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  1. Kushka

    Genepro protein!

    I'm also a fan!
  2. Kushka

    Roll call all who had surgery JUNE 2015

    Hello, Hello! I was sleeved on 6/22. I only weigh in on Sundays, and so far I'm down around 28 pounds since June 1st which includes pre-op and post-op. The three ladies who were sleeved with me on the same day at OCC are all down about the same. We would all be classified as 'lower BMI" I believe, so we are pleased. I'm in week one of soft foods. I also find it interesting that a scrambled egg goes down smoothly one day, and then sits like a rock another day. I tried some soft ground turkey this week, and the first two times it was ideal, and then yesterday I had serious stomach pain for about 30 mins, and tried to walk it off (same portion). I am working harder at chewing more, as I have dental issues and have never been a good chewer. This does not come easy for me. I love the taste of Shelley's Baked Ricotta (WorldAccordingtoEggFace), but it doesn't sit well for me yet, maybe because of the acid in the sauce. I am taking Omeprazol as prescribed by my surgeon. I'm also trying some of the phone apps that help with Water reminders, as I continue to struggle to get in more than 32 ounces of Fluid, which is a real no no. Today, I was not allowed to have my yogurt with GENEPRO (which I love), until I drank 16 ounces. That worked! I have a closet full of many sizes, and I have been able to shop there for clothes with tags still on them. I like that people are admiring my "new" work wardrobe rather than commenting on any weight loss. Keep in touch, June Sleevers!
  3. A lot of time has lapsed since the original posters posted. I would get a passport since the change has been in effect for years, and my surgical coordinator told us it was required.
  4. Kushka

    Camera, bring it or no?

    I think your things would be very safe at OCC. As a prior poster mentioned, I made fast friends with the other sleevers for the day, as well as with the companions. The employees at OCC are very professional, and there aren't that many people around to begin with. That said - I didn't venture outside of the hotel grounds AT ALL, and my procedure was technically "textbook perfect." I think the phone camera ideas are your best bet, too.
  5. Interesting information - thank you for posting!
  6. Kushka

    Leg cramps

    My leg cramps are gone since I added a magnesium/zinc/calcium supplement. Whew.
  7. That was brave of her to tell her story to you. Like the others posted, thank you for sharing it with us. I am four weeks post-op, and this is a good reminder of future challenges. It is time for me to get off my butt and start exercising.
  8. Kushka

    June 2015 sleevers

    I was sleeved on 6/22. My biggest challenge is the water/liquid - struggling to get 32 ounces even with adding crystal light. I started soft foods today and had horrible chest pain which I was able to walk off. Lots of adjustments, but I read a lot on this website and others, so I know what to do. I need to do it! We got this!
  9. Kushka

    Leg cramps

    I'm glad to see this post came up when I searched leg cramps - no sense me starting a new one. Mine were awful last night. Good information above. I'm just under four weeks post-op and know I need to up my Water.
  10. Kushka

    Crossing your legs

    An excellent NSV for sure!
  11. I had a LOT of (painful) hiccups my first two weeks, but since have not had them at all.
  12. Very inspirational stories, and a lot of good reminders. Thanks for sharing.
  13. You all are doing great. I had the sleeve on 6/22/15. I'm writing in to let Kell know those "oil drops" are likely just mucous. Nothing to be concerned about.
  14. Kushka

    How much time off work?

    I took two weeks and needed it due to fatigue. Went back this week and doing well.

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