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  1. _Kate_


    Don’t. Please just don’t. It’s not worth it. I used to be morbidly obese. Now I’m skinny. And an alcoholic. Every day is a fight.
  2. _Kate_

    Hypothyroid Sleevers?

    I have hashimotos and the weight dropped off at the beginning. We are all different so don’t beat yourself up for not losing at the same rate as anyone else... A loss is a loss, so well done ! 😀
  3. _Kate_

    Body ache

    I didn’t but just wanted to say that I hope you feel better soon!
  4. _Kate_

    Progress pics 10 months post op

    You look great and from the smiles obviously feel great too! Kate 😀
  5. Hiya coops.. I’m UK too and used to enjoy milky coffee. I now use Alpro fresh light Soya Milk (not the unsweetened) and that feels like a treat during the day. For me it’s all been about the carbs. Low carbs/Keto weight drops off although much slower than during the honeymoon phase. This milk is carb free, 78cals and 7.1g of protein, 4.3 fibre for 12oz. Wishing you the best for keeping on track ! Kate 😀
  6. _Kate_

    5 years and it is never too late

    Congratulations for getting back on track. Not easy to do by any means 😀
  7. _Kate_


    I use a little bit of Stevia.. I find it very sweet though so only use it when I really need it.
  8. “ I never know it’s you from the back”. One year in. ”Wow you’re still eating small meals “ Three years in ”Dont lose anymore, you will look like you’ve just come from a concentration camp” From a Jewish work colleague. I was so shocked. Was glad to hear the next week she was moving not only to a different department but also to another town. Usually she’s such a lovely person 😕
  9. I know I’m a day late but never mind lol. Friday was great, I worked 11 hours but managed to get a ton of work done which means I’m on top of everything for my holiday... I leave next Thursday for two and a half weeks in the sun... hurrah. I slept so well last night, a first for the past ten months or so which is fantastic. What FluffyChix said !!!
  10. Congratulations !!! 😀
  11. Every single day is a struggle but even after such a short time I feel so much better. Thank you x
  12. Thanks for all your kind words xxx
  13. Five weeks and two days since my last drink and back at the gym three days a week. I went to the rehab support group, which was rubbish. I have decided to do private counselling, one on one. Fifteen pounds down.... That’s 15!!!!!!! 🤸🏼‍♀️🤹🏻‍♀️