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  1. chrisredjeep


    Ha I'm with you on that one Kate., but I still can't drink fizzy so I have a glass of wine and it lasts all night or the dreaded J20. God I'm a cheap date now
  2. chrisredjeep

    Sleeved in November

    Hope you are feeling ok, it's a great thing you have done and you will feel great just a few weeks down the line
  3. Hi meet I'm in Wales and was sleeved July 2015 in Carmarthen. Best thing I ever did in my life. What date is your op
  4. Well here we are the fabulous threesome. How many stones have we lost between us! Must be in the 20 s . Watch out for that Halloween rubbish. I had a Haribo thing last night to shut up my friends grandchild and I lost a filling! Still running in the mornings god it was dark on Friday so I'm glad the clocks have changed. We must all meet up !
  5. Hi Kate long time no hear? I find if I plan my day food wise it's best for me
  6. chrisredjeep

    Husband & Wife sleeved on same day.

    That's great husband and wife going along on the journey together. I expect there is some friendly rivalry there! Good luck to both couples and well done so far
  7. chrisredjeep

    Deal breaker.

    I'm in UK and I was offered coffee 2 days after op whilst still in the hospital. I did not drink more than one cup a day when I came home, and I drink maybe 4 cups a day now, no sugar or cream for me just a dash of milk. It's right that your tastes change. I used to really enjoy a glass of wine but now I'm totally not bothered, much to my partners pleasure as I m always designated driver now!
  8. chrisredjeep

    The Mirror...

    I think that I will always be seeing the big person in the mirror. However when I look at the size of the clothes I am wearing it does hit home that I have lost a significant amount of weight. Well done on your weight loss
  9. chrisredjeep

    gastric sleeve advice please

    I think if you are happy to pay you will find that in UK you will find a clinic that will do your sleeve I had my op with BMI at Werndale hospital Carmarthen paid privately
  10. chrisredjeep

    Sleeve soon!

    Hi lulu hope you are not feeling so tired now. Chin up at least the op is behind you now All the best from pembrokeshire
  11. chrisredjeep

    Protein - UK

    I quite like the USN protein bars
  12. chrisredjeep

    I can't believe it

    Well done and doesn't it feel great slipping into the smaller sizes!
  13. chrisredjeep

    Would you do it again?

    I echo lipstick lady ! I wish I could have had the sleeve years ago. Absolutely the best thing I have ever done. Cindy Warson how fantastic that you and your husband are having the sleeve together. Good luck to us all onward and downwards folks
  14. chrisredjeep

    The mighty scale

    Good for you! I feel like doing that this morning. I weigh every day ( yes I know) and I've just been on the scales this morning and after a week of family staying and getting off track well there is a gain. Sure it will be gone by the middle of next week but it just sets my mood for the day which is not happy. Think ill join you in disposing of the flipping things! Good luck to us both
  15. chrisredjeep

    Any runners?

    Hey Jamie logical Good luck with your forthcoming marathon I'm still running all thanks to you

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