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    AnneElliot got a reaction from MelissaRose24 in Pros and Cons of Gastric Sleeve Surgery   
    Do you have significant comorbidities?

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    AnneElliot got a reaction from MelissaRose24 in Pros and Cons of Gastric Sleeve Surgery   
    It's good that your concerned. This is a decision not to take lightly. It will change your entire life.
    I personally find it odd when people call it a tool! Your not buying or getting something from a hardware store to help you loose weight. Your permanently changing your gastrointestinal tract to lose weight. As result there may be serious consequences.
    You may escape obesity related illnesses. But you may face complications from the surgery shortterm or long-term.
    Are you prepared to face them? Are you prepared to no longer eat in the same way for the rest of your life?
    Eating is a part of every aspect of our lives. It's a part of every social interaction.
    This is a significant sacrifice. If your not ready, there's no shame in stepping back.
    All the best
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    AnneElliot reacted to aayushamj in Whatsapp Support Group Link   
    Hello Guys,
    My name is Ayush.
    I am from India.
    I got sleeved 1 year ago and am recovering well.
    I have made a whatsapp group for people who are thinking of going through with the procedure and for people who have done it and are living a normal life / facing complications.
    Les talk
    Chat our heart out and face the problems together.
    The link is below
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    AnneElliot got a reaction from arfaiz in Hello any one feel like this   
    Inshallah khair. Make lots dua akhi. I am sure the doctor will figure it out.
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    AnneElliot got a reaction from dragonfly2u in Trying to decide   
    So your going for the DS? How much weight do you need to lose and are you prepared for the intense Vitamin intake post op?
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    AnneElliot got a reaction from carlychloe2 in I cannot decide if I should do this or not   
    If your not sure don't do it.
    Your surgeon is on crack, if he suggested you get the sleeve with pre-existing GERD.
    There are ppl on here that did that and had to revise to bypass. You can ask him and he will rationalize his stupidit.
    Research on your own and talk to ppl who had to revise to bypass due to GERD.
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    AnneElliot reacted to Berry78 in Post-op body image   
    I should add.. when doing your mirror work, make sure to concentrate on positive affirmations. There is no perfect body, and yours has been through the ringer. So you have a bit of a tummy.. so what?! You are healthy, and likely don't have swimsuit model aspirations. You are beautiful! Embrace it!

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    AnneElliot got a reaction from dvmp61 in Fairly Happy Band-ster considering band to sleeve revision   
    The restriction are greater with the sleeve, no NSAIDS for life etc etc.
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    AnneElliot got a reaction from dvmp61 in Fairly Happy Band-ster considering band to sleeve revision   
    I would not immediately. Try practicing your healthy eating habits without the band if you want it out.
    I revised and its much more harder with the sleeve.
    Don't make this decision lightly if your happy with the band. Keep your stomach .
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    AnneElliot reacted to OutsideMatchInside in Sleeve to Bypass Revision   
    If a surgeon did my sleeve and I didn't lose weight. I would not let that same surgeon do the revision. They screwed up the first time. I wouldn't trust them a 2nd time.
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    AnneElliot got a reaction from CocoNina in Post-op insomnia?!   
    Oh my yes! I was close to mental breakdown! Couldn't figure out why I couldn't sleep my second week. Slept a total of four hours in 5 days!
    I finally went to the hospital, the gave me ativan which did nothing and went to my family doctor and got some sleeping pills. After using them for three days I was able to reset my sleep pattern.
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    AnneElliot got a reaction from CocoNina in Post-op insomnia?!   
    Oh my yes! I was close to mental breakdown! Couldn't figure out why I couldn't sleep my second week. Slept a total of four hours in 5 days!
    I finally went to the hospital, the gave me ativan which did nothing and went to my family doctor and got some sleeping pills. After using them for three days I was able to reset my sleep pattern.
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    AnneElliot reacted to ava32 in Dating is Awkward   
    To clarify the things I find the most awkward/frustrating about dating post op are:

