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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. prbaby28

    NSV alert!!!

    Congratulations!!!! You look amazing!! Great Job!!!
  2. prbaby28


  3. prbaby28


    It's definitely different after you lose the weight! I can definitely tell the difference it was hard for me before the weight loss much better now good luck!
  4. I'm 4 months out and I can have a 1/4 of a slice. If you try it eat very slowly cut it into small pieces and only put a few on your plate. And trust me don't try it at 2 weeks not even thin crust lol
  5. I'm an EMT and my doctor said I should be out for 8 weeks. I had to go back a week early. My first day back I was very tired and even got sick in the back of the ambulance, which never happens. But after a few days I was ok. Take your time don't rush back to work. Remember you actually have more physical work than you think. Trust me you don't realize how much you move and you do until after your surgery. Good luck to you
  6. prbaby28

    Sleeved today 10/15/15

    Congrats and good luck in your new journey!
  7. prbaby28

    1 month

    1 month post op
  8. prbaby28

    Protein shakes and fluid intake

    @@rustyw yes it is lol..I go back to work on Tuesday and I'm stressing because my job is very stressful and hectic.
  9. prbaby28

    So I've noticed...

    @@LessOfMe0503 I wish you the best
  10. prbaby28

    Protein shakes and fluid intake

    @@jane13 I will try setting a schedule but I can only take sips at a time and my body won't tolerate water but I will definitely try it with coconut water! Thank you for your help
  11. prbaby28

    Protein shakes and fluid intake

    @@Alex Brecher thank you for the help I did find a healthier coconut water I also switched my protein to see if that would help but I definitely will try making my protein shakes with coconut water. As for my fluids it's just hard for me to find something that my stomach tolerates as well as I can only take tiny sips at a time but I'm following your advice and I downloaded an app to keep track of my fluids. I can't tolerate plain water so I added some lemon to it sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
  12. prbaby28

    So I've noticed...

    @@FireWife thank you so much
  13. prbaby28

    So I've noticed...

    @@FireWife Congrats I wish you the best!
  14. prbaby28

    NSV....I DID IT!

    @@SeahawksFan I can't tolerate room temperature liquids so it's going to be a challenge to keep hydrated I'm going just freeze my drinks and hope for the best lol. I was able to tolerate some things a week ago that I can't now but I guess my body is changing and I really haven't thrown up except for one time it's more my stomach just grumbling and sometimes I just feel the food hit my stomach but I will follow your advice..thank you so very much and thank your husband for what he does our profession is very underpaid and under appreciate lol

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