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  1. Today is my 1 year post op! I've lost a teenager off my body. That's all!

  2. I am at this darn stale ive been stuck for a week and a half its frustrating any tips and tricks to get off this hump would be appreciated! hope everyone is happy and losing :)

    1. Daveo


      I just hit one myself. I'm not liking this!

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  3. Ok, ok, ok......After some peer pressure, I FINALLY posted some before and right now photos. To date, I am 10 months and 22 days out and only 6 lbs left to my goal. I began this journey at 223 lbs and in a size 18. Now I am 136 lbs and in a size 4/5 and sometimes a 3/4. It's crazy, wild how your world can change for the better! I am incredibly happy where I am currently! :)

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