience a lot of hunger but I can eat more than a typical sleeve so I have to be careful with portion sizes now.
  2. hockeyfan7

    BCBSTX- approved but Hubby's Employer X'd

    Yes, I would dig further. It sounds like BCBS put on the additional stipulations. I'd find out who said you needed to prove that and then have your PCP write a letter.
  3. hockeyfan7

    Weight Loss Program documentation?

    I was required to have 6 months of supervised weight loss for Anthem BCBS. My PCP just wrote a letter stating that I had tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, South Beach, seen a NUT, and that she was agreeing that I had not seen success with anything. That was good enough for the insurance company.
  4. hockeyfan7

    Slow weight loss after the sleeve

    Slow and steady wins the race. I've had really slow weight loss but with this tool I'm not slipping back into my old habits of giving up. You can do it too. Just hang in there and you will get to where you want to be. Don't give up!
  5. hockeyfan7

    Incision pains

    I'm in the 8th month post surgery and I still get some pains once in a while on the incisions. Or itching around the biggest one. It's not too bad now though.
  6. Mine was done in one surgery. There wasn't anything wrong with my band. They just couldn't get it filled to the right spot where I would lose weight. I was either throwing up everything or gaining when they would take out fill. My insurance would pay for the sleeve so I switched. My surgeon normally does them all in one surgery unless there is a reason when he gets in there that he can't. I didn't have any complications or problems.
  7. hockeyfan7

    Can't handle the vitamins

    My NUT has me on the Flintstone's chewables and so far, so good for me. The best calcium I have had is the Bariatric Advantage Calcium Chewy bites in chocolate. Tastes just like a chocolate truffle to me. The lemon ones are good too.
  8. hockeyfan7

    Discomfort When Eating

    Have you tried if a bite gets stuck cutting the next bite in half the size and chewing it more like 60 times instead of 30? I know I was told to make sure everything I chewed was a bite size I'd give a 2 year old toddler and the consistency should be like applesauce when I was finished chewing.
  9. I had mine unfilled a month before surgery. I was throwing up everything and was getting ready to take a trip to Colorado where the altitude change played havoc with my band the last time I'd gone. So the surgeon thought it would be better to unfill it so I could stop throwing up.
  10. hockeyfan7

    Post op: Red dot on incision

    I have one of those too - it's been 4 months for me. It's gotten lighter but it's still there. Doesn't hurt or anything and the surgeon said it looks fine.
  11. hockeyfan7

    Pain meds that work?

    I had liquid Vicodan which knocks me out cold. I think everyone will react differently to pain meds though.
  12. hockeyfan7

    Fruit and veggies

    At day 10 I was allowed zucchini, summer squash and green Beans. At day 10 I was allowed lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. I'm 3 months out and still not supposed to have fruits at all. I have had peaches, cantaloupe, strawberries, apples and cherries in small amounts though. The NUT says they have too many carbs and not to eat them.
  13. hockeyfan7


    I took Voltaren pills for several years. I never had any problems with my insurance covering them at all. Now I have to use the gel and it doesn't work nearly as well. It stinks. I have a lot of knee pain daily. But my surgeon says no way to taking the pills again. I get pretty much no relief from the gel.
  14. hockeyfan7


    At the top of the page next to your name click the settings icon and you will find tickers in there.
  15. hockeyfan7

    explain carbs please

    My NUT told me yesterday no carbs except from non-starchy veggies. Not even fruit right now. I've been having fruit and have not been losing as much as she thinks I should be. She wants me at no more than 30 grams a day from veggies only.

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