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  1. DreamsComeTrue15

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    looking Fab! How tall are you?!
  2. DreamsComeTrue15

    June Sleevers!

    hey what's your magic?? I was sleeved in June as well and am only down 45lbs.. I know we are not supposed to compare journeys but you are doing fantastic! Help! Lol
  3. DreamsComeTrue15

    June Sleevers!

    whoa, look at you hot stuff!! ????
  4. DreamsComeTrue15

    Need a June 15, 2015 buddy!

    Looks like it has been a while since the June 15 folks checked in...how is everyone doing?
  5. DreamsComeTrue15

    Before and After Pics

    look at you!! Beautiful!! Do you have any success tips? I'm feeling very discouraged..I had the sleeve in June..I'm losing on an average between 7-8 lbs per month..would you say that is normal? And losing tons of hair..help!
  6. DreamsComeTrue15

    June Sleevers!

    congrats!!!I see you had a much bigger loss the last three months.. Did you start doing something different to make that happen!?
  7. DreamsComeTrue15

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    I need help with that too!! I pretty much snack all the time instead if eating a meal..by the time I eat a little protein I'm too full for anything else
  8. DreamsComeTrue15

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    wow!! That's amazing!! Do you feel better? wow!! Great job! What are your stats! Looking really good!
  9. DreamsComeTrue15

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    I'm 5'2 and would love buddies to help through this journey.. Sleeved 6/17/15 have lost 36lbs so far yes!!! I have been experiencing a lot of stalls..2 & 3 weeks..so frustrating
  10. DreamsComeTrue15

    Looking for same body type

    Yayyy!!! Yes!!! How are you doing? How do you feel you are doing?
  11. Looking for someone who had close to the same stats as me to compare things with..I had the sleeve on 6/17 and I began 239 lbs I'm 5"2. I've lost 34lbs so far in 2 1/2 mos. Anyone have similar stats to begin with..?
  12. DreamsComeTrue15

    June Sleevers!

    I was sleeved on the 17th and I am in the exact same spot you are in..My hair is starting to fall out too..I've also lost 33 lbs..yesterday was really rough for me.
  13. DreamsComeTrue15

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    you look AMAZING!! Could you tell us how long it took you? Any pointers or advice? Did you have any stalls and do any thing specific to get yourself moving again if so...?