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    @@Kindle - Firstly, big hugs to you. I'm so sorry you're suffering. I take Wellbutrin, and have for many years. It's one of the only anti-depressants that isn't known to cause weight gain in a lot of patients, and it generally doesn't affect sleep if you take it in the morning. I however take one in the morning and one with dinner and I have no trouble sleeping. I wish you the very best of luck and please know it will get better. <3
  2. Hello, ONEDERLAND!!! I've been chasing you, you know. May I stay here forever...

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      ONEderful ONEderland!!!!

      woo hoo!


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      Welcome to onederland!

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      congrats! awesome job

  3. Mini_me007

    I said "No Way"!

    WOW!!! I teared up reading your post. Congratulations! You've earned every single moment of feeling good!! I couldn't be happier for you!!!
  4. Mini_me007

    Advice, Please - Surgeon vs. NUT

    Yes. I do B12 chewables.
  5. Mini_me007

    Advice, Please - Surgeon vs. NUT

    @@VSGAnn2014 You are such an inspiration! I hope my success mirrors yours. Thank you so much for the detailed run-down of your calories through the weight loss phases. That helps a lot. I agree that my new NUT is much better suited to my needs. My biggest problem right now is calories. I'm getting 450-600, nearly always on the low end of that. I went to the surgeon's office for my 4 month checkup two days ago and she said my calories were fine...not to push for more; just eat what I can. Well, frankly, I'm nervous my body is going to have a hard time adjusting to double those calories...just like your NUT told you! I'm getting in all my Protein and fluids, but I don't know what to eat for more calories. I know I can't eat a larger amount of food, of course, I just feel like I need more calories. I'm meeting with my new NUT in January and I'll see what she says. I track everything on MyFitnessPal, so I'm going to have her look at that to see if she can give me some ideas. Thanks again for your help!!!
  6. Mini_me007

    Advice, Please - Surgeon vs. NUT

    @omerbasa2807. Thanks! I agree.
  7. Me, neither! They'll likely do it while you're still under. You're going to do great!
  8. They did the tummy check while I was still under from the surgery.
  9. I had surgery at Baylor Surgicare In Plano on 8-17 this year. It was outpatient. I got there around 9am and was home by 4pm same day. Everyone was really nice and very caring. I definitely recommend it! Should you have uncontrollable issues with nausea or the like, they won't send you home. They're very patient-oriented. Good luck!!!
  10. Mini_me007

    Any ideas

    Sugar-free popsicles, soup that has been pureed until there are no chunks (I really liked Progresso Heart Healthy Reduced Sodium soups), tomato soup. Maybe try Googling "stage 2 bariatric diet" for more ideas, and check Pinterest. Stage 2 was the worst for me...I was soooo tired of the same stuff and I was hungry! It gets better...I promise. You're doing great!!
  11. Mini_me007

    Is my Sleeve working?!

    I went through the exact same thing! I even asked my husband if he was sure the surgeon even did my surgery! No, there's nothing wrong with you. During your surgery, some nerves were severed when cutting out part of your tummy. Until they heal, you may not feel a sensation of fullness. ( I didn't. I felt terribly hungry, too). Try to focus on taking small drinks at a time, measure all your food or liquids to make sure you're getting the right amount. Your tummy is still healing. This part isn't easy, but it will get better. You've got this!!
  12. HALFWAY to goal as of today!!! Whoop! Whoop!

  13. Mini_me007

    Advice, Please - Surgeon vs. NUT

    @@ssflbelle @@Heather Birdwell Thanks to you both! I appreciate your help. :-)
  14. Mini_me007

    Advice, Please - Surgeon vs. NUT

    @@FrankiesGirl You're so right! My energy levels have been brutally low. Hoping these changes help!