    *gaining attention
    *receiving compliments
    *general dating etiquette( figuring out how to be open but not reveal much too soon, etc)
    *working through emotional/psychological issues while dating (i.e. "Does this guy really want ME?")
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    AnneElliot reacted to krissyvsg in I want to ask a question with out offending   
    You don't have to be rude I wasn't rude
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    AnneElliot got a reaction from Owl Party in Food Addiction   
    I am Muslim. My screen name is my favorite Jane Austen character
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    AnneElliot got a reaction from pmm919 in Pre-op anxiety   
    Check out this video. You will eventually get hungry again.
    It's a crazy process to go thru. Take it one day at a time.
    All the best.
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    AnneElliot reacted to happyaslari in Canadians having surgery in Mexico   
    I just got sleeve on feb 3 at the Oasis of Hope hospital with Dr. jaime Ponce de leon. It's a small but lovely hospital. The driver accidentally took me to the INT hospital first and I'm glad I paid a bit extra for the Oasis. Staff were all lovely. Hospital was clean. I felt totally safe. Nothing dodgy about it. Before I knew it tests were taken, the same questions asked multiple times (so thorough), spoke briefly with the dr through his interpreter and junior doctor, as he doesn't speak much English. I waited a bit and then off I went to the OR. Next thing I knew I was awake. I had bad gas in my chest but not everyone does so depends on your body. The gas pain was the worst thing about my experience. Everything else went well. My incisions are healing nicely, day 5 after surgery was hard but woke up a new person on day 6. Things can turn on a dime in this journey. I went through a woman named Deborah who is lovely and helpful and will answer your questions anytime of day or night. Procedure cost $6k American, plus flight and I spent a bit tipping drivers and bought some meds there for just under $40. I spent 2 nights at hospital and one night at hotel. I could have gone to a cheaper place (clinic) and been treated like sheep lining up to be sheared but I paid more, had a great surgeon and hospital team, felt taken care of and special and to me that was worth it as I travelled there alone. If i required aftercare I'm sure I could get it through Debrah but I haven't needed anything. I thought the surgeon would visit me after to see how I was but he didn't. But it was fine as the other staff were lovely and the junior doctor who spoke English well (and studied in Kelowna) was there often and even took me on a little tour of Roserita and then back to the hotel. I would recommend the hospital and the staff 100%.

