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  1. My doctor set the goal for 135 to 145 for me. I just kept working out and eating and I eventually landed at 116. At the time I was trying to conceive baby number 2 and doctor wanted me to gain 10 to 15 pounds. So, I did. Gained 30 pounds during pregnancy and only lost 10 of those before finding out I am pregnant with baby 3. Doctor thinks I need to stay around 140 to 150 for my body to be "happy". I am 145 now and 17 weeks pregnant so I will definitely gain some more but hope to be back down to 130 or 135 by my birthday next year.
  2. AnA92212

    Losing too much muscle mass

    When I was pregnant with baby 2, I had to stop running and lifting. I basically could only walk. I lost so much muscle. I was starting to gain it back when I found out I had a herniated disc. Got that feeling better and I found out I am pregnant with baby 3. So, it will have to wait. Everyone's body is different though.
  3. AnA92212

    SOUP, 911

    I tend not to buy from the site. I make my own using my crock pot or Instant pot. The ones you can buy tend to have too much sodium or even soy. Soy is bad for me since I have PCOS. I make soups and then freeze them in individual containers. I pop one out for lunch for work or even dinner.
  4. I was 127 when I got pregnant last April, gained to 154 with the pregnancy. At 2 weeks out I started walking, at 6 weeks out I was running again, and at 9 weeks I was running 5 days a week and at the gym 3 days a week. I was eating fewer calories than I did pre-pregnancy and the scale never got below 141. I had my hormone levels tested, I saw the nutritionist, and even had a metabolic test done. I thought it was just because I was 40 and maybe old age/menopause was setting in. It was crazy. Anyway, try to watch the cravings, but it is hard because you are exhausted and body probably wants quick fuel. I am 9 months out from delivery and now pregnant again at age 41. So, going "hard core" isn't even an option for me. But, I did a version of the pouch reset which did really help me with the restriction feeling. I didn't just do 2 shakes and a small meal. I did 2 shakes, the lean protein non/starchy meal, and 2 small snacks - usually fruit or something. I could definitely feel the restriction back after that.
  5. I was not in your situation because I was over 2 years out before I got pregnant. I did eat more carbs during that time though to get in enough calories. Sometimes meat or protein shakes made me gag, especially early on. Make sure you take your vitamins, eat as best as you can. I had my 2nd baby in December and I am pregnant again. We tried for the baby that was born in December, but this one was a surprise. Hopefully in a couple of weeks you will feel like eating more. The first trimester kinda sucks.
  6. I am 8 months postpartum and gained 30 pounds during my pregnancy. I am still holding on to 15 to 20 pounds of it even now. I started back running at 6 weeks. I reduced my calories to fewer than I was eating before I got pregnant. By 9 weeks out I was back to running 7 days a week, lifting weights 2 days a week, and zumba one day a week. I've been to my surgeon, OB, and nutritionist. My hormone levels seem to be OK (I also have PCOS) but having issues with cycles. I was on birth control for most of the time after my surgery, but didn't after baby. My surgeon is happy because I am still below goal weight, but a lot of my clothes don't fit. Give yourself some time. My OB says that it can take a year or so for everything to get back to normal. My nutritionist told me to be consistent. I would range from eating about 1800 calories a day (what I was eating before pregnancy) to only eating about 800 every couple of weeks. Apparently, the body does not like that. I am eating about 1400 a day now. I haven't been really consistent because I have had some issues with my neck. I am hopefully back at it now. Be patient with yourself. You will get back. I am fighting my age (I am 41) so that doesn't help my situation. We are trying for baby #3 right now but if and when that happens I am going back on birth control for at least 6 months. Good luck! You got this!
  7. I cheated on my pre op diet. I had just had a baby and was so hungry. I was extremely diligent during the first 9 months. I was at goal weight then and then finally started to relax a little...never much, but some. When I was pregnant this time I ate hot fries, Cheez-its, and no bake cookies like they were going out of style. I am still dealing with 15 pounds of pregnancy weight so I am bad to being super strict. It does give me a sick pleasure that was sister in law was 24 and pregnant and I was 40 and pregnant and the doctor told me that I was much more healthy than she was. I also was back in my size 2 jeans before she was back in her size 12 jeans. I know, I am mean. I ran a half marathon 14 weeks after giving birth and she was still in her pregnancy pants. I am horrible.
  8. AnA92212

    Just Say No to Cheez-Its!!!

