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    Maggietcu2 reacted to gowalking in Good vs. Bad   
    All these threads about the scale, and what we are eating and I'm seeing the words 'good' and 'bad' throughout them. I'm as guilty as anyone else about this but I want to put it out there that eating is not bad. Weighing is not bad. WE are not bad. We might make poor decisions about our food, or we might see weight gain on the scale, but it's not good or bad. It just is.
    Why is what we weigh and what we eat seen as good or bad. Why do we see ourselves as worthy or unworthy based on our physical appearance. Why am I worthy of the attentions of a man now that I'm thin and didn't feel worthy when I was heavy? Why did I punish myself by wearing horrible clothing and not caring how I looked? I know for me it was like putting lipstick on a pig...but why did I think of myself as a pig? Or a slob? Or a loser? Or lazy?
    Everytime I think I may not need more therapy, I know I need lots more therapy. I hate how much I despised myself before and I'm scared of how much people admire what I've done in the last two and a half years. I am constantly looking to others to determine my own worth because I still cannot do it on my own.
    I am moving forward in very unfamiliar territory. I have no fat to hide behind. I can't blame failure on my size anymore. I can't blame rejection on my size, I have to own my life and not look to anything negative to avoid what I do.
    We have to stop with the good/bad thing. If I eat pizza, it's not good or bad. it just is and doesn't make me good or bad. I want to enjoy food without fearing it. I want to enjoy my life without fearing it. I want to be physically and mentally healthy. I'm working on it, but it's still ahead of me.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to wascott in I wish I knew.....   
    For me it was my cousin openly sharing her weight loss surgery experiences in Mexico. Without that I wouldn't be having surgery on Monday and I'd still be gaining weight. Learning about this site and the affordability of surgery in Mexico led me to my decision to have this done.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to mrslb5 in Before, During, and After Pics!   
    Feeling awesome hope that this helps motivate someone that's just starting! 120 down 30 pounds to goal!
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to Gianacruz in Lost 100lbs 10 months after surgery   
    No words look for yourself! ☺️☺️
    Sleeved 7/11/14
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to Jewelgirl04 in Honestly,tell me the truth. NO more Booze or caffinee?   
    I'm about a week short of five months now and down 61 pounds. I figured I'd go item by item below.
    Coffee - I just graduated law school and am studying for the bar exam. I cannot go without coffee at the moment. That being said, I can't drink a full cup at one sitting. I make myself coffee in a teacup and that's about as much as my stomach can handle in terms of capacity. If you need the caffeine like I do, you'll find that it's absorbed into your bloodstream much quicker than before because of the size of your stomach. It's actually a pretty nifty upside. That being said, it'll probably take you about two months to be able to drink it again post-op because it's an acidic drink and your stomach will still be healing. Don't worry though. Caffeine isn't an issue in the long term.
    Soda/Carbonated drinks - Big NO. Not only will the carbonation agitate your stomach, but it will stretch your pouch (whether sleeve or bypass) and undo the operation as a result overtime. Not worth it. On the plus side, when I've dared to take a sip because I gave into stupid temptation, I've found soda is way too sweet for me now. So it might not be as big of a challenge.
    Don't worry, though. Diet iced tea and lemonade is your friend!
    Alcohol - I only recently tried alcohol for the first time since my surgery because white sangria was being served at my graduation party. I was a little over four months post-op then. I only drank about half of a standard wine glass. One of the major concerns concerning alcohol (aside from its high sugar content) is that alcohol (like caffeine) is absorbed into your blood stream far quicker after the procedure. Mixed drinks with something to temper the alcohol with is preferable. Light beer is also okay. Stay away from straight up liquor. Some have found red wine to agitate the stomach more than anything else. Go easy and work yourself up to the wine with mixed drinks/coolers first to gauge your body's reaction and give it some time. As an occasional wine drinker, it shouldn't be a problem.
    Hope this all helps, @@Michelle Tarver!
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to LadyK44 in Honestly,tell me the truth. NO more Booze or caffinee?   
    I am sleeved they said a year before drinking! Now, what I seen is people wait a few months! The fear is is that your addiction to food will change to alcohol. For some people that is true! At this point in my life I don't a reason to fear alcohol! I take care of myself better than ever! No excuses! My body my choice! Do what is best for you always!
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to DnllLv8 in Honestly,tell me the truth. NO more Booze or caffinee?   
    It was supposed to be July 6 but she called me today with a cancellation so now I am moved up to June 29
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to Michelle Tarver in Honestly,tell me the truth. NO more Booze or caffinee?   
    Thanks for all the info gang.
    I am not looking to go on an all out bender everyday..but sometimes as a mom of 4 kids,a wife and employee with a job some days I just want A drink lol.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to Elode in NSV!   
