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    Maggietcu2 reacted to gofigure in Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Photos   
    My first attempt at an upload, so let's see what happens.
    First set was in October, before pre-op diet and at around 229 lbs. Surgery was April 2. Second set was just now at around 169 lbs. I'm 5'2".
    I still have at least 40 lbs left to lose, but it is nice to see the progress. Also nice to see my neck and collarbones again.

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    Maggietcu2 reacted to Countrygrrl in Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Photos   
    Lol!! Yes other than surgery. I'm watching this thread  . Also six months out photo
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to momfromjersey22 in Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Photos   
    Before surgery 4/20 and current pic

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    Maggietcu2 reacted to valkyrie88 in My progress so far. 45Lbs down!   
    Starting weight: 249
    Surgery weight: 228
    Current weight: 204
    Goal weight: 145

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    Maggietcu2 reacted to livvsmum in The Proof is in the Pictures   
    I am now 1 year and 9 months post op. I reached my goal weight at about 10 months post op (140-145) and in the year since then I've felt that things have been moving very slowly. Well, I was ordering a dress online the other day and I had to take my measurements. I hadn't taken then since reaching goal weight almost a year ago. I was shocked to see that even though it felt painstakingly slow, I lost an additional 20 pounds and 22 inches in the past year, putting me at my "dream goal" and feeling pretty freaking amazing.
    My husband and I just got back from our anniversary getaway and we took a picture together. When I got home I decided to see if you could really tell a visable difference from me at 1st goal weight and dream goal weight a year later and I think you can. I was pretty surprised. I'm feeling super happy at my weight and health and fitness level right now, and having kept it off for nearly 2 years I"m feel pretty good about the prospects long term as well.
    Well then I decided to go a little crazy, and I went back and found my anniversary pictures from the past 5 years and decided to do side-by-side comparisons. I'll only include the one from last year (goal weight) to this year (dream goal weight) AND one from my highest weight (278.4) to now (125), but if you want to see the rest of them, just click on the link here to the blog post with all the pictures from the past 5 anniversaries:
    "The Proof Is In the Pictures" Post
    Here is goal (June 12, 2014) to dream goal (June 12, 2015) and highest weight - 278.4 (June 12, 2013) to dream weight - 125 (June 12, 2015). Enjoy!