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    AnneElliot reacted to Tommy910 in Hello.. I was almost 1,000 LBS ! My story....   
    Hello everyone I am new here and just wanted to say hi , introduced myself and tell you my story.
    My name is Tom ,I am 40 years old and I am from Toronto,Canada.
    Yes, I almost use to weight 1,000 lbs. I actually was 910 lbs at my highest just about a year ago.
    On December 10, 2015 I checked in to a hospital weighing 910 lbs and I am currently still here at the hospital continuing to receive the treatment and help I need one year later. My 1 year anniversary stay at the hospital was just 11 days ago and on December 10, 2016 I weighed 475 lbs . So I lost a total of 435 lbs + in one year. Now , I also had another problem. I had developed a big nasty a localized lymphedema (big tumor)in my groin area that grew to be about 180-200 lbs it self estimated. This lymphedema caused me my original reason i went to the hospital because it pretty much ancored me down to the point I wasn't able to walk ,get around anywhere but a few feet from my bed to the couch.Also with moving and trying to walk around stuff came great pain since the Lymphedema tumor had developed lots of ulcers and open wounds that were very bad and nasty.
    I no longer could take the pain and suffering and reached for the desperate help I needed but was terrified to ask for. So in the hospital I was put on a strict diet of 1500 calories to start for the first month or so and then eventually decreased to 1200 calories a day food intake. Also along with the help of my physiotherapist, doing any bed excercise we could in the beginning because at 910 lbs that's all that I could do. I lost 400 lbs by diet and exercise by September 28, 2016...Which is when I had my Gastric bypass surgery.
    So in 9 months basically I lost those 400 lbs and had my surgery.
    When I first came in here to the hospital I wasn't even thinking about getting a gastric bypass surgery or any kind of diet surgery etc.
    I came here in hopes of having something done and even removal of that lymphedema tumor that was paining me and ancoring me down.
    So it was all about losing weight and seeing what will happen. @910 lbs noone in their right mind would do any kind of surgery on a person unless it was life and death. So they had no plans to have anything with removal of this lymphedema growth till I lost enough weight and be safe. As I started to lose weight the talks and suggestions of having a Gastric bypass surgery came up by doctors. They thought it would help me lose weight faster now so we can deal with the Lymphedema growth surgery with lower and safer weight levels. Also they said it would help me in future to lose more excess weight and keep it off or maintain my weight at least for life if i used this tool correctly (Gastric bypass surgery).
    So in due time my doctor said that I've lost enough weight and approved me for Gastric Bypass surgery and with a weight of 510 lbs I had my surgery September 28, 2016.
    Now, with all this weight loss my lymphedema growth has also shrunk from its giant enormous size down to about 1/4 of what it use to be but it is still there and weighs bout 50 lbs still. Me and my doctor here at the hospital are expecting a special surgeon to come see me today(December 21,2016) actually about the removal surgery of this lymphedema hrowth. So hopefully he will have good news for me.
    Because that lymphedema tumor is still a big anchor for me and really in the way and holding me back from doing a lot of things including not being able to walk and move around in certain ways because it gets in the way.
    Now the hospital I'm in has a special bariatric program and there was a reason why I actually ended up picking this hospital to come to. I knew someone who's dad is a surgeon here and he directed me to have EMS and Fire to bring me here from home.
    Also, since I'm in Canada all hospital stay to date including my Gastric Bypass survey was covered under OHIP as we call it here. That good old free Canadian healthcare that every Canadian gets at work for me luckily. I have been truly lucky and blessed with everything from being able to get the help I needed and all the amazing people involved including all nurses and doctors and other hospital admins who have done everything they could to keep me here and help me achieve my goals to get better and walk out of this hospital on my own 2 legs.
    Since the surgery on September 28th I have lost 40 lbs till now December, 21 2016.
    Now this is due to a problem I have developed with my platelets in my blood. My immune system became overactive and started killing my platelets in my blood thinking the platelets wee some foreign objects like viruses and infections so it destroy them .
    Platelets in blood help to thicken or congeil the blood incase you cut yourself you wont bleed away and can't stop the blood . Or if your platelet count is very low and say you fall, hit your head you could get internal bleeding etc.
    So the avg persons platelet levels should be between 150 to 400 ish. That's what's considered normal apperantly. Well I had mine go down as low as 2 . Very dangerous. So they got me on some steroids to calm my immune system and it seems to be doing ok at around the country of 135. So they aren't comcerned with me about that now.
    Anyway, these steroids cause weight gain due to Water retention etc etc. So losing weight has been harder after surgery and it was after surgery we discovered these platelet problems. But not related to Gastric Bypass surgery.
    Instead of me typing everything out and explaining so much that I have to explain and tell, I have created a YouTube channel so I could tell my story and progress through my channel. I will link everything below.
    Now, best thing would be is to watch my very first vlog here
    My 2nd Vlog here to catch up on my story
    Or you can go to my channel and watch everything I ever uploaded here.
    But the 1st two Vlogs are my intro explanation videos to my weight loss journey and my 910 lbs life....
    I'd appreciate if you all check out my YouTube channel Subscribe to me , comment like and share . Would be a great help.
    I will end it here for now, in the first vlog video I have pictures of when I use to look like ,I have a picture of the size of the Lymphedema groin tumor and things in the beginning of that first YouTube video along with the beginning stages of my story. I will be adding new content couple times a week and also continue explaining my story in a new video which will be Vlog#3 and 4 etc etc. Besides that I will be adding small side videos ,some funny some serious that I have filmed in the past 5 or so months.
    If you have any question feel free to ask away or just comment and I be happy to reply or just read comments.
    Old pictures pictures I posted down below in another reply because I was having trouble attaching them here in this first post of mine , I apologise for separating them.
    I also will add a couple current pictures down below as well.
    My direct link to my YouTube channel
    My first YouTube intro vlog about my journey
    Add me on Instagram to follow me there too.
    Instagram tommy910_
    Email 910lbs@gmail.com
    Please help me help others get motivated thru my story! Plz SUB like and share , LOVE YOU GUYS !
    Basic repeat and quicker rundown of my story here
    Basic story then my YouTube links down below..
    I was almost 1,000 lbs....and I kept fighting and never giving up. I want to share my near 1000 lb life story and journey of how I kept on fighting and not giving up,EVER ! You must do the same and stay strong ,things will get better .KEEP ON SWIMMING #keeponswimming
    I would appreciate if you Subscribed to me to help me raise awareness and help motivate others with my on going success story of my weight loss journey. Thank you all.
    Here is my almost 1000 lb life weigh loss journey !
    On December 10, 2015 i checked in to a hospital with a weight of 910 lbs. On my 1st anniversary in there on December 10, 2016 I was down to 475 lbs and counting.... Please check out my YouTube channel and subscribe to follow along.
    My direct link to my YouTube channel
    My first YouTube intro vlog about my journey
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    AnneElliot reacted to Greensleevie in Stretching the sleeve: Myth or True?!   
    In my experience, most NUTS don't know what they are talking about.

