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    New to this App

    Which surgeon did you use? I am scheduled to meet Dr. Roshak later this month.
  2. Maggietcu2

    Dallas Surgeons / Clinics

    OK so I bumped up my appt to meet Dr. Roshack at Nicholson Clinic. Any thoughts on him?
  3. Maggietcu2

    Food day @ work...HELP

    You were not bad at all, you were in CONTROL! What's that like?? Good job!!
  4. Maggietcu2

    Pre op blues!

    I haven't started so take me with a grain of salt The surgeon I talked to said there was liquid drinks for pre op but didn't say anything about real food. I can see one small meal of Protein and veggies but 6-8 cups sounds like a lot?
  5. Maggietcu2

    this is the scary part

    Are their any support groups in your area? How about a couple sessions with a bariatric psychologist? Love your honesty. It's post like yours that make this journey more real for me.
  6. Maggietcu2

    Considering the Lap Band!

    Knife fight lol
  7. Maggietcu2

    Food Porn

    How interesting! Will try that.
  8. Maggietcu2

    Dallas Surgeons / Clinics

    I'm in Dallas proper so it's not very feasible to go to Colleyville. Where is Dr. Frenzel?
  9. Maggietcu2

    Dallas Surgeons / Clinics

    What was wrong with Dr. Nicholson? I was going to check out his clinic next, but see a different surgeon. Met with Dr. Davidson today. I don't think he's for me. I need a sense of community and partnership as well as aftercare. He's just the surgeon lol
  10. Maggietcu2

    One year ago today....

    Great news! I am meeting with a surgeon today for the first time. Gives me hope! Keep up the good work.
  11. Maggietcu2

    What a difference a year makes!

    I just joined the forum yesterday ... this is my first msg on it lol YOU LOOK AMAZING! My jaw literally dropped. I hope I can be as successful as you! Keep up the great work!
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