    Today was the first day I got back in the gym since having my surgery in November. I got on the dreaded treadmill expecting to be holding on to the side rials for dear life like before and to my astonishment I was able to do 45 mins on incline and NOT one time did I have to hold on to those stinking rails!! It's a modern day miracle! Losing 91 lbs has made a humongous diffence! And Here I thought one of my legs was longer than the other and therfore causing me go sideways all this time! It's amazing how much you begin to not hate the mirrors so much in the gym. Feeling blessed.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to valcatlett4 in I got my insurance approval today!   
    I am beyond excited and nervous for this new journey in my life but boy am I ready. No one in my family understands how happy I was to get that phone call today, it's like I've won the lottery. I still have to work the time off with my job so I don't have the date yet but within the next 30 days I hope :-). Happy in Tennessee...
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to EnglishDan in Favorite Blogs / Vlogs   
    I've started a blog, I'm only 14 days out but im going to update it every Sunday
    My weight loss journey pre and post op Gastric Sleeve http://dangsjourney.blogspot.com/
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to SlimJill in Sad about missing food   
    Tonight was so difficult. I am 5 weeks post-op and my parents ate pizza hut pizza tonight. I wanted to say "please don't buy it, please don't bring it around me" but I know it isn't fair to expect others to change their lives as I have... when it took surgery for me to change.
    I was literally almost in tears, shaking, irritable, fidgeting. Pizza hut used to be my crack, I used to eat a whole pizza in 1 sitting by myself. Was very hard to sit there eating my lean Protein and smelling their pizza...
    But I did it. We need to Celebrate our little victories too. I'm fighting an addiction. And I've got to say I'm doing damn good so far!
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to sosha30102 in Hunger, Cravings, etc. Post-Op   
    I still get hungry ... Lol I'm 14 days post op... And I battle my head daily to my new body... My head wants to eat the same thing as before surgery and the cravings are real!!! But it's a lifestyle change not a race... So daily I teach myself and discipline my self to my new reality... And in the end, I'll be brand new both inside and out!
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to lauraellen80 in Sleeved today. 6/18   
    Well, that nurse sucks. Mine kept checking to see if I needed pain meds and nausea meds.
    I was up and down a lot the first night peeing... it'll happen, and then you'll wish it would stop! I only had a few ice chips, but they pumped a lot of Fluid in me. Then the day after surgery, one of the nurses asked me how many times I'd urinated that morning... but instead of asking like I was an adult human, she actually said, "How many pee-pees have you made this morning?" My mom and I had to avoid eye contact with one another, and we lost it once she left the room.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to lex8701 in Sleeved today. 6/18   
    Currently in my room recovering. Pain is getting better due to walking. Unable to walk to much because I have no energy. Only able to take s few sips at a time dispute my extreme dry mouth. Can't wait until this 1st day is over. Praying for a better day two ????
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to TheOnlyDuchess in Day 15   
    Eating a bowl of refried Beans and they are heaven. I only have heart burn occasionally when I first swallow and then it's gone.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to kempermorris in 6 Months Post Op   
    Down 112 lbs. Feel 100 percent better. Working out & walking is helping. No complications. Another 112 to go to reach goal weight
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to Essence46 in Today is my one year anniversary.   
    I sit here in tears thinking about how far I have come... how my life has changed for the better... how I have struggled emotionally to adjust... how I have had to learn to love me (good, bad and ugly)... how hard I have worked and continue to work in the gym 5 days a week... how good I feel... how good I look... I saved my life and I am so glad for the second chance. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and I smiled and cried.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to girli565 in Banded today!   
    I was banded Monday! Welcome! I was in a lot more pain than I expected too. No one prepared me for that. I thought that since I'd had laparoscopic surgery before I'd be fine but nope, it was a lot worse than expected. It's better today now that I'm 2 days out from surgery but I'm still uncomfortable.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to Jocelynsherk in Banded today!   
    In more pain than I expected, but feeling so happy it's done. Looking forward to the future. Don't regret it at all, all the anxiety i felt before surgery is passing away.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to bellabloom in Madly in love but holding back info   
    I told him. He didn't care at all and just kissed me.
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    Maggietcu2 reacted to livvsmum in I Was Told I Look Like I Have AIDS Today..... :-/   
    Thanks guys. I think I was just shocked more than anything. It doesn't really hurt me. I've been in therapy since about 7 months post op to deal with my "self" issues which were hidden under "food" issues, so I don't really feel like it reflects on me. I just can't imagine saying that to someone I was close to, let alone someone I barely know. People are crazy.
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    Maggietcu2 got a reaction from livvsmum in I Was Told I Look Like I Have AIDS Today..... :-/   
    Just like how shocking it is to see how much food you need compared to how much food given at restaurants ... I'm wondering if people's "healthy weight" norm has shifted too??
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    Maggietcu2 got a reaction from Stevehud in Contemplating not having the surgery because I like to party?   
    Do this when you are ready to do this right.