    The stretchy part, or fundus, is cut out during the surgery, therefore making stretching VERY difficult. A few carbonation bubbles do not have enough force to stretch anything. We do not have "regular" stomachs anymore. Drinking non diet soda with all the empty calories was the cause of weight gain, not stretching.
    There are studies proving this, but believe what you want.
    For the record, I've drank carbonation for a couple of years in the form of selzer waters, and my capacity is exactly the same as it was from the year before. So your NUTS "theory" pretty much is disproven.

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    AnneElliot got a reaction from UnkemptCaptain in I need your help..   
    Holy shit. Don't do that again! You will kill yourself and cause a leak!!!!!!!'
    How did you not vomit that out??????

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    AnneElliot got a reaction from UnkemptCaptain in I need your help..   
    The probability of a leak gets less overtime. The first several weeks are the most critical.
    It's the size of your stomach it can be as small as 32fr or large as 60fr in french bougie sizes. Google it you will see photos! I have a 40fr.
    The stomach will settleinto it's regular new size once your inflammation is gone in a few months.
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    AnneElliot reacted to 2-Liter in Never Ever Ever   
    NEVER EVER EVER go to the Grocery store when you are 3 days in to your pre-op liquid diet. My preparation left a lot to be desired. I decided that starting my liquid phase 4 days early was a Great idea lol. They almost had to mop up the drool on aisle 9. I wasn't even obsessing over any of the wrong foods but those Rotisserie Chickens were calling my name laying there looking all Sexy. I am Thankful to say that I survived and left the Store felling like Conan The Barbarian all Rough, Tough and Victorious.
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    AnneElliot got a reaction from UnkemptCaptain in I need your help..   
    I am glad you're in a better place. Leaks can happen as late as 9 months.
    To be honest, I am quite interested to know the size of your stomach. Do you know your bougie size? Your doctor may have given you a larger stomach.
    Which can be a mixed blessing!
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    AnneElliot reacted to UnkemptCaptain in I need your help..   
    Not being harsh at all!! That is such a wake up call!! I didn't realize I could cause a leak this far out from my surgery. I figured I was past that stage or something. I don't know. Basically, I thought it would take 4 weeks for my stomach to do most of it's healing. I'm also shocked I could eat pizza! Everyone has been saying how they can get only a bite or so in.

    I knew I had food addiction, just not this intense. I need to take several steps back. Today, I'm making my meal plan for the week, so hopefully this helps to steer me on track. The only thing I've seen my sleeve help with is a little restriction, and dumping on anything high fat or high sugar. (Usually high fat foods. I don't eat a lot of high sugar foods because I'm scared of enabling that sugar addiction I had)

    Also, you're certainly right about going cold turkey. I was told about my surgery date & starting the pre op diet, 2 days before I had to start it & I chose NOT to go with having a food funeral. I also didn't cheat the entire time I was on my pre op diet. I never realized that I did do it all cold turkey. Man.

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    AnneElliot got a reaction from mylighthouse in I need your help..   
    I am not sure how it's physically possible for you to eat a pizza slice let alone three! that immediately post op.
    Please take a step back. You maybe causing very serious life threatening damage to your stomach. You can cause a LEAK! Forget stretching!
    Do you want to kill yourself? Your stomach is still healing!
    I am in shock. You have a food addiction. You went cold turkey and your reaching back for a fix. But now your fix can literally kill you!. You need counselling asap and join overeaters anonymous to face this addiction.
    I an sorry for being harsh. But I am very concerned for you.