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  1. Haven't been on this app since a few weeks after my surgery (4/19/16)! I am officially 100 lbs lighter and off all meds... Forever thankful I had the courage to take care of myself! Take care and let's make 2017 ours! To better health!
  2. Sandra86says

    Cake Tasting! [emoji546][emoji1445]

    I tend to agree with Ann in general, but without knowing you, I can't be sure. What was your arch nemesis that led you to obesity? Your success will depend on slaying that dragon. In my case, I OD'd on the low carb lifestyle. I'd go months without eating as much as a cracker, but order macadamia nuts in 4 lb bags from Hawaii. Now I eat limited carbs and avoid high calorie foods - it works for me. What I'm getting at is, what role did cake or sweets play in your demise. If they were your downfall, avoid them like the plague until you hit your goal and go into maintenance. You'll need that 6-18 month period to develop new habits. Of course if your downfall was nuts, eat some cake! Thanks for your input! I'm def NOT a sweets person! I was a pizza and Pasta kind of gal before VSG! I can have a tiny bite of cake and be done... It's not "crack" to me, LOL. However, pizza I'm afraid I'm def not gonna mess with because that was my addiction. The only sweets I liked was cheesecake.
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    Cake Tasting! [emoji546][emoji1445]

    I guess I'm more afraid of getting sick etc... I'll take Hubbys word for it lol
  4. Hello! I am 5 weeks post op VSG... Everything is going wonderful! I am having my wedding this September and have made a Cake Tasting appt w Hubby! Would it be absolutely wrong to take a tiny taste of the samples? It's my wedding after all and I wanna ensure the cake is tasty. I was never a sweets person to begin with so it'll be for mere taste. I follow all Dr's orders but need input! Thanks y'all!!
  5. Hey guys! So tomorrow I will be 1 week post op! I am down 13 lbs (23 from my HW). I am so happy with the results of my surgery. My surgeon was amazing! He used the DaVinci Robotic system to perform my sleeve. I have experienced no complications, gas pains, nausea, and all my liquid intake has gone down smoothly! I was kinda worried because I always read HORRIBLE stories on the FB Page with many complications and pain! I mean , I hope I'm not the only one recovering wonderfully! I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm so thankful to be recovering awesome, I know it's only 1 week post op, but I sure hope it's smooth sailing, and of course, I will keep doing my part to not break any rules!
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    LOL I JUST WENT POO!! Woo hoo!!! How funny! It was small but I'll take that! My first poo after VSG! HAHAHA
  7. Hey y'all! I'm 5 days post op VSG and was wondering when you guys had your first bowel movement. I haven't gone as of yet... It is normal to not go but I just want to get input! I am recovering wonderfully! Thanks in advance!
  8. Wow! I am officially sleeved!! I cannot believe how amazing my surgery outcome was and recovery is going so far! I thank God for all the amazing staff and of course my surgeon, Dr Ali! Hopefully I'll be released by tommorow!! I'd like to thank these boards for being an amazing source of pre op information!! [emoji173]️
  9. I can't believe my surgery that I fought so hard for is on Tuesday! I'm more excited than nervous!! What things should I bring w me to the hospital on Tuesday? I'm so ready to change my life! Pray for me, please! Thanks!
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    9 Days Until Surgery! Advice?

    Yay!! Same date as me! Are you guys on a pre op diet yet?
  11. Sandra86says

    Approved! Finally! ❤️

    Yes!!! Please don't give up!! These insurance companies want people to give up so they can get away without paying for surgery! It was hard for me to be patient but at the end of the day, I'm glad I stuck it out! Good luck to you! Your day will be here before you know it! Just wanted to update you. I was denied twice but I just got my approval today after my third attempt!! Thanks for all the hope you gave me Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using the BariatricPal App Awww ! I'm glad my words gave you hope! That is AMAZING!! Yay!!! Congrats!!! Do you have a date yet?? Mine is next Tuesday the 19th!
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    First time because I didn't have 6 monthly consecutive weigh ins, 2nd because they weren't happy with my PCPs notes. He has to rewrite them because they were so "basic". The medical group wanted clear and precise notes. The third time, I really don't know why they denied. I went ahead and called my coordinator and medical group telling them I was very upset about the 3rd denial, I clearly need this! 10 mins later I get a APPROVAL call saying that the Medical Director overturned the decision! What a roller coaster of emotions it has Been!
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    How cool! Liquids for 7 days? I meet with my dr on the 6th... I wonder how long my pre op diet will be. It seems like everything is happening so fast! I'm getting nervous too!! We should keep in touch to see how everything goes! I wish you the best!
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    Yay! We can be surgery buddies lol I meet with my dr on the 6th... He's probably going to put me on liquids the day after! Are nerves setting in? ????