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    Maggietcu2 reacted to lizcan in Spouse involvement   
    My husband has been fantastic. He has looked after me and as he is a chef has taken it upon himself to jazz up my puree which has helped get it down
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to mmwishart in Spouse involvement   
    My husband did not like the idea at first. He's heavy too, and I think he's worried about losing his pig out buddy.
    He's been very supportive during the actual surgery process. I'm hoping he'll start thinking about having it done himself.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to lauraellen80 in Keep this post going:) Things I am looking forward to (not food related)   
    So many things...
    Of course, being able to wear all the clothes I have that no longer fit Not having to wear a sweater/sleeved top year-round to cover my arms Wearing a bathing suit in front of people, ideally one that isn't a grandma-style swimdress Being able to hike with my dogs or walk around at a museum or festival without crippling back pain Not feeling like I have to hold a throw pillow on my lap to cover my belly fat when I'm sitting on a couch or something in front of people Being able to get up off the floor more easily; I like to sit on the floor! Not worrying about breaking a chair or step stool Not being flushed and sweaty all the freakin' time, and not constantly worrying that I smell because of it Being able to start dancing again, whether it's taking a modern dance class or going swing dancing with my husband, or just goofing around with friends Feeling like I can sit on my husband's lap or have him pick me up without hurting him Feeling more attractive, maybe even... sexy? Not panicking when I get a notification that someone has tagged me in a photo on Facebook Being able to stop pretending that I don't want to join in on activities, when really I'm just too fat to keep up
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to curlygirl36 in Keep this post going:) Things I am looking forward to (not food related)   
    Wrapping a towel around me with no gap.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to tlemieux220 in Keep this post going:) Things I am looking forward to (not food related)   
    I am looking forward to just feeling better and not being in anymore pain when I walk. I am also looking forward to being able to spend time with my children and being able to keep up with there activities without being tired all the time.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to dhrguru in Keep this post going:) Things I am looking forward to (not food related)   
    Riding bikes with my kids!
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to Dub in Protein Powders   
    I've been wondering the same thing.
    I knew of a couple excellent Protein powders from when I was lifting weights five years ago...Gaspari Myofusion and one called Trutein.
    Great flavor and low carbs.
    I don't know how they'd work for us now, though.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to 4MRB4PHOTO in Sad about missing food   
    If they convict you of "apple murder", you could always "a-peel" the verdict.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to TXBrittBritt in Sad about missing food   
    I am in he same boat!! Sleeved June 1 and yesterday I was very upset! There has been this yummy Apple on our counter all week that just keeps looking at me! Well no more I said and cut that thing up and put it in the trash!! When my husband got home he saw the aftermath and asked why I committed Apple murder. Because screw that Apple, it kept starting at me like you can't eat me so I thought Apple murder was the perfect rebuttal!!
    I might be going crazy but it was a little therapeutic! And we both had a good laugh!!!
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to Mcgann320 in Sad about missing food   
    PLEASE tell me I am not the only one who literally gets sad to the point of tears over not having food. I was sleeved 6/3 so am 8 days post op and the past couple days were hard, as to see why my body is healing nicely and I'm not worried about that, I'm worried about not having food. I am in full liquids but so ready for some density or flavor to eat. When I see people eat or food around it makes me sad almost to the point of tears! Your mind is such as strong influence I never realized how much head hunger I have. Oh & food commercials on tv used to be nothing.. Now I'm practically drooling over anything that pops up on tv edible. Yall am I alone?
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to KellarsMom in Dallas Surgeons / Clinics   
    I'm in the preop area waiting on my surgery with Dr. Frenzel
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to rgodfrey09 in June 8th sleeve...things no one told me   
    Hi all! Had my surgery yesterday afternoon, and am up and alert today. On the gas pains, yes they are terrible!!! Last night I was having gas in my chest and though I was having a heart attack. Rapid heart rate and shortness of breath but my bloodwork was all fine.
    Today the chest pains are gone and I'm walking a lot. I'm still sleepy, and I think will be discharged tomorrow!
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to mahickmore in 11 months post op - WOW!   
    I haven't posted much but had my daughter take pics and WOW is all I can say!
    At my top weight I was 210.....at 5'2" that is a lot. I got down to 196 on surgery day - 6/16/14. I had a pretty rough 6 weeks right after surgery but once I got on the proper medication the journey got pretty easy.
    Now 11 months post op and down to 129 it has been an awesome adventure. So pleased I had the sleeve done.
    I also show horses (and have for years), after I had lost about 75 pounds I was at a show, the judge was someone I showed with, she didn't recognize me and asked my trainer who that was riding my horse! Too funny.
    Thanks for letting me share!
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to jeanniereenie in Spouse involvement   
    My husband has been behind me 100% , he didnt go to my appointments but was there when i needed him to hold my hand, he is also a nurse so i had his knowledge on my side when it came to healing. we also knew the nurses that cared for me which made me feel very comfortable.
    he does all he can to help me, he also knows this journey is mine and ours, not just about him or me as individuals, i have cried more than once about this decision and he holds me and reassures me. he met me at my highest weight and does also help me Celebrate every loss, but he did take the scale away
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    Maggietcu2 got a reaction from CloserToFine in 10-Day Pre-Op Liquid Diet: Day Two Headache   
    I wonder if your body is detoxing some stuff? Stay strong!
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to VDB in One month out from bypass -- amazing results!   
    Thanks everyone, it just keeps getting better. Edema now 95% gone after 7 weeks, urge incontinence all gone, weight loss has slowed but still losing every week, getting "the lay of the pouch" down, getting the right amount of food in is now habit.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to VDB in One month out from bypass -- amazing results!   
    Date of surgery was April 21. Now, one month out, here are the results thus far -- After 40+ years of dieting and failures on my health, I am absolutely shocked that gastric bypass has produced such results in one month.
    1. Down 45 pounds
    2. Gone from a 54 inch waist to a 48 inch waist
    3. Went into surgery on 5 diabetes meds, now on a very small dose of one med.
    4. Went into surgery after a decade of swollen legs and feet, from edema. Now, edema is 80% better and getting much better every day.
    5. Went into surgery with a real hassle -- urge incontinence. This means that it got almost impossible to keep from urinating when the sudden urge occurs. I was close to Depends. Now, have just gotten through a week with no urge incontinence.
    6. Went into surgery with painful diabetic neuropathy in my feet. Doctor said this probably would not change much. However, the pain is 75% gone. I went the last two days with almost no pain. I had a real problem with using too much ibuprofen or aleve just to be able to garden and swim. Now, have not had any NSAIDS or even Tylenol for a month, and never will again.
    7. Went into surgery on blood pressure meds that I have had to take for 40+ years. Out of surgery on no BP meds, and BP better every day, no need for meds.
    Needless to say, I am thrilled with these results and am very grateful to have been able to have this surgery. It has made the year and a half of getting qualified worth it, and the fairly intense recovery weeks were rough but now each day my normal coloring is coming back and beginning to feel great.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to Allens Comedy in Well...got the senior scheduled for this Saturday!   
    So, I guess I am going to actually do this! After a lot of thought and research on what to expect, I know that if I want to live to grow old, this is probably my best option and I have made the decision to get the sleeve surgery done. If I continue at my current rate, and on my current mindset about food, I will be dead with 10 years. Adult onset type 2 diabetes, SEVERE sleep apnea, and just not being able to do the things in life that I want to do has made me understand that I need to change my life, my lifestyle and my way of thinking about food.
    Having said all of that, I will be attending the seminar this Saturday at Atlanta Medical Center. Im a little nervous bout the whole thing, but I can't wait to start a NEW life!
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to Daisy Girl in 10-Day Pre-Op Liquid Diet: Day Two Headache   
    I'm on day six of my all liquid pre op diet. My surgery is Friday. I'm doing surprisingly well. Not hungry at all. I am having 3 Baritrac Protein Shakes a day made with unsweetened almond milk. Regular milk gives me an upset stomach. I have had broth a couple of nights and an ice pop or two each day. I thought I would have major headaches but only had a few that Tylenol worked on. Good luck!