    Cheez-its and the cinnamon sugar pita chips are my kryptonite! I craved them during my recent pregnancy. I am now 7 months out from delivery and still struggling to lose these last 15 pounds. I had a come to Jesus realization about these 2 items. They cannot be in my pantry.
  9. I had my first at age 38. I then had surgery 6 weeks later. Lost 180 pounds and then waited another year. I had clearance at 1 year out from my surgeon. I waited another nine months to start trying because I wanted to run a few half marathons. I started trying in January of 2017 and was pregnant by March. Had my baby (at age 40) in December of 2017. Had a perfectly healthy pregnancy. Doctor wanted me to gain 35 pounds, I gained 30. I am still holding on to about 15 of those, but my surgeon says I am still below goal weight so he is happy. I really want another baby. I am totally thinking about trying again for #3. I will be 41 in August. I say go for it! Babies are awesome and I am not the oldest mom around.
  10. I am sort of here right now. I lost down to 116 after surgery. Before conceiving my doctor made me gain 10 pounds. Was right at 127 when I conceived. Gained up to 155 during pregnancy. I was not able to be very active during pregnancy due to some issues early on. I did walk and use light weights every single day. I was not able to run, lift weights, etc like before. My baby just turned 5 months yesterday and I still need to lose about 10 to 12 pounds to get back down to 125. I have cut calories from about 1400 to 1800 (pre baby) to about 1200 and do the same workouts as I did prebaby. I have been running 7 days a week, lifting weights 2 days a week, zumba once a week, and my normal busy life and still need to lose weight. I've cut calories down to 800 a day for awhile and I GAINED. There is no mathematical reason as to why I am this weight. Now, I have lost inches. I can mostly wear the same clothes as before. I am not sure what the answer is. Do I stress over these last 10 pounds or just be happy?
  11. I had my first baby at 38 and weighed 293 pounds. I had surgery 6 weeks later. I was at goal weight in a year and surgeon gave us the go-ahead to try to conceive. I wanted to wait a bit longer to make sure my weight was stable and such. I also had a goal of running a half marathon. Went off birth control at the end of 2017. I worked with my fertility doctor because I previously didn't ovulate due to PCOS. My OB was fairly confident I could get pregnant on my own but didn't want to wait. Got pregnant in march of 2017 and delivered in December 0f 2017 at age 40. Perfectly healthy pregnancy. My OB said that he would approve me if I wanted another. There are risks with age. However, both my ob and fertility docs said that even though I was 40, I had a better chance at a healthy pregnancy than a 20 something who was not healthy.
  12. I am using a straw right now. I use straws for almost everything. It does not bother me.
  13. It took me a long time to get 600 calories in. I was doing about 800 at a year out and progressed up to 1600 to 1800 (2 years out) before I got pregnant last year. Am back down to 900 to 1200 while trying to lose the baby weight.
  14. AnA92212


    I was given to do anything at 3 weeks out from surgery. Started walking, body pump, and water aerobics that week. Then added zumba 2 weeks later. It's really what your doctor says and can vary depending on your situation.
  15. I am coming back from a pregnancy. I gained 30 pounds! Lost 10 the first week and nothing since (baby is 3 months old now). Even though I'm back to running and the gym still nothing. Even did the 5 day pouch re-set. This definitely did help with portions but nothing for weight loss as of yet. I'm taking in fewer calories than I did when I weighed less and working out more. Your pain is felt. I think this is just the new normal for us in the maintenance stage. Things happen, but we stay within a range. Get outside that range and it is time to focus.